Yoh Yamagatani

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Yoh Yamagatani

Aliases Yoh, That Guy, Stupid
Arcana VII - The Chariot
Nature Persona User
Gender Male
Age 18
Birth Date October 1st, 1992
Preferred Weapon Twin Hammers
Faction SEES
Teams Interceptors
Job Plucky Protagonist
Assignment Gekkoukan High, Third Year
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Vic Mignogna (Edward, FMA)

Height: 6'.
Weight: 154 Lbs.
Hairstyle: Wild, but maintained.
Hair Color: Charcoal Black.
Eye Color: Emerald Green.
Body Figure: Muscular yet svelte.
Personality: Cheerful, Energetic, Kind.
Favorite Color: Bright Orange.
Favorite Food: Sushi, Italian food.
Hobbies: Karate, Exercise, Trying new things.
Likes: Training, Food, Friends, Saving people!
Dislikes: Skiing, SNAKES!, and Assholes.

Combat Statistics

Thanatos Sightings: 0.
Arcana Shadows Kill-assisted: Lovers, Empress, Emperor, Strength, Fortune..
Inaba TV Rescues: 4.
Enemies Fallen: 27.
Knockout Blows Given: 5.
Times Knocked Out: 2.

Highest Hit Dealt: Unrecorded.
Highest Hit Recieved: Unrecorded.

Social Stats

Expression: 2 ~ He tends to have trouble voicing how he feels.

Knowledge: 3 ~ He has good street smarts, though actual wisdom is quite lacking.

Courage: 4 ~ Almost never falters, save in very rare cases.

Understanding: 3 ~ He tries to understand others, but still suffers some.

Diligence: 5 ~ When given a task, it will get done, no matter how hard it is.

"Everyone needs friends to back them up!"
Yoh Yamagatani, a muscular teenage boy whom grew up in Lunarvale, is now a student living in Port Island, attending Gekkoukan. Though growing up poor, losing his father when moderately young, and going through a stage of horrific rebellion, one would not think the boy in particular ever experienced these things. Kind, caring and quite forward in socialization, Yoh tries his best to help anywhere he can in an attempt to make the world a better place. Though with a hidden deep craving for power, he keeps it stamped out, and has joined SEES to help in their crusade. Just like everyone else, he is a young man with his own troubles, now caught up in a fight of his life. In the end, will he be able to make a difference? Is his father still out there? Will he become strong enough to protect his friends?
Knowledge: Martial Arts - Karate, Weapon Proficiency: Anything Blunt, Video Game Trope: Knows Hadouken!, Doin' The Right Thing Is The Cool Thing, ALL THE FRIENDS, ALL OF THEM, I Have A Giant Ghost Following Me, Taking Care Of Business, FALCON PAUNCH, Engrish Are Hard, Double Beef Bowl Special Champion, Meatshield Deluxe, Good Yoh - Best Minion.
Yoh is a aoung adult with an average appearance. Standing 6 feet and weighing roughly 150 pounds, he tends to blend in with those around him, as besides his strange hairdo, he doesn't look very different from other Japanese young adults his age. He has jet black hair, which he maintains in an unusual fashion, using gel to let half of it dangle in clumps correctly, and fashioning the rest to stick outward in strange directions. His eyes are a deep emerald green, which seem to give him an almost piercing gaze at times, though always warm and kind. He appears rather svelte, but is actually quite solid and muscular from his martial arts training.

The boy goes to Gekkoukan High, as he can be seen often sporting the symbolic school uniform they use. His little personal accent to the uniform is a lime green ascot he keeps on during school hours. If seen during a day off, or later in the evening, he can usually be seen wearing what consists of a pair of baggy black carpenters (not to be confused with 'gangster style' pants half clinging to your thighs.) He has dropped the Polo style he has once been seen with, for a black an gold buttondown ensemble, usually with a white undershirt. Sometimes he is seen wearing his Karate Gi, which is mostly a traditional style in form. Made from heavy canvas, black is the main color, with underlying cerulean borders along the seams. As for shoes, he seems to have a preference for basketball styled ones, believing they help the most, having good maneuverability when using martial arts, or better yet, kicking faces in.

Accessories Yoh can be seen with only consist of a military time watch that also displays the date and other important chronological information, being gold in color, a gold band with an onyx gemstone within, and a stylish, sterling silver dragonhead necklace.

Yoh was born in the town of Lunarvale on October 1st, 1992 to his mother and father. At first in his life, his family was on the lower tier of living, sometimes barely getting by, His mother taking care of him when she can, being an associate college professor, and his father being 'self employed' in the area of psychology, performing as a mere therapist most of the time, despite wanting to do something more.. Thankfully a good change came at an opportune time.

Sometime in 1998, Around the time Yoh was 6, his father wrote a series of papers discussing and theorizing about the average human Ego. Later that year he was approached by a small group of colleagues who said they were researchers from an important research team, the Kirijo Group. They offered him a position among the group performing research on the psyche of the human mind. They made a very generous offer, seeing the father's potential. He was rather skeptical, but as no other alternatives were present, as well as the destitute position his family was in, he had to take it. Because of his choice, his family now was going to have a good life for the next year and a half, Yoh's family was one of the happiest ever. He became quite prestigious in his field rather quickly, and the boy's mother quit her career to take care of little Yoh full time. Unfortunately, even good causes sometimes have bad effects. Later in the year 1999, The boy's father became.... distant. Something happened that seemed to shake a man known for his commandeering presence and serenity. When inquired he would refuse to mention anything about his work for a time, muttering equations and hypotheses under his breath for long periods of time. Yoh and his mother tried their best to make the best of the time they had with him, being as work had been called off due to unexplained reasons, but he acted as if he was elsewhere the entire time, as if he had something on his mind that was unfathomable. After that point, Yoh and his mother almost never saw him anymore. Even though his job was never reinstated, he left for large lengths of time, going somewhere he refused to talk about. When asked he would never give a straight answer. He would only say things like "It is important." or "It is something I have to do.". They tried getting him to quit, to no avail. The nights he was home were restless, with him having horrific nightmares, and waking up screaming. Slowly, they saw less and less of him, until one day, they no longer saw him anymore.

November 23rd,, 2000. Yoh's father vanished.

The family, the father's friends, and his colleagues were devastated. They had all known him as kind, caring person. Everyone had feared the worst. The boy's mother launched all sorts of investigations to try and locate him. Sadly, after three months with no leads, he was declared deceased. The family left was deeply saddened, and Yoh went into a deep depression for a long time, secluding himself to his room, only ever coming out for school and food. A a few more months after his father was declared dead, his sadness and fear of being alone in the world began to coalesce into hate. He began to become a troubled child, taking out the anger of his father dying on those around him, causing mischief, picking on the weak, and hurting those who opposed his anger. There were many people he hurt, and things destroyed during this long fit of rage. Many places banned him from returning, and he and his mother were shunned by most. He had truly become what he had hated the most in life.

Thankfully, this was not to last. Early in 2005, While salvaging what was left in their abandoned facility, Yoh's father's colleagues found a hidden room containing documentation that was unknown to them. It seemed to involve Yoh's father, and were shocked at what it seemed to contain. After deciphering the documents, they came to the Yamagatani estate as soon as possible to pass the transcript on. Upon handing over the papers, the torn family immediately read it. Enclosed it mentions meetings of a group of people several times, sometimes involving much travel. That would explain the long times away from the house, but there was something more that shocked Yoh and his mother. Some of the documents were clearly dated past the time that his father was labeled dead.

He realized that this could mean that his father may yet still be alive! His heart instantly jumped for joy at the thought. The boy and mother's hopes were renewed, as the thought of his family being together once more sounded like a dream that may come true. As time passed, he began to become more caring after that day, helping those he could, like he knew how is father would. As he became a better person, he set out to repay those he had once hurt, trying his best to spread kindness along the way. Sadly, some of the things he did were unforgivable by some. He had anticipated some would not forgive him, though trying as best he could. For each transgression he performed, for each person he wronged, he vowed that though he could not help them, he would help others a thousand fold, knowing in doing this, wherever his father may be, he would be proud to call him son. To this day, he still helps anyone in need as he goes about his life, as well as finally becoming more social, thanks to his mother's urgings, beginning to take part in extra-curricular activities after school.

Persona & Resonance

I art thou... and thou art I... I art Gilgamesh. Like the Imperial Wall, Shall we always stand, and protect those that are innocent...

Gilgamesh is known as the Fifth King in ancient times of Sumeria, having done many great works in his life. A man known for Godlike strength, he was most known for building the Wall of Uruk by himself, to protect the land from outer threats that he could not stop alone.

With the Epic of Gilgamesh, he is accredited for doing many superhuman feats, such as defeating Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven. At the beginning he acquires a companion by the name if Enkidu to go on this journey. In the later half of the epic, Enkidu is put to death, and in distress of his companion's demise, seeks immortality, and embarks on a never-ending journey to find what he desires, not knowing he has already achieved immortality in the eyes of his people.

Basic Attacks

Low Attack
Mid Attack
High Attack
Level 1
Level 3
Level 5
+11 SP
+5 SP
+0 SP
A basic attack with Yoh's current weaponry.
Strength of Legends
Recovery 0
9 SP
Gilgamesh's entire being encompasses Yoh, sharing a nigh symbiotic moment, combining their power.

Ability Groups

Gilgamesh holds catastrophic power when he grips a blade such as his.
Stat Bonus
Gilgamesh is well versed in granting boons to his companions.

Discretionary Abilities

Torrent Shot
Pierce 3
12 SP
Several stabs with a giant blade make quick work of Gilgamesh's enemies.
Brilliant Force
Strike 7
18 SP
A blinding, concussive force tears forth when Gilgamesh strikes the ground.
Apt Pupil
Knowing when and where to strike an opponent can turn the tide of battle.
Slash Master
Putting Yoh behind a blade with his strength is a scary thought.
Almighty 7
24 SP
Gilgamesh fires a terrifying energy blast from his hand.
Expose Weakness
Strike 2
14 SP
Yoh looks to shatter someone's defenses into pieces with a quick backswing.

Yoh's Resonance he puts off varies by which method of detection is used. It could seem like war, or something more calm, though one thing remains the same throughout every detection method. It is powerful, loud, and easily felt. Finding him for even inexperienced detectors and spotters is a piece of cake. Unfortunately there is no way for him to dial it back. Yoh's own detection has its own pros and cons; He has near-spotter level detection, able to feel even the faintest of Resonances, whether hidden or dormant. Unfortunately, his maximum range of detection is about five feet in front of him. So while he has no range at all to feel out for incoming threats, if someone is standing right in front of him, he can easily identify if they have a Resonance or not. Of course there are exceptions, like Chidori Yoshino for instance.

Feeling: Yoh's resonance has only grown more potent since Magni. It is even stronger now; his resonance almsot exerts a pressure on you-- As if you are in the presence of something great, and your actions are being judged. Good doings seem to make the pressure let up, while doing wrong seems to make it harder to take. Everything you do seems to feel harried despite not actually taking more effort or stamina. As though the student is trying to copy the master at his art: the actions of keeping up are harder to do than it is for the original portrayer.

Sight: As if you are looking at someone who is unstoppable. As though you might want to move out of the way as one comes towards you as he has no appearance to be veering out of the way, nor will he stop moving after passing.

Sound: The sound of stone hitting stone, brick by brick, piece by piece, falling together. Occasional sand clattering to the ground. Perhaps faint sounds of structural stress.

Scent: There is an odd lack of scent to his Resonance now, though if one is adept enough, it is like taking in a breath from a brisk breeze.



Warblade - Heavy and Exhaustion1. In pursuit of the perfect weaponry for Yoh, having saved up enough, he commissioned Daidara to make him a special weapon, heavy enough for him to use to great effect, and able to be used in many situations. The fearful weapon made from much work, money, time and patience was the Warblade.

This weapon has been forged from Tungsten Alloy and Carbon Steel, make to be heavy, durable and sharp, all in one. With custom etchings in red near the hilt, to the tip of the cubic edges of the weapon, this 48 inch(4 foot) blade is strong enough to cleave through more basic materials such as wood with ease, and with such weight, able to throw around the opposition. The blade is made as a custom Fullblade, based off the models of old with a more modern appeal. The size and shape enable it to be used as a multipurpose weapon, able to reach afar, stab, cut or bludgeon with the sides and angles.


Megaton Hammers - Doublehit and Heavy. Yoh's personal favorite. Having given two of his past weapon sets to Thora Kobayashi, she set out to create even better ones from the materials, adding condensed tungsten carbide in the process. The end result, received a month later is a pair of hammers weighing much more than any normal teenager should be able to swing around effectively. Yoh however has the capacity to swing the weapons around to some degree with devastating force; craters and cracks in walls and floors is commonplace at the impact points. They have bronzed rivets emblazoned on the sides, and having large, edged faces. In the center of the sides is the trademark Blue Wolves symbol, of which he is a General of.

Yes, they resemble the Doomhammer. Hey, it fit.

Plated Biker Gloves - Doublehit and Light. Yoh used to use glove based weapons back in the day. These were his favorite from day one. While hardy and painful, they tend to wear out fast, as with almost all weapons of the genre when he uses them. His most recent pair were a gift from Minamo Takagawa at Christmas!


Demon Hide Chestplate. Obtained after the war for Mikage-Cho, this upper leather chestplate is made from cured demon hide, and a gift from a Blue Wolves Oni. The armor itself does not protect much, but every time it takes damage, it seems to repair itself over time. Maybe a shard of power remains in it from the hide's owner...?

Prism Crystal. While not nearly as big as it used to be due to using most of it to fashion a necklace for Nagisa Renge's birthday, Yoh has a small shard of it left. Clear gray in color, it has a strange swirling pattern that reflects light up the center of the crystal in a prismatic fashion. Most likely nothing special about it, it was obtained in a cave deep under KNOWS Castle while it was still exposed, along with the aforementioned girl as they first formally met.

Fancy Leather Jacket. A birthday gift from Kasumi Horie This jacket is rather snazzy! Made of actual leather, not fake stuff, it is a dark gray color. it has inside pockets, as well as a rather warm neck-hugging collar! Yoh was shocked to receive such a high priced gift (at a guess, anyway). All the more reason to get her something even better for her birthday!

Silk Headband. Yoh was not too fond of how snug the SEES signature armbands were, so he made his own identity mark! This is just simple red silk with a marker taken to it to spell S.E.E.S. on it. Since obtaining the Twin Strikers though, this has taken a permanent shelf spot on his Shelf of Unique and Important Oddities.

Silver Dragonhead Necklace. A gift for his birthday from Minako Arisato! Made of sterling silver, it has crystal eyes, red as Minako-chan's own! He tries to wear it as often as possible, having previously been lacking neck jewelry.

4G HD Android Phone. Yoh is generally not one to be pro-technology, usually preferring simple things. The one exception Yoh has as a state-of-the-art phone. The one he has can do everything; plan events, calendar, GPS, games, high definition video, internet browsing, voice command, data USB storage, friend contacting, you name it! The only thing a teenager needs these days.

Bling Ring. The one thing Yoh almost never shows anyone. This ring is the last item Yoh has of his destructive times, back when greed ruled him. A solid real gold ring, with 16 decent sized cubic zirconium gems shaped in a square on the head of it. Yoh never wears it, but keeps it in a front pocket at all times. It is the one material possession that helps him remember what he used to be, and to remind himself to never become it again. Maybe one day when he is able to truly leave his past behind he will wear it as a badge of ascendance...

Mysterious Gray Container. (!) Something Yoh owns that even fewer people have seen than his unique ring. Yet just like the ring, he is almost always with it as of recently! It resembles a slightly larger cigar container, light gray in color, with a fake alligator skin design. A zipper keeps the box closed, and has a thin layer of metal keeping the storage device in it's shape. Yoh's eyes alone grace the inside of this thing. What could be in there? A gun? A nuclear detonator? Actual cigars? Maybe one day, you too will earn the right to see what is inside, and learn it's secrets!
OOC Note. This pocket container is larger than usual ones, and sticks out sometimes on Yoh's person. Whether in the inner side pockets of his button-down shirt, to his back pocket, it can be seen by those with exceptional vision. If you have the foresight or ability to spot this, feel free to call him on it! If you are far enough on his good side, you may unlock a useful ability!
People who has seen the secret: None yet!

Social Links

First Day In Town ~ IC Time: January 7th, 2010. 7:00 PM. - It is Yoh's first day checking out the unfamiliar side of Lunarvale, and already he meets some... interesting folks. (Lunarvale Sun Mall: Masumi Hayashi, Reki Kurusu, Wataru Hoshimoto, Chiaki Ichikawa.)

Smoke On The Water ~ IC Time: January 8th, 2010. 9:30 PM. - Beginning to check out new areas around where he was going to start going to school, Yoh finds himself around the infamous Okina Fountain, and stumbles upon a strange and foreboding meeting. (Okina City Fountain: Takahisa Kandori, Shiori Hibiki, Hitoshi Taniguchi.}

Explosive Encounter ~ IC Time: January 10th, 2010. 5:00 PM. - Visiting Inaba for the first time, Yoh finds himself in a rather scary situation, coming across a collision between Reki Kurusu and Thora Kobayashi. (Inaba Commercial District: Shou Hamada, Shirou Sekigawa, Thora Kobayashi, Reki Kurusu.

The Magic Glo-Fish ~ IC Time: January 12th, 2010. 6:00 PM. - While exploring Inaba, Yoh runs into some familiar faces once again, and also sees something that no one would believe existed. (Inaba Samegawa Flood Plain: Chiaki Ichikawa, Kurou Emihara, Shou Hamada, Wataru Hoshimoto.)

Reality Shattered ~ IC Time: January 14th, 2010. 5:00 PM. - The day began with purchasing a Love Charm from the Samegawa Shrine, but then things take a turn for the worse, and Yoh sees something that will most likely change his outlook on life forever. Afterwards, he meets a few familiar faces in the nearby food court whom reveal some disturbing information. (Inaba Samegawa Flood Plain: Thora Kobayashi, Akimoto Nagamori, Megumi Mushikabe, Takahisa Kandori.) (Junes' Food Court: Shiori Hibiki, Hitoshi Taniguchi, Shou Hamada.)

It's All In Your Head ~ IC Time: January 15th, 2010. 3:00 PM onwards. - After an unfortunate encounter with Thora Kobayashi in Inaba, Yoh tries to let the whole fiasco from yesterday sink into the back of his mind. Unfortunately, the two groups he runs in to make it seem like he isn't meant to forget it! (Okina City: Ichiya Chigiri, Rise Kujikawa, Shirou Sekigawa, Shou Hamada.) (Inaba Commercial District: Aigis, Reki Kurusu, Shiori Hibiki.)

Tying Up Loose Ends ~ IC Time: January 21st, 2010. 6:00 PM. - After receiving a call from Shou Hamada, Yoh heads out to meet him at Okina City. Naturally, he bumps into more folks he knows when he arrives there, and meets a new face: Tohru Adachi. (Okina City: Shou Hamada, Shirou Sekigawa, Tohru Adachi, Shiori Hibiki)

An Orchid By Any Other Name... ~ IC Time: January 28th, 2010. 6:00 PM Onwards. - Yoh finds himself in Inaba, picking up a shipment of flowers, when out of the blue, Reki Kurusu's motives are challenged by a strange girl in white. Afterward, Yoh gets some friendly visitors at the Lunarvale Shrine. (Inaba Commercial District: Yuu Tenjou, Chiaki Ichikawa, Reki Kurusu, Yu Narukami, Chidori Yoshino.) (Lunarvale Shrine: Shiori Hibiki, Yukiko Amagi.)

Looking For Group, Part One ~ IC Time: January 29th, 2010. 5:00 PM Onwards. - Picking up another batch of orchids from Port Island, Yoh runs into some new characters at a fountain, and plays some cards. Afterward, he meets up with Shou Hamada and Yuu Tenjou to discuss a game. (Port Island Paulownia Mall: Kasumi Horie, Kanon Itoh.) (Chinese Diner Aiya: Shou Hamada, Yuu Tenjou.)

Looking For Group, Part Two ~ IC Time: January 30th, 2010. 7:00 PM. - Gathering more supplies for the shrine being worked on, Yoh finds himself in Okina, and runs into two familiar friends, in which they have quite the interesting conversation. After some of Yoh's questions are answered inadvertently, he proposes they take part in a game of sorts. (Okina City: Shirou Sekigawa, Reki Kurusu.)

Important Decisions ~ IC Time: January 31st, 2010. (5th Paradox repeat.) 6:30 PM. - Yoh has had it with the repeating days, and mysterious happenings he keeps getting involved with. He calls Thora Kobayashi to have a talk with her about this, and ends up making a life changing choice. (Lunarvale Shrine: Thora Kobayashi.)

The Devil Wears Aprons ~ IC Time: February 5th, 2010. 4:00 PM. - Visiting KNOWS Castle, Yoh goes to get his infamous bolt lined gloves repaired, and happens to run into a certain CEO and assistant in the food court area, while he happens to be cooking. Somehow he knows of the boy's involvement in things already... (Inaba KNOWS Castle: Takahisa Kandori, Chizuru Ishigami.)

The Mighty Son of Thor ~ IC Time: February 9th, 2010. 7:00 PM. - Yoh gets pulled into the twisted realm of Mikage-Cho to prove his worth to Thora Kobayashi to see if he has what it takes to join her gang of demons. While fighting a Bicorn weaponless, and nearly being killed, the girl in green makes yet another appearance, and Yoh becomes awakened, tapping into the power that is Magni. (Mikage-Cho East Side: Thora Kobayashi, Maki Sonomura.)

The 25th Hour ~ IC Time: February 11th, 2010. 11:30 PM. - So many things have been bothering Yoh lately, that he completely forgets about the Dark Hour warnings as he checks out the Naganaki Shrine. He finds himself smack dab in the malign timeframe. Thankfully Shiori Hibiki is there to save him. (Port Island Naganaki Shrine: Shiori Hibiki.)

Join The Club! ~ IC Time: February 15th, 2010. 5:00 PM. - After a secretive phone call, Yoh is asked to meet a group of people in a cafe inside Okina City. After questions about Personae are answered, he is given an offer he accepts graciously; joining the Special Extracurricular Extermination Squad. (Okina City Strip Mall: Mitsuru Kirijo, Aigis, Hinata Itoh, Thora Kobayashi, Shinjiro Aragaki.)

The Offer ~ IC Time: February 16th, 2010. 6:30 PM. - The day after the meeting in Okina City, Yoh is summoned to SEES Headquarters, to hammer out the bulk of the specifics to joining the group with their leader. After hearing the offer, and having even more questions answered, Yoh decides to mull it over a day or two, to make sure he makes the best decision. (Port Island SEES Meeting Room: Mitsuru Kirijo.)

Crash Course ~ IC Time: February 23rd, 2010. 6:30 PM. - Yoh's first training day with his new sensei in the supernatural, Hinata Itoh, seems to go decently until a badass bursts into the scene and absolutely WRECKS Yoh for no apparent reason, other than he was sent by someone. Then he gives the knocked senseless boy some advice? What a strange training session. (Port Island Gekkoukan High: Hinata Itoh, Reiji Kido.)


True Strength ~ IC Time: January 14th, 2010. 10:30 PM. - After learning a dark secret about the world, Yoh heads home, only to find himself plagued by a strange dream, involving a girl in a green dress that looks oddly familiar.

New Opportunities ~ IC Time: February 21st, 2010. 1:00 PM - Yoh has recently been given a rather important choice. He meditates deeply, to find the right choice on the road forking ahead. Unfortunately, it looks like despite all the soul searching, Michi gets the final word! And she doesn't accept disagreements well.

Thought Process ~ IC Time: December 13th, 2011. 12:00 AM - Much has happened as of late for Yoh. Sometimes the best person to talk to... is yourself.

  • Main photo art done by Arielucia @ Deviantart. Get art done by her! She is cheap and does great work!
  • I am available at any time to RP! just drop me an @mail or page me MUSH-side to arrange something!
  • As well, I am game for anything game-changing MUSH-side to happen to Yoh. After all, I just go with the RP flow. So anything less extreme than Condeath, I will do! I just ask that you okay it with me first, as well as with the admins!

Some IC Notes:

  • Yoh is deathly afraid of Snakes. If anything about you, Persona, what you wear, or even resemble a snake, do not expect Yoh to hang around! Fair warning!
  • While Yoh is dense as lead sometimes, he has a talent for hand puzzles, such as the Rubik's Cube and others. He can be seen messing with them from time to time. His intellect in math helps him remember the algorithms needed to solve them quickly.
  • Yoh's father is indeed still alive, and working for SEBEC in their science facilities. If you want to go somewhere with this, whoever is reading, talk to me!
  • It is hard to get Yoh angry at someone. The only surefire ways to do this and make him hate someone is to either attack him abruptly for no reason, but 'just because' or insulting his intelligence. Feel free to use this as sort of Pseudo-IC information if you just want Yoh to hate you forever.
  • All of Yoh's NPC links are aware that Yoh's dad is still alive. Even his mother. He is even tied into his work and he does not realize it. They all three run a secret drug research club-like thing. Nothing special though (like creation of Lib or anything) worth noting in case of it being useful. Satoru uses his vast revenue and information and feeds it to Michi, who in turn uses her connections in the pharmaceuticals company she works for to purchase raw supplies, who in turns gets it transported to Clarice for experimentation, who then sends newfound info to Satoru and the process repeats, with all three getting paid well for the effort. And Yoh is the errand boy running the supplies from Michi to Clarice! There was a reason besides the given 'too expensive to mail' said to Yoh. Some of the medical supplies transported, while not illegal, are almost never seen outside a medical production company and may raise suspicion if found while mailing! Rather diabolical, huh? Imagine of Yoh finds this out!
  • Yoh has a thing for girls who stand out, if this has not been noticed or vehemently denied... let this text here state that he does. So there. Take that, legal documentation!
  • Everyone has a special little trope about them that makes them special; something they are incredibly amazing at. Yoh did not know his own yet until recently with losing his hair to a fiery attack. He is exceptionally good with hair! cutting, dyeing, and especially styling, The teen seems to have an uncanny knack for anything related. His mother let him take scissors, trimmers and styling products to her hair to cheer him up. While expecting to turn out to be a disaster, he whipped up a wicked double french braid knot! Michi, having immediately seen the talent after looking in the mirror, began to support this. While not quite telling anyone yet, he has begun to work at it!

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