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- VII -
"One of life's greatest blessings is the freedom to pursue one's goals..."


The Chariot represents power and strength. The Chariot works to advance themselves to their goals, usually in the most direct manner possible. The Chariot often works well with others, and uses a great deal of drive and determination to power their way through anything that might be in their way. Despite all that pulls them in opposing directions, the Chariot makes full use of their strong will to make those forces work together as one. Indeed, they wouldn't get anywhere without those self-same forces. This dedication to self-mastery and the immense focus and willpower that the Chariot often possesses can sometimes drive people away due to their simple nature, but when properly controlled, the Chariot will find that victory will always be within grasp with enough work. Of course, victory is only the beginning...

Reversed, the card tells a different story. This is the Chariot that overturned, the Chariot that failed to reach its destination, that did not bring the rider to victory. Someone representing the Chariot Reversed rather than Upright might lack the will and ability to control those so-easily-wayward forces--in themselves or their lives. This person might lack self-discipline, or remain unaware of what forces dwell within and without, and thus cannot control them. This might be a person who lacks direction, who goes in circles aimlessly as they try to figure out what to do with the force and power they possess.

Sample Personae

  • Berserker, the uncontrollable warriors of Norse legend
  • Zouchouten, one of the Four Heavenly Kings and the guardian of the south
  • Ares, the Greek god of warfare

Example Persona Wielders/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Conquest, Honor, Victory, Energy, Egocentricism, Self-confidence, Conviction, Anxiety, Willpower, Self-assertion, Hard control, Discipline, Inflexibility, Success, Recognition, Impulsivity, Command, Bravery, Pride, Effort. The corporate go-getter who, while she works well with her co-workers, strives to be the best, to bang out her work efficiently and well, and to get that next promotion.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: Inaction, Defeat, Cowardice, Refusal to take chances, Cowering, Loss of control, Failure. You got up on stage, stared at the audience, then panicked and ran off.
BLOCKED: Energy but no direction, Lack of determination, Hopelessness, Aimlessness, Inability to move. You're called onto stage, but are so worried about what'll go wrong that you stay in the wings.
UPSIDE-DOWN: Violent loss, Inability to move, Inability to act, Spinning wheels, No means to realize will, Lack of will, Lack of energy. You refuse to audition and so never have the chance to go on stage in the first place.

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