Jun Kurosu

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Jun Kurosu
Full Name 黒須淳(くろすじゅん)
Aliases Jun
Arcana X - The Wheel of Fortune
Persona Hermes
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Age 19
Birth Date February 14th, 1992
Canon: February 14th, 1982
Blood Type AB
Preferred Weapon Flowers
Faction Darkside
Job Atoning Badass
Origin Persona 2
"Was I... was I having some kind of nightmare, all this time...?"
Profile And Skills

Profile: The life of Jun Kurosu has been marked by spectacular turns of fortune. In particular, he has been subject to the corruption of the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep, who came to him not long after the disastrous events that saw the Araya Shrine burn down--and, so Jun thought, taking the life of his 'big sis' Maya Amano in the process. Believing his friends responsible, he became Joker and was hell-bent on taking revenge... and uplifting humanity by means of his father's prophecy. Thanks to his friends, he was brought to his senses and realized the truth, but much blood stains the hands of the gentle young man. Will he ever be able to atone for what he has done?

Skills: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, When You Wake From Your Nightmare, What Will You Do?, Family Resemblance, Wished For A Cool Dad, Be Careful What You Wish For, The Most Beautiful Roses Have The Sharpest Thorns, Maybe A Little Yandere, Skill: Fortune-telling, Skill: Cooking, Skill: Being Prettier Than Most Girls, Will Fuck You Right The Hell Up If You Have A Problem With Any Of That, No Seriously Ask Anyone At Kasugayama High, Pale As The Street Light, Pure White, Washing The Color Away, Has A Thing For Tatsuyas, Tougher Than He Looks, Le Petit Prince, Say It With Flowers

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