Takahisa Kandori

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Takahisa Kandori
Aliases Kandori
Arcana XVI - The Tower
Persona Haunter In Dark
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Age Mid-30s at time of death
Preferred Weapon One-Handed Sword
Faction NWO
Job Cancer Man
Origin Persona 1
"Haven't you ever kicked a sandcastle over? Remember how it felt?"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Takahisa Kandori is a perfectly respectable businessman and the head of the Saeki Electronics & Biological & Energy Corporation, SEBEC for short. He's charming, if a touch detached. He's respected and envied by those who think they are his peers for his success and his control over others. He does not operate SEBEC so much as he rules it from on high as its lord and master. Few things go on within the company he is neither aware of nor in some way involved with directly. Very few people would ever imagine that he is a practically a monster wearing human skin.

Also, he's dead.

Skills: As Above So Below, Do Not Pick Up What You Cannot Put Down, The Man Gendo Ikari Is A Pale Imitation Of, Destroying Other Peoples' Children, The Man In Black, Taking Your Id For A Joy Ride, The Man With A Magnifying Glass, Guess Who The Ant Is, Doesn't Wear Sunglasses At Night (Yet)

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