Chidori Yoshino

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Chidori Yoshino
Full Name 吉野千鳥(よしのちどり)
Aliases Chidori
Arcana XII - The Hanged Man
Persona Medea
Nature Persona-user
Gender Female
Age 16
Preferred Weapon Chained Hatchets
Faction Unaffiliated
Teams Cult of Personality
Job Bleak Cabalist
Origin Persona 3
Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro
"Why are you doing this?"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Chidori Yoshino fears pain - not physical, but psychological. She is inured to physical pain, and in fact often cuts herself, though this quickly heals due to the powers of her Persona, Medea, which radiates life energy. She is able to use this to hide her presence and that of others, even from the prying eyes of detection-focused Personas. Chidori is often unpleasant to people she speaks to, trying to drive them away before she grows to like them. She feels that if she likes people, they will inevitably hurt her by leaving.

Skills: Kind Of A Bitch Sometimes, Drawing Things, You Wouldn't Understand What She Draws, Even If It's Just Representational Art, Pain Good? Pain Bad?, Cutter, Not Suicidal, Just Very Afraid


Despite Chidori's apparent role as Strega's default spotter, she is nowhere near as skilled as true spotters, even those who have to use Evokers. She is, however, far more durable in battle.

Chidori's name can be roughly interpreted as either "Lucky Field of a Thousand Birds", or "A Thousand Lucky Birds" (Yoshi = 吉 = luck or joy; no = 野 = field; Chi = 千 = thousand; dori (technically tori) = 鳥 = bird). This is probably not all that significant or symbolic.

  • 0 - THE FOOL
    • Minato Arisato - Field leader of SEES. Chidori hates him simply for that, but is also wary of his ability to summon an immensely powerful Persona.
    • "Kyrie" - Occasional hint-giver to Strega. Chidori is particularly incensed that his explanation of the TV World in Inaba conveniently left out some vital details.
    • Yu Narukami - Field leader of the KDA. Chidori met him on a Dark Hour excursion, and promptly declared him to be a weak, useless copy of Kyrie. For some reason Yu keeps trying to reason with her.
    • Mitsuru Kirijo - Not only is Mitsuru the leader of SEES, she also holds the name of Kirijo, earning her an extra helping of contempt and disgust.
    • Tomomi Fujimori - Co-leader of Strega, along with Takaya Sakaki. Chidori obeys her orders, but won't go much further for her, largely because Tomomi is nowhere near as charismatic as Takaya.
    • Blaise Cameron - Possibly the first person outside Strega who broke through Chidori's shell, mainly by being too stubborn to quit, despite threatened and actual bodily harm. Blaise has seen Chidori vulnerable, and believes that they have something in common: an inability to trust others, for fear of being betrayed. Chidori, for her part, thinks he's an idiot, but seems reluctant to truly end their association.
    • Jin Shirato - Fellow Strega member. Chidori relies on him to handle the administrivia of day-to-day living, such as earning money and buying (or otherwise obtaining) necessities. He is also the liaison to their mysterious benefactor, which provides them with the necessary Persona suppressants.
    • Takaya Sakaki - Co-leader of Strega. Chidori would follow him wherever he leads, believing utterly in his message that the world is beyond redemption, and can only be cleansed through the Fall.
    • Akimoto Nagamori - Fellow Strega member. Her plans tend to fall on the supernatural aspect of the scale.
    • Minagi Shimizu - Former host of the Chariot Greater Arcana Shadow, and formerly a NWO puppet. Chidori thinks that Minagi was stupid to give up the power of the Chariot, despite the whole "loss of free will" thing.
    • Midori Nakashima - Fellow member of Strega. Incessant talker, and apparently deluded into thinking that everything is, somehow, fine. Even Chidori is disturbed by how broken Midori's mind must be (not that Chidori would ever admit to it), and Midori's trivial gossiping and small talk annoy Chidori to no end. And yet, despite all of Chidori's complaints and sarcastic responses and occasional death threats, she seems to place Midori's safety and well-being quite highly...
    • Nagisa Renge - Fellow Strega member. Chidori thinks that Nagisa is just another weirdo picked up to bolster their ranks. Chidori does appreciate Nagisa's support role in battle, but largely fails to understand Nagisa's way of thinking.
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