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Dona Kimura / Daiya Kagami
(Not pictured: Dona Kimura)
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Aliases Dona,Daiya,"Donuts"
Arcana XIV - Temperance REVERSE
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Female
Age 18 / ??
Birth Date August 29th, 1992 / February 29th
Preferred Weapon Combs
Faction Darkside
Job Wicked Witch / Evil Queen
Divisions Shinsengumi
Assignment Seven Sisters High, Third-Year
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor DONA: Chie Matsuura (JP), Julie Ann Taylor (EN)

DAIYA: Kaya Matsutani (JP), Megan Hollingshead (EN)

Player Snot Man
"I fight for justice, truth and love! ...Hahaha, no, I'm kidding. I just liked the outfit."

The case of Dona Kimura and Daiya Kagami is a strange one indeed. At first glance, the two "half-sisters" couldn't be any more different: Dona is an antisocial, moody self-styled witch, while Daiya is an impulsively quirky and cheerful fashionista. The shocking reality, however, is that as a result of a rumor gone horribly wrong, the two are secretly one and the same. Dona, whenever she looks at herself in a handheld mirror she owns, is taken over by her bewitchingly beautiful Shadow, who has since built herself an identity all of her own as Daiya Kagami. As a manifestation of Dona's repressed desires, she throws herself at the best of what life has to offer, seeking her own entertainment at any cost, often recklessly or at others' expense. Despite her omnipresent cheer, however, Daiya at her core mainly exists for one singular purpose: to systematically break and expose the worst of a society that, she believes, has irreparably wronged her. To this end, morals, reason or even Dona's own well-being are but increasingly distant afterthoughts...


It's a Bit Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Or Rather the Nutty Professor, Fantasy Anime Dissociative Personality Disorder, Gratuitious Cosplay Provider, Sheryl Apple?, Witch VS Queen, Mirror, Mirror, Dona Dona Dona Doooooo, Every Day Pon <3



  • Lecture: "The oldest discovered mummified human corpse was a decapitated head dated as 6,000 years old..."
  • Stare: "....."
  • Breakdown: "D-don't call me that..."
  • Curse: "...Watch out for bugs."


  • Kid Around: "I'm totally a reporter from Coolest Magazine, and I'm here to interview you!"
  • Tease: "Remember to drink your milk, and I'm sure you'll grow up sooner or later!"
  • Praise: "Brave /and/ smart! That's so great!"
  • ????: ??????
Terrible Arcane Knowledge
  • As of writing this, no one really has much of a reason yet to see a link between Dona Kimura and Daiya Kagami. Why would there be one? They're completely different in so many ways!
  • According to the rumors, Dona Kimura is a weirdo who keeps snails in her pencilbox.
  • Daiya Kagami has a trio of groupies following her everywhere! Their names are apparently Keiko, Aiko and Yuuko.
  • Dona is part of the occult club, but keeps to herself most of the time. Daiya is part of the swimming team and wants you to know it, even if her presence at practice is sporadic at best.
  • While Daiya was originally a third-year to Dona's second, hilarious antics involving Principal Hannya prevented the former from graduating. The two are now both third-years, though apparently not in the same class?
  • ...In fact, no one knows for sure exactly which class Daiya is in.
  • After a heated political campaign, Daiya lost the presidency of Seven Sisters High's student council to Naomi Suzuno. She still has a seat as vice-president, however, and hopes to make the most of it!
  • It's said (though thankfully not widely rumored) that Dona Kimura getting better-adjusted may or may not somehow end the world.
So What Is The Deal?

A few months ago, a rumor circulated about how Dona Kimura, whenever she looked at herself in the mirror, turned into a beautiful but wicked witch. Kotodama being what it is, the effect was one none could predict: Now, whenever she looks at herself in her mirror, Dona turns into the seductive and whimsical Daiya Kagami, a Shadow taking human form to act upon Dona's desires and fantasies.

One could say Daiya acts as a form of split personality, who shares her body but looks completely different thanks to the Shadow's influence. Dona isn't consciously aware of her little escapades as Daiya, but Daiya perfectly knows what she is and which rules govern her.

Shadow and Resonance
"I am thou... thou art I. I am the Wicked Queen, whose mirror reflects the fairest of all. Come hither, and taste the forbidden fruit I hold!"
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When using her powers to their fullest extent, Daiya turns into a form referring to herself as the Wicked Queen, inspired by the stepmother of Snow White from the well-known fairy tale. The mirror connection is obvious, but her cruel, vain, jealous and capricious nature suits Daiya to a tee.


Most people with Resonance-sensing abilities will find absolutely nothing strange about Dona Kimura. Attempts at concentrating on her specifically, however, will result in the odd feeling of their attempt to sense her being deflected elsewhere. Only those with the most acute detection skills will notice a trace of a frightening power dormant within her. Inversely, she has no sensing abilities to speak of in this form.

Daiya's Resonance, similarly, seems virtually inexistent without a bit of focus and skill, but there is a lot more to see beyond the veil. It calls to mind the sight of extravagant fabrics, the feel of fingers running through soft hair and the enticing taste of sweet, fresh fruit. Focusing on it further, however, may cause one to notice that feeling goes much, much further, like the endless corridor that stretches through two mirrors facing each other, inviting one to lose themselves in it for all eternity.

Social Links - Dona Side
  • Tatsuya Suou: Admiration. Mysterious senpai. Liked for undisclosed reasons. Actually kind of nice.
  • Miwa Saitou: Jealousy. Little Miss Perfect. Has absolutely no idea how good she has it.
  • Kyo Enda: Admiration. Perfect senpai. Being closer to him is nothing but a foolish dream.
  • Naomi Suzuno: Friendship. Rich classmate. Despite all expectations, worthy of being called a friend.
  • Tohya Kidzuki: Ambiguous. Rumored delinquent. Was cursed, can actually hold civil conversation despite evidence otherwise.
  • Daiya Kagami: Hatred. Long-lost half-sister? What the fucking fuck?
  • Himeru Namikawa: Friendly acquaintance. Online correspondant. Good head on her shoulders and sense of humor.
  • Eikichi Mishina: Total clown. Is this a good thing, or not? Still unsure.
Social Links - Daiya Side

That's right! Calculate your score and try to earn as many point as possible in order to... huh... huh... :/a (List non-exhaustive, entries may be removed as they become not-achievements-anymore, suggestions always welcome, taking this seriously not recommended.)

  • Hear the Red Truth - Get cursed by Dona (20 pts): Tohya Kidzuki, Miwa Saitou (sort of)
  • IRONY - Save Dona's life (20 pts): Miwa Saitou
  • Trick of the Light - Get Dona to crack a honest-to-goodness smile (30 pts): Naomi Suzuno, Tohya Kidzuki
  • Wait, What? - Make Dona your number one fan (10 pts): Eikichi Mishina
  • KaGAAAmi - Find out what the deal with the mirror even is (20 pts): Naomi Suzuno (IN PROGRESS)
  • 7 Years a Skeptic - Break Dona's mirror (50 pts): None
  • This Is Also All Decade's Fault - End the world (50 pts): Naomi Suzuno (IN PROGRESS)
  • Cowstian Dior - Find an insult that can make Daiya flip out (10 pts): Himeru Namikawa
  • Loyal Minion - Get an invite to Daiya's Facemook (10 pts): Itsuka Mizuhara, Midori Nakashima, Nagisa Renge, Rena Kinukasa, Tomomi Fujimori
  • Danger Doom Date - Go on a date with Daiya (20 pts): Fumiya Watanabe, Akatsuki Enda
  • Sailor Dip - Get a kiss from Daiya (35 pts): Naomi Suzuno, Akatsuki Enda
  • SECRET ACHIEVEMENT (50 pts): ????
  • Bad Enough Dude - Rescue Daiya From Punks!! (10 pts): Fumiya Watanabe, Akatsuki Enda, Shirou Sekigawa, Thora Kobayashi, Aigis, Tatsuya Suou, Eikichi Mishina, Hinata Itoh, Shinsuke Kusagawa, Lisa Silverman
  • Must Investigate Further - Make it onto Daiya's "Possibly Homosexual" list (10 pts): Akatsuki Enda, Tatsuya Suou, Tohya Kidzuki, Yoshiro Yoshino
  • Masque Raid - See the Wicked Queen without her mask (15 pts): Tomomi Fujimori, Akari Hoshi, Itsuka Mizuhara, Yui Utsuki
  • Double Action - Witness Dona and Daiya in the same room together (50 pts): Akatsuki Enda, Arisa Shiratori, Chie Satonaka, Himeru Namikawa, Ichiya Chigiri, Naomi Suzuno, Shirou Sekigawa, Taiki Himuro, Thora Kobayashi, Tohya Kidzuki, Yoh Yamagatani, Yuuka Chiba
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