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Hinata Itoh
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Personal Information
Real Name Hinata Itoh
Aliases Hina
Arcana XVII - Star
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 16
Birth Date September 20, 1993
Preferred Weapon Clubs
Organization Information
Faction SEES
Job Spunky Sister
Divisions Warning And Control
Assignment Gekkoukan, First Year
Persona - Skuld
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OOC Information
Voice Actor none yet

"Let's see the future together!"



Hinata is the youngest of the Itoh sisters, the three bearers of the Personas of the Norse norns that guided one's destiny. She's now in her second year at Gekkoukan High, as well as an established member of SEES, though she lives and works with her family at the Lucky 7 convenience store on the Iwatodai strip. Her near boundless energy and optimism have led her to making many new friends in and out of paranormal circles, regardless of her mixed American-Japanese heritage. Hinata's courage is unwavering, and nothing drives her harder than those that refuse to believe in her or her friends. Just ignore the nightlight she keeps on in her room all night. While still bright and even gifted with a bit of her family's uncanny luck, she seems less interested in pursuing her own dreams these days as opposed to helping others chase theirs. Nothing has taken away her love of the game of baseball, however, or her fascination at shounen manga and giant robots.


Genki Girl, Kid Flash, Smiles Are Free, So Is The First Slurpee, Centerfield, Full House, Only In Dreams, Eats Her Candy With The Pork And Beans, This Is Big Town Music, Piercing The Heavens With Her Baseball Bat, All My Sisters And Me <3

Brief Personal History

Hinata is the second and youngest child of Yoshihiko and Anna Blair Itoh, proprietors of the Lucky 7 convenience store. She's led a fairly normal centered on her family, most notably her older sister, Ran. She's shown herself to be a bit of a child prodigy as well, and has followed her sister into prestigious Gekkoukan High as well as the SEES club.

Notable Social Links

  • 0 - The Fool
    • Minato Arisato: SEES team leader. Like any good female student of Gekkoukan, Hina has fond feelings for the quiet boy. Even more so after finding his choice of music to be incredibly awesome. She just wished he hung around a lot more often instead of disappearing, there's more she'd like to know about him!
  • I - The Magician
    • Shiki Ichimonji: Hina really has admired him for his bravery and courage in the face of danger, its a lot like hers though more in a goofy sense. She also admired his relationship with Itsuka, and had resolved to grow closer to the pair after Ran's rescue. This sort of happened in Mikage-Cho, meeting up with all his assorted selves. She feels like she may have betrayed him after trying to think her way through the Secret Rebellion instead of kicking reason to the curb. Now she truly thinks he is amazing. Even if she needs to drag him aside and have a chat about Haruka's character.
  • II - The Priestess
    • Maki Sonomura: She's never met the actual Maki herself, but has plenty of encounters with her Shadow selves. Hina's caught between adoring Mai for helping as best the little girl could and being upset for taking Shiki from them, though she feels her intentions were good. Her relationship with Aki started, naturally, rocky, though she's now resolved to help her through her problems as well. She's just not entirely sure if hugs and slurpees can fix this, but she did give Mai an invite to take all the Makis to the Lucky 7.
    • Masumi Hayashi: An incredibly pretty boy she met while lost in Mikage-Cho. He flattered her to the point where she thought she was falling for him, only to later realize where her true loyalties remained. She's still incredibly fond of him, even if he was creepy that one night on the school rooftop. Not to mention she still thinks she's met him before somewhere.
    • Miyuki Yoshida: A fellow first-year student who became Hinata's first friend at Gekkoukan High. Hina's now racked up two rescues of her from the clutches of Strega. Miyuki's advances have left Hinata feeling a little funny and confused, though their relationship has cooled recently.
    • Yuuka Chiba: A second-year student at Gekkoukan and SEES's resident klutz. Hina had been concerned of Yuuka-senpai and her relationship with Blaise, but that's no longer an issue now. She totally wants to raid Yuuka's bookpile.
  • IV - The Emperor
    • Akatsuki Enda: A recent transfer to Gekkoukan High from America, Hinata instantly found him charming, stunning, and whole lot of other favorable adjectives. She ran with him on Gekkoukan's track team, and found herself falling for the perfect senpai. Their relationship has taken on a more special turn following his helping her rescuing Ran from the TV world, regardless of her older sister's waryness of his 'perfect' image. She found her trust in him wavering after meeting Mayumi, but it was Itsuka's confession that made her realize just how special she really was to him.
  • V - The Hierophant
    • Shinjiro Aragaki: He's still kinda mysterious, but Ran loves him dearly and that's enough for Hinata. She'll be the best (non-annoying) little sister to him too!
  • VI - The Lovers
    • Blaise Cameron: A foreign student to Japan, Hinata had first confronted him about breaking Shiori's arm playing the dangerous Persona game. It turns out that while he was a bit of a hothead, he really missed his father and that struck a deep chord with Hina. He had thought of her as his only friend up until she broke his heart accusing him of betraying Yuuka's trust, only for Hina to realize that sometimes relationships aren't that simple. She's done her best to re-earn his trust since then, including a couple of wacky adventures involving her evoker.
  • VII - The Chariot
    • Aigis: Hinata's spent some time with SEES' resident android, and has found her remarkably human. Of everyone in the dorm, she seems the most interested in Koromaru's well-being, after all.
    • Sayaka Takuma: Hinata's had the privilege of staying at the samurai heiress's mansion following an assault by Natsuko. The two are good friends, and Sayaka has even bestowed the youngest Itoh with her very own cell phone.
  • IX - The Hermit
    • Natsuko Choukawa: Hinata's Strega archrival. They've clashed multiple times, Natsuko angered by Hinata's refusal to stay down and Hinata pissed that Natsuko keeps targeting her friends and family.
  • X - The Wheel of Fortune
    • Ran Itoh: Ran has doted on Hina since she was but a swaddling baby, and in return Hinata has always strived to make herself the best little sister possible. The two have shared a bond that has stayed true through good times and bad. Hina's always looked up to Ran, even when she was in that ugly Ko-gal phase. Even now, after the revelations of Ran's Shadow, she still looks up to her big sister. Their bond is even stronger now. There's nobody played who is more important to Hinata. app mom
  • XV - Devil
    • Itsuka Mizuhara: One of Hina's classmates and SEES-mates, Hina initially found her a bit selfish after the Gauntlet run. She always had a fond eye for her relationship for Shiki, however, and she wanted to grow closer to the pair after they helped rescue Ran. She got her wish in Mikage-Cho of all places, steadying Itsuka after her encounter with Thanatos and bolstering her spirits. She believes Itsuka's the luckiest non-Itoh in the world for landing someone like Shiki.
  • XVI - Tower
    • Himeru Namikawa: A rather stern, blunt, but incredibly smart young girl who is also attending Gekkoukan. Hina is glad to have her in SEES, even with that wierd bloody sword of hers.
    • Thora Kobayashi: The Oni of Inaba. Not only is nobody more metal than her, but she bravely went in to rescue Ran and Shinjiro. Hina adores the hell out of her.
  • XVII - The Star
    • Ritsue Tetsumoto: Kanon's friend and newest member of the Lucky 7 staff. Hinata doesn't mind her more street ways, since her heart's in the right place.
  • XX - Judgement
    • Kanon Itoh: Kanon simply walked into Ran and Hinata's life, asking for her mother: Anna Blair. The two have adopted her into the family easily, knowing for sure she was truly their sister when she unveiled her Persona, Urde. While she'll always be closer to Ran, Hina is still very close to her Nee-san and admires her for her flair and independence. One day she'll have a nifty hat of her own.


"Thou art I, and I am thou."

"From the sea of thy soul I cometh."

"I am Skuld, the guardian of that which should become."

Hinata's Persona is Skuld, the youngest of the Norns that determine the fates of all the Norse races. They are the forces of Destiny, with Skuld being the one who guides all to their true destiny. She materializes as a valkyrie warrior, armed with a holy sword and strong shield to protect one's fate, and shrouded in veils and a cowl for one's destiny should always remain a mystery.

She does not come equipped with a piko-hammer.

Power Description
Agi Minor fire damage to one target.
Agilao Moderate fire damage to one target.
Arm Chopper Increased physical cost with minor slash damage to one target.
Hama Minor light damage to one target.
Heaven's Blade Minor light damage and minor slash damage to one target.
Maragi Minor fire damage to a group.
Power Slash Moderate slash damage to one target.
Rakukaja Increased vitality to one target.
Recarm Clears all status effects with a minor heal to oen target.
Sonic Punch Minor strike damage to one target.

Free and Special Attacks

Power Description
Strike Attack - Baseball Bat Minor strike damage to one target.
Never Say Die Moderate heal to a group.


Skuld's resonance is clouded in veils, but beyond the layers of fabric there's a light of hope and faith shining through. Positive thoughts for everyone waiting to be fully revealed in time. There just doesn't seem to be many thoughts, if any, about herself.


Social Stats

  • Courage: 4 - ROH ROH FIGHT THE POWER!
  • Diligence: 4 - Nothing worth achieving is ever easy!
  • Expression: 2 - Baseball analogies.
  • Understanding: 3 - The world's confusing, but she has a big heart!
  • Knowledge: 3 - Bright, but inexperienced.
  • Charm: 4 - Her smiles are infectious!


  • Weapon: Wooden baseball bat 'on loan' from St Hermelin's.
  • Body: Replica Seattle Mariners #51 Ichiro Suzuki jersey. Imported from the States by Anna.
  • Feet: Sneakers. The better to run fast with!
  • Accessory: Fancy turquoise hair clip. Ran gave it to her when the older Itoh first left for Gekkoukan High.


  • Height: 5'1" (155 cm) and growing
  • Weight: Known only to the team trainer
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Favorite Foods: Pocari Sweat, fresh fruit, popcorn
  • Food Preperation Skills: She made a bento and Akatsuki liked it!
  • Current size of her Ichiro scrapbook: Huge
  • Number of ejections for charging the mound: Five
  • Number of Thanatos appearances witnessed: Two


  • 200 Links: Superchick - Get Up [2]
  • Akatsuki: Gurren Lagann soundtrack - Love Conservative [3]
  • Always: Gurren Lagann soundtrack - Omae No XXX [4]
  • Baseball Ranger Pink: Stellar Kart - Centerfield [5]
  • Battle: Masaki Andoh - Go Go Power Rangers [6]
  • Blaise:
  • Can't Hold Me Back: L~Arc~en~Ciel - Ready Steady Go [7]
  • Can't Stop Hinata: Apollo 440 - Stop The Rock [8]
  • Dance Dance Hinata: Caramell - Caramelldansen (Speedycat remix) [9]
  • Decisive Battle: Gurren Lagann soundtrack - Rap Is A Man's Soul! [10]
  • Heaven's Blade: Gurren Lagann soundtrack - Libera Me From Hell [11]
  • Hyperactive: Lucky Star soundtrack - Motteke! Sailor Fuku! [12]
  • I Believe In You: Ben E. King - Stand By Me [13]
  • Ichiro-sama: 50 Cent - In Da Club [14]
  • Innocence: Owl City - Fireflies [15]
  • Kanon: Karutetto - fly [16]
  • Let's Go!: Cartel - let's Go [17]
  • Masumi: Gurren Lagann soundtrack - The Moon And The Stars And Meee! [18]
  • Mikage-Cho: Sixx:A.M. - Life Is Beautiful [19]
  • Minato: Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 soundtrack - SKILL [20]
  • Mom: ZZ Top - Viva Las Vegas [21]
  • Never Say Die: Paul Stanley - Live To Win [22]
  • Ran: Madonna - Lucky Star [23]
  • RunRunRun: Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive [24]
  • SEES: Pat Benatar - Invincible [25]
  • The Brave One: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get [26]
  • The Lucky 7: Kenny Rogers - The Gambler [27]
  • The Star: Gurren Lagann soundtrack - Ten wo Tsuke [28]
  • Tomorrow: Hockey - Song Away [29]


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