Yanagi Chikafuji

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Yanagi Chikafuji
Artsy Wallflower
Artwork available here
Full Name Yanagi Chikafuji
Arcana The Hermit
Persona Cassandra
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 16
Birth Date April 22nd, 1995
Blood Type A-
Preferred Weapon Utility Knives
Faction SEES
Job Spotter
Divisions Warning and Control
Assignment Second Year
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Kanae Itou
Player Yanagi
  • Yanagi has five siblings - from oldest to youngest, Takeo (employed), Sayuri (in college in France), Kazuo (employed), Tessai (employed), Yuki (just graduated high school), and Yanagi.
  • She prefers sketching over painting, and enjoys drawing people, because still life drawings bore her.
  • She has a small interest in fashion, though she'd be hard-pressed to admit it.
  • She's used to people talking over her.
  • Her dorm room has African violets in it; it really brightens up the place.
  • Her Guardian Dragon is the Crimson Dragon. What?
"I don't think I can capture the essence of this piece just yet..."
Yanagi Chikafuji, a second-year at Gekkoukan High, isn't regularly a name on anyone's mind. She's best described as quiet, distant, or shy by those who are acquainted with her, and no one would actually claim to know her well. Still, she's a good listener if someone needs a shoulder to lean on, she's reportedly a math whiz, and she's made a splash in the Art Club as a watercolor prodigy, despite her protests to the contrary. Her life was saved during the Dark Hour by SEES, who have started to teach her about her Persona, whose abilities seem to lie largely in support rather than frontline fighting. Yanagi spends a lot of time comparing herself to others and finding herself wanting - for talent, popularity, you name it - she's convinced she's never as good as someone else. However, a deep-seated desire to protect others and the fact that she's starting to finally make friends may help her overcome this obstacle in her path.
The Quiet One, Wallflower, Artsy, But Also Mathy (Yes, Don't Question It), Go Stand Over There - I'm Trying To Draw You, Support Character, Skills: Watercolors, Sketch Artistry, Secrets From The Future, Inferiority Complex is Go, So Much Potential, So Much Waste
Persona and Resonance
Persona: Cassandra

Cassandra, also known as Alexandra, was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Her beauty caused Apollo to grant her the gift of prophecy (or it was snakes licking her ears clean, depending on who you believe), but when she did not return Apollo's love, he placed her under a curse so that no one would ever believe her prophecies. This eventually drove her mad, as she witnessed tragedy after tragedy but was unable to warn anyone - notably the Trojan Horse, the fall of Troy, and her own demise at the hands of Clytemnestra.


Yanagi's resonance is subtle, but there. The most noticeable aspect is the complete absence of sound: there is no sound associated with her resonance at all; there is, in fact, a distinct and palpable lack of sound, like a still-frozen pond on a winter's day, when the wind has absolutely stopped and no one is crunching through the snow. The coppery tang and scent of blood. A sensation of a snake's scales brushing lightly against one's neck, cheeks, and ears. A fleeting, recurring feeling of certainty of knowledge, and of frustration.

Notable Social Links
VII: The Chariot

Yoh Yamagatani - Combat comrade and drawing practice buddy! Yoh and Yanagi share a common dislike of a certain Stregite, having narrowly avoided being singlehandedly wrecked at his hands; she gifted Yoh with a cactus while he was in the hospital. (Yanagi is bad at gifts!)

XV: The Devil

Itsuka Mizuhara - Yanagi's senpai, and one of the few people to have seen her dorm room. She admires Itsuka's seemingly-free spirit and constant encouragement - as well as her motorcycle. So badass, you guys, you don't even know.

XX: Judgement

Nagisa Renge - While she and Nagisa may not have been super-close, she nevertheless liked the girl the few times she met her, even if she was wary of her social group (particularly hearsay about Daisuke). She was rather shocked to find out about Nagisa's death.

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