Shirou Sekigawa

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Shirou Sekigawa
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Fullname Shirou Sekigawa
Arcana XIII - Death
Nature Persona User
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 7th
Age 17
Faction NWO
Team The Masquerade
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Height 5'10
Origin Original Character
Persona Reverse Charon
Weapon Yari
Other Things

"I understand everything. I have learned nothing."
Profile And Skills

Shirou Sekigawa has changed remarkably much in a comparatively small amount of time. A student at Yasogami High School in Inaba, he's learned to deal with the fact that he was the illegitimate child of an English Conman and his mother Midori, the fourth of four brothers has become something of a legend within the world of the Awakened. He's tangled with Kandori and the NWO many times, has explored Tartarus with SEES, and inadvertently had a hand in creating Mikage-cho, as well as saved numerous people from the TV World while working with the KDA. Where once he was a quiet and introverted boy, he's become more self-confident and power-hungry, and in a moment of weakness, he made a wish to Joker-Sama, and accepted a position in The Masquerade. Now Duke Virgo, Shirou stands as a dark reflection to the man he used to be. In a single moment, he turned his back on his friends and watched the people he loved walk away from him. Only time will tell how his new employment will end.

Nightmares of Absolution, Still Doesn't Like Malls, A Man Who Made A Choice, Who's Laughing Now?, Exotic Weapon Focus: Brooms, Hot and Cold Blooded, Likes Dangerous Women, Kinsey Scale 2 Anyway, I Shall Reject Love For I Bear The Cursed Star of Death.

Persona And Combat Information

"I am thou... thou are I. I am Charon, the Ferryman. I will help carry you to your destiny, the destiny we all share."

Charon is the ferryman that guards the river Styx, normally portrayed as a grim and brooding individual. Portrayals vary on his physical appearance: while some accounts point towards a old, haggard man, some say that he's a young man with haunted if striking features. Shirou's 'version' of the minor god reveals a skeltal man, dressed as a traveler, in a heavy jacket and a long scarf. He wears a bone mask that covers his face, and he carries with him his oar, but he also pulses with dark energy.

The two of them make a good team, Charon representing a natural change or natural force, and Shirou representing the drive to understand those changes. Charon is also a 'guardian' of a sorts, protecting the gates of life and death and thus granting Shirou both death-dealing and healing magics. But Charon is also a demanding man; those that die must have a coin to pay their passage across the River Styx. Shirou is just more likely to loot a fallen shadow's carcass for usable items and yen though.

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