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Mai Namikawa
Battle Waitress
Aliases Mai, Hime
Arcana Tower
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 18
Birth Date May 14th, 1993
Blood Type A+
Preferred Weapon Sakaba Sword
Faction Darkside
Teams Tarjana
Job Hakagure Ramen Waitress
Divisions Warning, Control, Threat Removal
Assignment Gekkoukan High School 2nd year
Origin OC
Voice Actor Miyu Matsuki
Player 'Trick
  • Height: 5'6" or 165.7 cm
  • Weight: 137 pounds. On paper. If asked.
  • Eye Color: Grey
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Favored animal: Cats
  • Dislike to the point of freaking out: Scorpions
  • Favored snacks: Apples, mini-carrots.
  • Least liked snacks: Peanuts, chips
  • Favored gum flavors: Mint, Cinnamon
  • Cooking Skill: Average. Strong emphasis on symmetry, not very fond of using spices out of fear that it may wreck the taste rather than enhance it.
  • Used to always wear a green ribbon in her hair, or has it wrapped around her right wrist otherwise. The ribbon was given away in an effort to cut out a part of her past and move forward.
  • Has a very quirky sense of humor
  • Has religious beliefs but is rarely forthcoming on details.
  • She called Osaka her home for most of her youth, although she doesn't know if she was even born there. It never occured to ask. Current Disciplinary Head of Gekkoukan High.
  • She is the current wielder of both the Juuchi Yosamu and the Yawarakai-Te swords.
  • She has aided, then fought and finally fused with her doppelganger created by Pandora, however she remains the dominant consciousness.
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Mai's cellphone address book and the people who actually know her number:

"If you think things are okay, you are delusional. If you thinks things are bad, just tell yourself it could get worse. So much worse."
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