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Masahiko Irie
Aliases Masahiko
Arcana Emperor
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 18
Birth Date January 20, 1994
Blood Type AB
Preferred Weapon Unyielding (special sword), Cane, or Karate
Faction Kagutsuchi
Divisions Mifunashiro
Assignment Seven Sisters High, Third Year, Student President
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Kazuya Nakai (JP as well as EN)
Player James
  • Masahiko has started to get a reputation for being linked with the Yakuza instead of just being in their midst. Considering his reputation is also known as a protector, it leads to all sorts of opinions on the teen by student and adult alike.
  • Irie does not like being call Masa. The person writing this might have been punched by Masa.
  • Masahiko enjoys wearing suits and has no problem in spending large amounts of money on them.
  • Irie does not consider himself part of the Yakuza despite doing errands for his grandfather and leading a group with a heavy criminal bent.
  • Masahiko is only above average when it comes to both his studies at school in the martial arts, recent improvements only coming from continuous training on Sumaru's beach front and surrounding forests. Despite this, few people wish to fight him.
  • Despite reputation as a 'tough guy', he was once picked on due to his family's roots to the Yakuza, often in indirect manners. Since becoming student president, this has mostly stopped and Irie has personally exercised a zero tolerance for bulling in the school.
  • He currently has multiple hamsters as pets, often getting them to cheer him up from stressful times or setbacks as well as something to fill an empty home. The first was Faith Hope Snowy and the second was Shasta McBane. The most beloved was Cuteness Kaiser, who was bought during the Nazi siege of Sumaru, who was white with a black spot under his nose. It was donated to the Hamster Cafe and killed when the gaijin mafia tore apart the store. The funeral has yet to be set.
  • He may be a trap.
"When one does not live according to whom they are and what they believe, they can never transform into who they are meant to become."'
Profile and Skills
Profile: As a grandson of Irie-sama, Masahiko was destined to have a violent and unique life. Raised by the elderly saiko-komon of the Yamaguchi-gumi, Irie has a high sense of honor, an iron will, and firmly believes he should help those in need. However, while some may call Masahiko a hero, others understand his darker side. His past is a testament to that, having been involved with a vicious gang battle as a fifteen year old. While found a simple bystander by the courts, he spent a year in the States in order to avoid the media frenzy that followed the case. Upon returning to Japan, a chain of events led the teen back into the criminal underworld. While his goal was originally only helping people and avoiding attention, Irie is now in the forefront. Influenced by others during the formation of Kagutsuchi and his time with yakuza, Irie is now more direct and comfortable with the power given to him. His goal is not hidden: to make a better world, though his character flaws and strong stances often polarize peoples thoughts on the so called Yakuza Prince. In the end, only time will tell if Irie'll be able to create a better world with unique outlook on life and crime.

Skills: Dressing Up for a Fight, Sometimes the Strong Silent Type, But He Loves His Speeches, A Gentle Man in a Brutal Business, Love Is A Battlefield, Heart Made of Gold with Hands Covered in Blood, Bouncing from Friend to Foe With One Conversation, Loves Him Some English, Once the Reluctant Leader, Now the Confident Prince, Walking the Road Paved with Good Intentions, Hamsters: Pets of The True Emperor

Cao Cao is nifty stuff.

Social Links


  • Akio Touma – Perhaps one of the simplest relationships that Masahiko has, but one of the most important. Akio’s easy going nature, optimism and encouragement have kept Masahiko going when life was at its hardest. In return for Akio’s loyalty as a friend and as a bodyguard, Masahiko does everything he can to ensure his friend is happy and safe. As one of the few friends Irie’s had since before he had Persona, Akio is one of the most trusted friends Masahiko has and Akio’s lighter side binding them together when Irie’s spirits are humorous and serving as an anchor when Irie dwells in dark thoughts.


  • Benihime Asano – A mysterious young woman who helped him in a fight for no other reason than to fight. She was badly injured in the struggle, but because of what he perceived as a noble act for a stranger, cared for her in his house. While she knows little save her abilities in battle and her name, it seems likely that two will meet again, but Masahiko has no idea what to make of her, despite her claim that they will be friends.


  • Mitsuru Kirijo – When Masahiko first got the lay of the land in the Sumaru area, he tried to speak with Kijiro about teaming up against the NWO. Her refusal caused frustration on Masahiko’s part, regardless of the reason. This was compacted when he learned of Mitsuru and Shinjiro’s deal with the Joker, one Irie had serious issue with. While the threat of war was narrowly averted, he has recently witnessed her protecting Kyo. While Irie has some respect for her and some amount of empathy, their many differences and perceived slights from her always make interacting with her difficult.


  • Nika Rumyantseva - She seems really want to kill Masahiko and he has no idea why. Part of him figures it's because she's a crazed killer, part of him because of some sort of past that he's unaware of. He hopes to find out before she tries to lob off his head again.
  • Yisa Taimiev – When Masahiko first saw the woman, he thought he felt a special attraction toward her. Some of it was a foreign beauty, some of it was the maid outfit he first witnessed her in, then it was finally her strong moral center that he was attracted to. For a time, he thought they would be a perfect team, if not a perfect couple. However, as Yisa’s fate became more intertwined, Irie felt he was losing the girl that he never had. His attempt to ‘woo’ her from Kyo failed and while he still hopes the best for her, conversations with others about Yisa and Kyo both make him fear that she may be lost to the cause of ‘good’ forever.






  • Izo Imaizumi – A rather recent person thrown into Masahiko’s life. Having a similar awakening of Persona and some personality similarities with Irie, the young man can’t help but feel there are critical differences between the two. The young man believes that Izo is a man worthy of respect and often seeks his wisdom, but not all is perfect between the two. The attention Izo seems to get from the ladies (ironically, something he often complains of) causes Irie a bit of jealous and Irie gets the sense there is the chance that a massive butting of heads is not merely a possibility, but a matter of time. A point of contention was Izo’s relationship with Yisa considering Irie had his eye on her, but when Yisa’s current ally was made known, the matter was laid to rest rather swiftly.



  • Thora Kobayahi – Originally the hate of NWO brought them together, but Thora was one of the first willing to work and trust with Irie despite his family ties. As time went on, the two have shared much about their lifestyles and discussed the faults and strengths of who they are. While Thora may have learned some of Masahiko’s calming and introspective nature, her faith in his ability to take charge and her support has given him the courage to not run from his heritage and aggressive nature, but accept it. She has become a huge part of his life and he seems to notice some sign of attraction from her, but considering her issues with Yakuza and Irie's desire for a lovely lady at his side, it is clear that their relationship will always be complicated and with deep emotion. Recently, there seems to be some sparks between her and Akio, and Irie is doing all he can to fan the flames.


  • Rui Onishi – Learning about her through Nagisa, Masahiko has learned that her family history is tied into his own. Upon understanding her tale, he wishes to help her, but due to the same tale, she wants nothing more than to kill Irie. While the grandson of Irie-sama wishes to avoid conflict, it seems history is doomed to repeat itself.


  • Seiichi Miyamoto - While the two initially got off on the wrong foot since Kandori revealed him to be a member of the NWO, over time, Seiichi has proven himself to be more complicated than a simple hero or villain. Like Masahiko himself, Irie understands he walks in the shades of grey and due to that, is willing to give him the chance he feels so few give him. As Irie understands his own path is not black and white despite his earnest desires, he is able to empathize with Seiichi’s current position.


  • Naomi Suzuno – One of the two that he tried to gather in his first attempt of unification against the NWO, Masahiko found himself annoyed when both she and Mitsuru both politely refused the offer (unaware at that time the two ladies had deals amongst one another). Despite this, Naomi seems to respect Masahiko and help him enough that he remains amiable toward her, even to the point where he has tried to convince her to join his cause. While again she refused, it seems these two get along on one level, while both lead very separate lives.


  • Daisuke Itami – Having met the man only through Maki and Nagisa, their fates became much more intertwined since Daisuke was one of those who encouraged him to turn the Spring Frog Cartel into something new, convincing him despite his many hesitations on the matter. While Masahiko has learned to accept his new rule, he still is wary of the man, the clear lack of motive on Daisuke’s part beginning a relationship of necessary and mistrust on Irie’s part.
  • Mariko Ohmukai – As someone linked to the Yakuza clan he is with, Masahiko feels some responsibility toward her and tries to help her out as best he can. Considering her past fascination a certain killer, one of his trusted associates/friends, and a series of decisions he strongly disagrees with, he has taken a more forceful and controlling approach in dealing with her. As times goes on, her involvement with criminal elements have suggested to Irie she may be more of a liability than an asset, forcing Irie to consider options he wished he didn’t.


  • Mai Namikawa – Another ally who became a friend once they learned they both had a proactive nature when it came to threats such as the NWO. Mai and Masahiko work well together, Masahiko often willing to offer help and resources while Mai offers her knowledge and connections. She is one of the few people willing to express her own issues with other groups and people, validating concerns that Irie himself might keep to himself. He trusts her and is glad to have her as a friend, despite the fact that their relationship is mostly work related.




  • Tatsuya Sudou – After the death of Kandori, Sudou has become the 'accessible' face of the NWO, making him Masahiko’s chief enemy. While Suou might be Sudou’s first hate, Masahiko’s purposefully antagonistic nature toward the man and a rather determined nature makes it clear that Irie will not be letting the man have a break until the NWO is gone.
  • Tatsuya Suou – The leader of the Shinsengumi, Suou and Irie have not gotten along, Tatsuya with his sometimes abrasive personality and Masahiko with his disappointment with how successful the Shinsengumi have been in protecting Sumaru. When attempts to work with Suou during a Zombie attack fell flat, things continued to sour. While it is clear that Masahiko is increasingly annoyed with Suou, the fact that he hasn’t done anything to actually spite the resident hottie of Sumaru suggests that there might be hope that the two might be able to work together... Or that Irie is merely waiting for the best time to strike.


The Yamagumi-Gumi
Masahiko Irie/Yamagumi-Gumi
RP Logs
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* Real American - Rick Derringer: "When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside, you gotta take a stand, it don't help to hide! If you hurt my friends, then you hurt my pride. I gotta be a man; I can't let it slide!"
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