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Harbinger of the Footpocalypse
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Personal Information
Real Name Chie Satonaka
Arcana Chariot
Nature Persona-user
Gender Female
Age 17
Birth Date July 30, 1992
Preferred Weapon Shoes
Organization Information
Faction KDA
Job Kick Dispenser
Divisions Magnums
Assignment Second Year
Persona - Tomoe Gozen
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OOC Information
Origin Persona 4
Voice Actor Yui Horie


Chie Satonaka is a cheerful, energetic and somewhat short-tempered girl. She is mildly obsessed with martial arts and kung fu movies, and she sees herself as a warrior and protector of others. Chie is one of the strongest members of the KDA, physically, and while she recognizes that she isn't the brightest person, she knows she's useful in that way, at least. Chie often worries about whether she is strong enough, and tries to ignore the fact that she sometimes feels like people owe her for her skills.

Skills: Trial Of The Dragon, Kicking Ass, Skill: Not Cooking, Craft: Poison, Legs Up To Here, Northern Kicks, Bouncing From Foot To Foot Over And Over And Over, Bearer Of The God Foot?, STEAK STEAK STEAK STEAK STEAK STEAK STEAK

Social Links of Note

  • O - THE FOOL
    • Yu Narukami: Leader! A new transfer student that Chie buddied up to on a lark, who turned out to be the crux of her destiny. Yu is almost bizarrely likable, and they've started hanging out frequently. Chie has absolute faith in his decisions, and draws a great deal of strength from his iron convictions.
    • Tohru Adachi: Fumbles!! A trustworthy and friendly cop on the Inaba PD, who somehow ended up hip deep in the supernatural. It's nice having someone in the Inaba PD who can help the KDA if things go south, but Chie still isn't sure he has what it takes to make it safely through the weird and dangerous Persona world. Chie is still very grateful to him for helping her get a grip when Yukiko got kidnapped, though she hasn't really talked to him in a long time.
    • Minato Arisato: That SEES guy. Chie's met him a couple times and has a generally favorable outlook, but....that's about it.
    • Minako Arisato: That SEES girl! Minako is Chie's kind of girl and the two hit it off pretty quickly, although Chie couldn't say they're especially /close/...but Minako did help Chie figure out her romantic troubles, for which Chie is very grateful.
    • Yosuke Hanamura: Quite possibly Chie's closest male friend, which is weird because THE UNIVERSE ITSELF (conflicting player schedules :V) seems intent on keeping them far apart. Although she gives Yosuke all kinds of shit over pretty much anything she can, she... ...usually means no harm by it. Yosuke's judgment is a little suspect and Chie has learned that trusting pretty much any plan he comes up with on his own is usually a terrible idea, but she knows his heart is in the right place, and has great faith in that. After getting a third-person perspective on how big a jerk she'd been to him over time, Chie is trying to be more understanding of Yosuke, but sometimes he makes it hard. :(
    • Yuzuriha Hatsumi: STEAK FRIEND!! Yuzu is a ninja from the country who works for the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, as her clan has for generations. Chie is not really familiar with the deep roots of the organization, but she does know ninjas are TOTALLY SWEET. Yuzu helped Chie get back on her feet when Yukiko was taken, and has stood watch over Yukiko on and off since arriving in Inaba. Yuzu was also Chie's first real glimpse at just HOW deep the KDA rabbit hole goes. Because of that, Chie trusts Yuzu implicitly, and has asked her to help Chie figure out what the hell she's doing with regard to resonance and the martial arts. At the moment, Yuzu lives in Chie's house, due to an arrangement where Chie basically made her move in.
    • Yukiko Amagi: Chie's eternal best friend forever and ever, the end. They may seem like an odd couple, but the two rely on each other deeply for emotional support. Chie's Shadow revolved almost entirely around her quiet and subconscious emotional abuse of Yukiko, and that fact has crippled Chie's ability to trust that anything she does for her is in good faith. Chie has yet to tell Yukiko of this, for fear of how the girl will react. Until recently they were fighting fairly regularly, but seem to have figured things out, and are back to their usual status quo. ...right?
    • Maki Sonomura: A close friend of Chie's from somewhat.../bizarre/ circumstances, related mostly to Chie deciding to treat her nicely after finding out Maki had been jealous of her for being healthy. Chie is one of the only people who knows where Maki is truly hiding, and has kept that secret faithfully, even from Chie's closest confidantes. Chie doesn't really know Maki's full deal of secrets and lies, and as such is probably a little more honest with her than is strictly safe. Chie considers Maki a good friend but has to admit it's always difficult to actually understand the deal with her, what with there being five of them who are all the same person, except not, except AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    • Mitsuru Kirijo: The somewhat intimidating heiress of the Kirijo Group, Chie nonetheless thinks of her a trustworthy and capable friend and leader. She has no delusions of Mitsuru caring especially deeply about her, but still, is quite grateful for the comfort Mitsuru has had to give her over several times of the poor third-year being stuck with an emotionally distraught Chie in arms' reach. Chie is slowly coming to terms with the fact that Mitsuru is better equipped than her to make extremely painful decisions, and respects her ability to be a leader even in tense situations. However, she is also uncertain how to feel about her willingness to carry out her decisions unhesitatingly.
    • Tomomi Fujimori: A cruel and malevolent leader of Strega. Chie knows her only distantly, but Tomomi's story has had a profound effect on Chie in recent weeks, as a result of Tomomi's time as a SEES Persona-user during the distortions created by the Abyss of Time, and especially the somewhat unfortunate timing of Chie's discovery of her true nature not long after a very traumatic encounter with a certain powerful Shadow-possessed. In the final moments, Chie decided to help Tomomi in what small ways she could, giving herself some closure and, she hopes, giving Tomomi something to be slightly less bitter about. Chie's emotions toward Tomomi are conflicted, and she chooses to remember the scared girl she tried to help, rather than the demonic monster she has become. As the original truth reasserts itself, Chie's hope that Tomomi could be helped is turning to a morbid certainty that they truly did strip the girl of her one and only chance at redemption. During their final conversation, Tomomi implored her to use her strength only to punish the deserving, a request Chie intends to honor -- although she may soon face the painful reality that the person who asked that of her may be herself quite deserving.
    • Akatsuki Enda: A SEES upperclassman Chie contacted for advice shortly before her and Yukiko's recent argument reached its most tempestuous stage. Chie trusts his advice and is grateful to him for hearing out a complete stranger, though she feels bad for having used him a little. He offered to help Chie figure out what the hell she's doing with English, which Chie eagerly accepted. Recently he's become quite busy with college entrance exams, and despite her sudden reasons to linger in Port Island more, she's left him more or less to get his house in order on that front.
    • Ryotaro Dojima: The homicide detective in charge of the TV Murders. Unfortunately doomed to failure. Also, Leader's uncle and Nanako's father. Dojima kind of messed Chie up in the head when Yukiko was kidnapped and he briefly entertained the idea that Chie was the culprit; but time and Chie maturing has largely healed that wound, and Chie now considers Dojima a good, if harsh, man, and feels sorry that he's continually frustrated by a case she knows he can never solve.
    • Shinjiro Aragaki: A SEES upperclassman whom Chie respects. He's helped her out once or twice and been present for some of her more dramatic breakdowns, but Chie hasn't really had much experience with him. He seems to be the SEES Upperclassmens' muscle, mostly, which is certainly a roll Chie can empathize with. He shows a weird combination of violence and restraint that Chie's not sure how to reconcile, though she thinks it might be something she could stand to learn from. Also he dresses like a hobo, despite hanging out with Mitsuru, which is a combination that occasionally causes Chie to leak SAN points.
    • Lisa Silverman: A somewhat remote acquaintance of Chie's who has shown a passion for kung fu movies rivaling Chie's own UNLIMITED ZEAL; they met in a video store and gabbed for a while. They are mutually oblivious to one another's 'extracurricular activities', though through a mutual acquaintance they may be about to run into each other again with the goal of 'training' Nanako.
    • Rise Kujikawa: Risette! She's Chie's underclassman at Yasogami. Chie saved her from some boys who were getting a little too excited about her being around. Although Chie is slightly uneasy being around someone with national name-and-face recognition, she does her best to be friendly and not let herself get starstruck to the point where she can't treat Rise as Rise. She's seen a little bit of just how flustered Rise gets around the people who won't let go of her idol career, but doesn't (yet!?) know just how deep that particular rabbit hole goes.
    • Yukari Takeba: A friend Chie met when Strega made their move to claim the Snow Queen's mask. They've only spoken a few times since, but it seems Chie's self-sacrificing efforts to keep Takeba safe before Chie realized she had a Persona have won her the girl's friendship. For obscure and arcane reasons related to Yukari not being played for six months, they haven't talked much, but now that Yukari is around more they are quickly growing closer.
    • Aigis: The SEES liaison to the KDA, though Chie doesn't always think of her as such. For a while, as the stressful events surrounding the Abyss of Time's distortions reigned, Chie found herself mistrusting Aigis for her role in events and willingness to engage in acts Chie found she could not make herself condone. However, they have since discussed some of their feelings, and Chie finds she empathizes with Aigis' fears and doubts quite deeply. However, Chie has had to admit that Aigis' fears were many of the same as Chie's; she could empathize, but she could not offer the robot any of the difficult answers she needs.
    • Anise Thompson: In Chie's ongoing trend of making weird friendships with dangerously insane people, an unexpected run-in on the train to Okina has given Chie an odd feeling of something-or-other with Anise. Anise hurt Yukiko badly and intentionally to get some attention while they were trying to fight a god, and Chie holds some malice toward her for that. But at the same time, Anise is very straightforward and not particularly interested in hiding her motives to those In The Know, traits that Chie finds relatable and oddly comforting in a world full of inscrutable madmen with ridiculous amounts of charisma and Death Note-esque skill at obscuring their schemes. Although they will never be friends, Chie may be willing to accept friendly rivalry. Especially if Anise keeps buying her steaks.
    • Nanako Dojima: The Littlest Dojima. Chie likes Nanako a lot and tries to take care of her when she can - she's really sharp and Chie wants to try and make sure she can be happy. This may or may not have anything to do with a desire to prevent the girl from becoming a Shadow Possessed brain horror when Chie could've done something about it.
    • Will Dent: A teacher! Will is one of those guys you don't want to hang out with too much, because he's Chie's teacher in certain classes and has a maddening tendency to turn everything into a riddle or learning opportunity, sometimes including spontaneous homework assignments. But...he is also very smart, insightful, and good at prompting Chie to make her own deductions and feel good about doing so, and Chie enjoys that.
    • Naoto Shirogane: Mini Leader! Naoto is a smart kid (Chie gets to call him a kid because HE'S SHORTER THAN HER, SERIOUSLY) who is pretty serious and has only a barely detectable sense of humor. Chie and he are not very close, probably in part because Chie is a spazz. Still, Chie trusts Naoto's intelligence, and it may well be his influence that has led her to associating heavily with the Kuzunoha Detective Agency's home office team.
    • Enoha Koinose: The town big sister, Chie's relations with Enoha have been relatively distant for a long time - a speaking acquaintance and little else, not uncommon at all in a town like Inaba. Chie found out Enoha had a Persona and was involved in the supernatural during Shion Katsuragi's TV dungeon, then someone hacked the timespace Gibson and it changed to being when Chie saw her during Mikage-cho. Either way: She knows, and Enoha seems pretty knowledgeable, so Chie trusts her. Then January 23, 2010 happened. Chie has decided to try and help Enoha through...somehow.
    • Michiru Fukase: A classmate who is very smart. And smokes! And is honestly probably a bit of a bad influence. If you asked Chie how exactly they became friends she probably wouldn't be able to tell you, but Chie considers her a close confidante and friend. Michiru is smart and inquisitive, so Chie likes to hang around her and bounce ideas off her when it comes time to investigate something. Michiru's knowledge and understanding of the true depths of Chie's relationships with certain other parties has gotten her a seat on Chie's inner circle more or less for good.
    • Shirou Sekigawa: A guy. Chie talks to him sometimes! He is smart, though if Chie needs a brain to hang off of she is more likely to go to Michiru or Naoto.
    • Naomi Suzuno: Naomi is a passing acquaintance of Chie's after a few chance encounters. Chie likes her! However, that is at the moment the limit of their acquaintance. ...FOR NOW!?
    • Takahisa Kandori: May be the super devil. Chie's talked to him once or twice, but she may be immune to his moralizing cunning by sheerest virtue of being too dumb to actually hear the subtle implications in his speech. Alternately, she is too good at just remembering the things he's done that are wrong.
    • Thora Kobayashi: A close friend of Chie's, there was a long time where Chie let their relationship lie dying while Thora was in the clutches of KNOWS, but now that Chie has seen how much sadness Kandori has brought to Thora, Chie has resolved to find a way to help her friend out.
    • Teddie: Teddie is the bear in the TV. He is a good friend, if kind of daft. Chie likes him. However, she still owes him a stomping for that time he asked her what kind of panties she wears right there in plain view of the entire Midnight Channel.
    • Ai Ebihara: Ai is a stuck-up ho who talks down to Chie all the time and basically acts like Chie is somehow a bad person. The only thing stopping Chie from corporal punishment is the uncertainty of whether or not Ai knows how to buy her house out from under her.
    • Shion Katsuragi: Chie encountered Shion while Yukiko was locked away in Mikage-cho, and Shion helped her overcome her sadness and helplessness to figure out a path forward. Chie looks up to her greatly for that - her honesty and support has earned her Chie's real respect, and Chie trusts Shion's judgment deeply, looking up to her as a mentor, even as she simultaneously feels responsible for helping guide the elder woman through the insane sideways banana logic of the supernatural world. With the true timeline reasserting itself, Chie's feelings toward Shion have become deeply conflicted - knowing that if not for one mistake they could be good friends, she wants to look up to the woman and help her; but Chie is also still struggling with the pain Shion inflicted on her when she tried to leave Chie behind outside Mikage-cho, even now that Shion has apologized several times.
    • Tatsuya Suou: A cool, handsome third-year student who is a model. Chie has run into him a couple times while she's been up in Sumaru. It's thanks to Tatsuya that Chie finally accepted kotodama exists, and he helped her talk out some problems. They aren't epically close or anything - not yet, anyway!? - but Chie likes him and considers him a friend, or at least a friendly acquaintance.
    • Eriko Kirishima: The Adam Savage of the KDA. Chie may or may not be Eriko's pet Tory.
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