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Takeshi Odori
Kagutsuchi's Hotness
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Full Name 踊り たけし
Aliases Teshi
Arcana The Sun
Persona Bacchus
Nature Persona User
Gender Male
Age 18
Birth Date April 4, 1994
Preferred Weapon Fists of Fury
Faction Kagutsuchi
Teams None
Job Empathy for Apathy
Divisions None
Assignment None
Origin Persona 3
Voice Actor Uchiyama Kouki/Orimura Ichika
Player Teshi
  • Takeshi wasn't always a slacker
  • Takeshi manages to get average grades
  • He's secretly useful? Wha'?
  • He can cook!
  • Takeshi's Kung Fu is actually Ninjutsu. His grandfather taught him up until his death and then Takeshi learned from his grandfather's student, his dad. He knows all 18 of the arts to a sufficient level. That's right, he's a ninja.
  • Takeshi has a 'notepad.' He calls it the 'black book.' No one but Yoh and Himself have seen it.
  • This week's 'I want Takeshi dead' trophy holder is: Itsuka Mizuhara

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Weapon: Fists of Fury. Takeshi knows ninjutsu, taught to him through various channels both at school, at home, in his family at large and by a dojo or two he visited regularly. And yes, by Ninjutsu I mean the 18 skills, not just Taijutsu or Kenjutsu.

Body: Usually black khakis, a white dress shirt, grey pull over sweater and a long black trench coat with the collar up to hide half of his face. Good for avoiding the cold, appearing intimidating and sneaking through dark spaces. Also good for cool points. And don't forget his wonderfully fluffy scarf. It completes the ensemble.

Feet: Black Loafers. You know you want them.

Accessory: Ninja Tools hidden in trench coat, because you never know when you'll need a kunai or a smoke bomb.

"Who cares. Beat it and we can all go party!"

"I don't want anyone to think i'm remotely useful, it's easier that way."

"Planning is godliness, don't forget that."


Takeshi is a third year Gekkoukan student who moved from Tokyo to Port Island for his father's work. His father got a new job on the island and Takeshi was sent to Gekkoukan to continue his education. At Gekkoukan, he caught on immediately, loving the fact that he could find people who he could talk about almost anything to. That and the fact that everyone was actually, more or less, laid back and nice was a plus. Coming from the city, he can be a bit up in the air sometimes, but generally, he seems to be trying his hardest to adapt to the new land. A member of SEES and, obviously, a persona user, he tends to be hyperactive 24/7. When he's not at school, he's usually working at the gas station/convenience store near his home. If he's not there, look for him in the manga section at the bookstores or one of the arcades. Sometimes he goes looking for anime too. So, gas station, manga, arcade and anime section. His priorities are straight. Yep!


Never Stops Talking, Loud, Dancing Fiend, Fists Are Lethal Weapons, Let's Get This Party Started!, I Know Kung Fu, Fancy Footwork, Reset Punch!, Allergic to Books, Allergic to School work, Convenience Store Guy!, I Can Get You The Good Discounts

"I am thou...thou art I. I am Bacchus, The Liberator. I shall teach you how to free yourself and others...as well as how to strike down those who seek harm against you and yours."

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Bacchus is the son of Zeus and a mortal named Semele. Named Bacchus after the frenzy he is known to produce in his followers and the wrath with which he could destroy people who sought to harm him and his own. In his own way, he allowed those who followed him to free themselves of restraints and lessened the power the governors had over their governed.

Additionally, he is the god of Wine and Parties and considered the Liberator (or Eleutherios).


Sense: Apathy, Laziness and yet, a very deep, hidden and strong rhythm.

Sound: Like six bands of wildly different styles playing at the same time in the same concert hall.

Smell: Like those sweet and sour things.


Bacchus is different after the new combat system was established. Now, he's a hard hitting puncher with status effects and the ability to hit things with mental energy like a good telekinetic. What a change. He lost some healing skills and gained another one while at the same time gaining more power. So Bacchus can now be said to be a bruiser for real.

Strike Attack - Martial Arts
Phys Strike 3
HP: 0
I hit you with my martial arts now!
Reset Punch
Phys Strike 5
HP: 3
This can be summed up in one sentence: I will hit you really hard on your forehead. REALLY, REALLY, HARD.
Supt Rec 0
SP: 6
Let me help you with that minor derailing of your body's natural state!
Supt Alm 0
SP: 6
What's that? You say you're just fine? Let's fix that!
Sexy Dance
Supt Alm 0
SP: 6
No one can resist the power of dance!
Flurry Stab
Phys Prc 5
HP: 17
Shuriken Storm to the rescue!
Brain Shake
Phys Str 3
HP: 20
A quick burst of psychic energies thanks to Bacchus means your brain gets fried and everything seems to be harder to keep at.
Cell Breaker
Phys Str 3
HP: 20
Breaking you down on a cellular level and bringing a whole new meaning to radical reconstruction.
Gigantic Fist
Phys Strike 7
HP: 24
Bacchus, Let us teach them the meaning of FIST! MEET FACE!
Atom Smasher
Phys Str 5
HP: 31
Haha. What's that? You likey the explosions? Bacchus, Let's blow it the hell up with them in the center!
Social Links

Sorry if I missed you! If you've given me a link or i've given you one and you're not on this list feel free to tell me! I'll add you.

I. The Magician

Sayori Kaizumi
He met Sayori when he last met Thora. She seems like a nice enough person, albeit a little strange. Still, he isn't one to judge others.

II. The High Priestess

Masumi Hayashi
He's not too sure. This girl was the shadow possessed he ultimately ended up helping Aigis and Hinata with. He isn't sure that it's all over yet, but as long as Aigis and Hinata want her back, he's going to see this through to the end.
Fuuka Yamagishi
Fuuka is SEES radar so to speak, but she's an okay girl. She woke him up a couple of times when they called since he can't sense those things and she's okay with him.
Rank: 2
Maki Sonomura
He doesn't quite remember where he met Maki, but for some reason he has the idea that while she's generally okay, he should be watching her closely when around her.
Shiori Hibiki
Why are you in the KDA?...I just don't get it, you're way too nice.
Rank: 2

III. The Empress

Mitsuru Kirijo
He likes Mitsuru, well enough to take hits for her. He seems to disappear when she's looking for him.
Rank: 3

IV. The Emperor

V. The Hierophant

VI. The Lovers

Rena Kinukasa
He's met her twice. Twice she was a dragon person attacking me. Why doesn't he hate her? Probably because he doesn't hate anyone, he'll actually be nice if he meets her without the dragon.

VII. The Chariot

Loveable anti-shadow cyborg girl that he considers just as human as the rest of us. Aigis called him a masochist...So sad, but also so hilarious and only makes him like her more.
Rank: 4
Kazuo Yuudai
Kazuo Yuudai......Yeah, I got nothing. He must have been normal.

IX. The Hermit

Yanagi Chikafuji
She's sharp, almost too sharp...but he could get used to that. She seems super nice for a Gekkoukan student and she's in SEES, all the better. This one gets an approval from Teshi-oniisan.

X. The Wheel of Fortune

Ryouko Kiribayashi
Yessssss...I don't remember, but she must have made an impression on me, something tells me that much.

XI. Strength

Yoh Yamagatani
Bro Fist!
The more I meet him the more I'm glad he's the first friend I made in SEES. Bro-Fist Squared!
Rank: 8
Masahiko Irie
Masahiko made a huge impression on first meeting him and has only done better as time went on. In acknowledgment of this, Takeshi now works for him. Masahiko is Da boss and Takeshi trusts him enough to do anything he's asked.
Rank: 6
Rica Eikoudan
Rica was an interesting sort. Like Thora except less abrasive and in some ways more mysterious, but she seems to be with Kagutsuchi judging from Masahiko, so why not trust her for now.
Michi Aomori
Why is something up with this...who cares, she's too cute to question.
Ariko Kawano
Ariko was fun. I have no further observations than that currently.

XII. The Hanged Man

Reki Kurusu
No comment.

XIII. Death

Shirou Sekigawa
Wow. Just Wow. Awesome dude, met him twice now.
Rank: 2
Yumi Kazeki
She acts all sullen and upset, but she's cute in a way. The strength she shows makes her A-Okay in his book.
Rank: 3
Riki Houjou
Not enough information to make an informed opinion.

XIV. Temperance

XV. The Devil

Hiromi Sato
This girl went from not knowing, to having a persona, to knowing masahiko, to takeshi fretting over her once she had a person to now being cool enough that Takeshi can stop fretting. He was partially responsible for her awakening, this might plague him forever.
Rank: 4
Itsuka Mizuhara

XVI. The Tower

Thora Kobayashi
He might have hated her at one point, now, quite simply, he does not. Fumiko has not complained of further problems and he hears that she has boy problems...wait, why am I looking at her as cute now? And now my brain is flirting with her...why am I not entirely..interested in not doing this anymore.
Rank: 3
Mai Namikawa
Eh, It's Mai.

XVII. The Star

Hinata Itoh
Hinata Itoh. She's a resonance sensor apparently, but either way, she seem to be just as strong as the rest of the group.
More happenings! Her showing of care for Masumi has given him a better understanding of her.

XVIII. The Moon

Fumiko Kohaku
Met her in the tea shop on Port Island. Not really sure what to make of her, but she has a lot of academic potential it seems! And she's smart, unlike him.
He seems to be meeting her more and more now. She's growing on him and she may have just earned herself an additional bro.
Rank: 7
Akari Hoshi
Akari Hoshi, heh, not a bad person to be around.
Kaede Fujioka
I don't quite remember. :/

XIX. The Sun

XX. Judgement

Kaede Ikeda
I do like Kaede. She seems mad that I didn't remember her last name, i'll make it a point to always remember to call her Ikeda-san...most of the time, I do like calling her Kaede.
Rank: 2
Rem Sakurazuki Hoshii
She's..uh, interesting. I don't quite get her, but she's nice enough, so it all evens out?
Social Stats and Contacts
Social Stats
He gets B's!?
...Dude can cook...
Nah. Not Scary.
He 'Knows.'
Diligence? Wassat?
Grandmaster Slacker.

Is He Really Worth Your Time?
Don't worry about whatever it is you're focused on, they obviously can't touch you so it's not a big deal..
I can snap you in two.
I can intimidate you when I want to/need to/are motivated enough to.
What's that!?
Rule #300: When all else fails, shout really loudly, wave your arms wildly and point erratically.
Whether this be an attack or instant interference in someone or something's attack on someone or something else, this represents jumping in from seemingly no where to help someone or something fight someone or something else to make them think you're totally on their side.
You don't want me, I'm too lazy to lift a finger to hurt you.
Beat it up now.
When all of the above fails, just beat it up.
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