Thora Kobayashi

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Thora Kobayashi
Thora Kobayashi
Personal Information
Real Name Thora Kobayashi
Aliases Oni of Osaka
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Birth Date April 1st
Preferred Weapon Warhammers
Organization Information
Faction KDA
Assignment Yasogami High, 3-2
Persona - Reverse Brynhildr
OOC Information
Origin OC
Voice Actor Not selected

"Everything ends, jackass. I'll just end you FIRST."


Current Profile

Originally from Osaka, Thora Kobayashi's vicious reputation for violence has spread far and wide throughout Japan, earning her the nickname Oni of Inaba. Once forced to move often because of her delinquent behavior, she's managed to settle down in the small town despite numerous problems starting with the murder of her mother in early April, 2009. For a while she was cared for by family friend and guardian Kurou Morita only to have him abandon her under mysterious circumstances. Numerous rumors, rarely any good, surround her; her mixed Japanese-European heretige gives her a large and stocky appearance that isn't soon forgotten. Slightly reclusive, since being jokingly voted into the position of Class President Thora has become slightly more social and a little bit less delinquent. Commanding the persona Brynhildr, her reputation in the supernatural community has grown, especially in regards to her apprenticeship at Daidara's and tendency to get involved in demon-related matters. Her sheer level of involvement suggests she's either planning something or something is planning for her.

Skills: Big Bad Wolf, Eyebrows of Doom, I can Scent You Highlander!, Unrepetant Murderer, The World Ends With Me, O Brother Where Art Thou, Bringer of Fimbulwinter, THORA PUUUUUUUUUNCH, Red Dog, President Evil, Chaos Hero, My Future Still Rides Completely On Social Links, Better Make A Backup Save File Before Selecting That Answer, Yes There Is A Bad Ending, Suncruncher, I'm On All The Sides, ALL OF THEM, All Towers Fall, But Strength Prevails

Older Profiles

V2 Known to many as the infamous Oni of Osaka, Thora Kobayashi's vicious reputation for violence has spread far and wide throughout Japan. Once forced to move often because of her delinquent behavior, she now remains in Inaba under the care of her family friend and guardian Kurou Morita. Occasionally she attends school but more often she can be found apprenticing at Daidara's Metalworks. With the murder of her mother in early April, 2009 under suspicious circumstances and Thora's subsequent disappearance, the rumors of the teenager only grew. Commanding the persona Garm, her reputation in the supernatural community has grown as well, proving her to be a capable, if difficult, ally. She remains reclusive, antisocial, and extremely quick to anger. While she is aware of the fine line that separates her from those she calls enemies, she's not quite ready to step back due to the stress and frustration caused by being aware of the supernatural in the first place. Her mixed Japanese-European heritage gives her a large and stocky appearance that isn't soon forgotten.

Skills: Eyebrows of Doom, Favorite Subject in School: Truancy, Domestic Violence, I Can Scent You Highlander!, Unrepentant Murderer, The World Ends With Me, Impending Luke Skywalker Moment, Hammertime, My Future Still Rides Completely On Social Links, Better Make A Backup Save File Before Selecting That Answer, Bringer of Fimbulwinter, Which Side Are You On Again?, What If I'm The Villain?, THORA PUUUUUUUNCH

V1: Known as the infamous Oni of Osaka, Thora's reputation as a vicious miscreant has spread far and wide throughout Japan. Kicked out of at least half a dozen schools, mostly for assaulting students and occasionally teachers, she and her single mother were forced to move often. Having recently moved to Inaba with the hope of avoiding being viewed as a portent of disaster, she supposedly attends Yasogami High School but is rarely seen, choosing to be mostly truant in favor of apprenticing behind the scenes at the Daidara Metal Works. Due to her large and stocky appearance resulting from her mixed heritage, she is used to and fully expects to be treated with scorn by her peers. Reclusive and mildly antisocial, she is quick to anger and even quicker to recklessly throw a punch. Beneath the anger lurks a depressed and selfish girl, growing steadily ready to give up on the world that rejected her.

Skills: Ravenous Appetite, Lone Wolf, Got Spine?, Favorite Subject in School: Truancy, The World Ends With Me, Impending Luke Skywalker Moment, Hammertime, Little Pig Little Pig Let Me In, O Brother Where Art Thou?, My Future Rides Completely on Social Links, You Better Make A Backup Save File Before Selecting that Answer, Optional Character?, Bringer of Fimbulwinter, Might Be Responsible For That Shiny New Sword of Yours, Not a Bottle Blonde, Destructive Drive, Endless Misery, I Have Withstood Pain to Create Many Weapons, Yet These Hands Will Never Hold Anything

Notable Social Links

  • O - THE FOOL
    • Tohru Adachi: A cop from Inaba that Thora views as a big brother of sorts. He's not as uptight as regular cops so he's cool in Thora's book. Thora is a little overprotective of him and worries that him being indebted to the NWO will land him in hot water one day even though he's mysteriously been able to stay out of too much trouble with them. She knows that Adachi has a persona, but is under the impression that it's a very weak one that Adachi is personally embarrassed about.
    • Yu Narukami: One of the few people that Thora refers to as "Boss" and actually respects. Yu earned this title as he was the leader of the team that came into the TV to save her. Since her rescue was the first victory of the Investigation Team, a small Karaoke party was thrown afterwards that Yu invited her to.
    • Yosuke Hanamura: It's complicated.
    • Shiki Ichimonji: The (former) MANGA SUPERSTAR is an oddly close friend of Thora, initially thanks to his own published manga Captain Rebellion. Then at one point, Shiki ran into trouble in the dark world and Thora and Shinji were able to come to his rescue and realize the power of his persona. Since then, Thora has occasionally taken Shiki (and other Eclipse Team members) into the TV for additional training. Thora actually feels a little guilty that she didn't do more to help Shiki while he was fractured in Mikage-cho. Thora has made him custom throwing knives.
    • Sayori Kaizumi: Member of the KDA, kohai of Thora's, and ice skater. Thora likes her initiative and was there battling against her insidious rumor Shadow when she reared her head in Inaba.
    • Yukiko Amagi: One of the people that Thora helped save from the TV, motivated to do so mostly by how much her disappearance upset Chie. Thora and Yukiko share an odd Beauty and the Beast-ish friendship and Thora finds herself coming to Yukiko occasionally when she needs help on more appearance-based matters. Thora's actually a little mystified that Yukiko would deign to be seen anywhere within the vicinity of her delinquent self. Yukiko occasionally enlists her aid for heavier tasks such as bodyguarding.
    • Maki Sonomura: A complex love and hate relationship, Thora actually credits Maki and her alter DVA-created form Aki for much of what she is today. This is especially the case regarding her Blue Wolves and control of East Mikage-cho.
    • Masumi Hayashi: Formerly a fellow Daybreak/NWO squad member. When Masumi was possessed by a rumor shadow that granted the gift of being a true biological female, Thora pretty much opposed it on all grounds in spite of how happy Masumi apparently became to finally be this way. Eventually, Masumi did realize she didn't want to take the backseat to her life and Thora spent a lot of time encouraging her to fight for control, eventually leading them to remove the Shadow possession through the TV world and help Masumi regain her persona. They're pretty good friends now.
    • Mitsuru Kirijo: Very minor relation. Thora just knows she runs SEES and holds Shinjiro's leash.
    • Shinsuke Kusagawa: Itsuka's brother. One day she discovered that Shinsuke had started a relationship with Shirou after the pair had broken up and was pretty angry. Eventually they reconciled over the mutual goal of making sure that Shirou didn't kill himself.
    • Aigis: Thora's best and longest-lasting friend. A chance meeting in the electronics department of Junes lead to a long discussion about motorcycles. Thora's always felt comfortable opening up to Aigis since she believes that because Aigis is a robot, she isn't plagued by the human biases and faults that have kept people from being her friend in the past. Thora secretly harbors the desire to make Aigis a weapon but is eternally disappointed since her technology level is way above what Thora is capable of.
    • Fumiya Watanabe: Initially viewed as someone who was mocking Thora, Fumiya was quickly elevated to "severe annoyance" when he kept poking his head in matters supernatural. Thora issued several warnings that were not heeded and eventually gave up, letting fate run its course so he could learn his lesson first-hand in the TV world. It wasn't until Fumiya later revealed his apparent act of murder in the SEBEC building to Thora that she began to feel any sort of regret or responsibility for getting Fumiya involved. Despite the rocky start, they've gradually become pretty good friends.
    • Chie Satonaka: Another person that Thora is gradually growing closer to in friendship. Thora likes her because she's strong and very down to business. She also came to save her from the TV dungeon which earns many points in Thora's book. Chie was the first person to be told of her newly-discovered LIFE OF LIES Thora had been living and is actually one of the few people to witness Thora crying. Thora's bloodthirsty outlook on life often makes this relationship a difficult one due to differing opinions. Lately, though, their relationship has soured a little due to opposing outlooks to life and the Supernatural.
    • Yoh Yamagatani: Thora's pride and joy, her first human member of the Blue Wolves, and only person she is directly responsible for awakening the Persona of. Though on the surface it would seem that Thora considers Yoh her minion, he means quite a bit more to her than that and she knows an awful lot of personal things about him. She's secretly pleased with how much he's grown both as a person and as a persona user. Officially, he's one of the generals of the Blue Wolves and holds the nickname "Earthshatterer."
    • Katsuya Suou Apparently the KDA contains actual cops. Katsuya scolds Thora a lot for her not-so-very law friendly methods of problem solving.

Thora doesn't currently have any notable Hermit links.

    • Naoto Shirogane: Following her mother's murder, Thora was personally approached by Naoto, seeking the details of the crime. Shortly later he was a part of the rescue team that came for her in the TV world. For a while, she possessed a crush on Naoto and even called him "Boss." Since actually dating Shirou and moving up in authority in her own way, though, both things have stopped happening. After losing her home and guardian, she spent some time living in the Shirogane manor.
    • Ran Itoh: The first member of SEES that Thora ever met, she participated in the rescue of Thora from the TV world so naturally Thora feels indebted to her. Later she was able to save Ran herself from the TV. Thora's actually pretty jealous of Ran because of her social skills and loving family.
    • Enoha Koinose: Lady who works in the bookstore next to the Metalworks and girlfriend of Adachi. Enoha's tendency to lecture Thora about behavior and society and getting in trouble tend to rub Thora the wrong way. Despite this, on occasion Thora does go to her for advice on problems she doesn't know how to confront on her own. Thora worries off and on about her, especially when she hears of her being attacked, if only because of the Adachi connection.
    • Michi Aomori: One of Thora's KOHAIs! Somehow she manages to weather Michi's very upbeat personality-probably because Michi's pretty obedient and eager to follow her senpai. Thora did eventually learn that Michi is, in fact, a boy, but it really didn't change much between them. Michi is a member of the Blue Wolves with the nickname "Grand Monkey Witch."
    • Masahiko Irie: A Yakuza prince that hates being called a Yakuza prince, he's the leader of the Kagutsuchi. Thora's actually partial to him in spite of his Yakuza ties, especially since he's been very supportive to her, if not outright challenging to her own nature. (He's partially the reason her arcana switched from Tower to Strength Reversed.)
    • Michiru Fukase: A sukeban and also half-Japanese, Thora and Michiru have a lot in common yet actually don't talk very much. Previously she was given the opportunity early in the schoolyear to join her girl gang but Thora declined. Thora helped save her from the TV world.
    • Anzai Mizuno: He's from a SUPER TRADITIONAL family. He's also buff. Thora has a small crush on him. Anzai is also a member of the Blue Wolves since he helped Thora secure control of the East Side of Mikage-cho. Due to this, he also has several very inappropriate nicknames amongst the female demons in the area.
    • Tohya Kidzuki: Thora shares a distant relationship with Tohya right now. Tohya has, in confidence, shared the reason she is in the NWO/KNOWS with Thora and, unlike before when they'd first met, cannot think as ill of her. Tasked with keeping Tohya safe, Thora tends to be overprotective and seems to be concerned for her well-being. To survive in Mikage-Cho, Thora forged her a small dagger that bares a strong resemblance to depictions of the dagger used in the final act of Romeo and Juliette. Over time the two did manage to form a steady friendship that persists even after Tohya left KNOWS. Even though they don't officaly work together anymore, Thora still looks out for Tohya when she can.
    • Shirou Sekigawa: Once upon a time, Thora dated him. Her horrible delinquency influenced him into desiring power, perhaps even more than Thora herself. A request to the Joker went horribly wrong one day and he accepted a position in the Masquerade, completely destroying their relationship in the process. Thora has difficulty being around him these days. Due to the rules of the Blue Wolves, he'll possibly be killed on sight if any of Thora's demons run across him.
    • Seiichi Miyamoto: Seiichi is a college guy with a persona she had a chance meeting with one rainy night. Since then, they've been close friends, so much so that not only did Thora invite him to be a member of the Blue Wolves and serve as one of her generals, but when he revealed that he was a member of the Masquerade and attacker of Naomi, she didn't toss him out on his ass. It helped that he was the only member of the Masquerade that was kind to her while masked.
    • Naomi Suzuno: A fellow member of the "Daybreak Squad", Naomi strikes her as the exact opposite of herself. Rich, beautiful, smart and naturally, this intimidates her a little. Shirou apparently gets along with her well so she's probably not that bad. Thora first met Naomi in Mikage-cho but never really had the chance to talk to her. Thora is good friends with Naomi and likes to come to her for advice on girly matters for aside from Yukiko, Naomi is the girliest person she knows. Lately they're on a first-name basis.
    • Itsuka Mizuhara: TEAM ECLIPSE! Thora calls her Itsuka-chan and trusts her quite a bit. Itsuka is one of the few people that have received a custom weapon from Thora (a celtic axe in her case). Itsuka's sheer devotion to Shiki impresses her a little.
    • Reiji Kido: Fellow delinquent and avid hater of Kandori, two great reasons for Thora to like Reiji. She's done him a few favors, such as purge some Kandori-sent corruption from his system and thus is owed several in return. At one point she did call on him for some emotional support post Shirou-breakup but it's not clear if this was considered a "favor."
    • Reid O'Lennon: AN AMERICAN that assisted Thora back in a Lib drug bust in Lunarvale. He is actually the person Thora credits to why everyone was able to escape alive.
    • Himeru Namikawa: Thora met Himeru informally during the rescue of Shinjiro, earning her attention because she was the one person that came for Shinjiro that she didn't know. Later Himeru confronted Thora over her brazen admission of being an unrepetant murderer during that TV trip. After some chatting, they wound up really hitting it off, admiring each other's directness. Himeru commissioned a special katana from Daidara's, which Thora made herself. Lately they've been working together to unravel a conspiracy started by Trish to drive some demonic competition out of town and running requests for a demon known as the Black Count living underneath Inaba. Thora's been trying to get some more magnetite to temper a very special blade for Mai.
    • Takahisa Kandori: (Reverse) Thora hated him. A lot. FORTUNATELY HE IS DEAD NOW. HA HA HA.
    • Mikiya Ryouhara: (Reverse) A ninja that Thora quasi-picked a fight with one night and nearly got killed by. Later she tracked him down to fight him again and nearly got killed again. Mikiya deeply irritates Thora with his claim that she is "reasonless," if only because she can't punch him in the mouth until he stops talking. For now she's put herself in an avoidance pattern of this guy since she's pretty sure they next time they meet, he'll finish killing her. Were he not such a dangerously insurmountable obstacle right now, she might actually like him a little.
    • Teddie: Secretly Thora's second-best friend for reasons similar to her bond with Aigis. Thora doesn't find the fact that he's obviously not human as any kind of drawback but a benefit since he's ignorant of society's norms. Teddie's also the reason Thora tends to become agitated when the NWO and Strega mess with the TV world and fears for his safety. When his super creepy Shadow emerged, Thora was there to fight it because that's what friends do!
    • Hinata Itoh: The youngest Itoh! She's got spunk, Thora likes that. Slightly baffled by Hinata being so friendly to her though.
    • Akari Hoshi: A relationship that Thora did not anticipate, especially due to her pretty profound hate for the Masquerade. Akari's a little different from the others and she's friends with Seiichi which makes her kind of okay in Thora's book. It helps that Akari gave her a puppy (which Thora later named Muramasa).
    • Tatsuya Suou: Seven Sisters student that helped in the investigation of the Kuchisake-onna case. Tatsuya does feel like someone she can connect with-antisocial loner with a motorcycle that he is. On the other hand, he's really popular and a model so Thora wonders if it's such a good idea to be seen around him since it could damage his reputation. Thora has his contact info.
    • Shion Katsuragi: A cop that could have arrested her but Thora chose to avert this by spilling the beans about the whole persona thing. Thora assisted in her TV dungeon rescue and later, on many occasions, she's stayed at Shion's house when she had nowhere else to go.
    • Kyo Enda: (reverse) Thora hates this guy. The hate is mutual. She resents any comparisons that Kyo makes insinuating that she's not-human like he is (even though they are pretty much correct).
    • Tatsuya Sudou: <3<
    • Kanon Itoh: Gave her that sweet tattoo. Kanon is the coolest!!
    • Nagisa Renge: An honorary member of the Blue Wolves (though she didn't accept the position), Nagisa was someone Thora initially despised for being in Strega and being responsible for Shinjiro getting pushed into the TV world. At one point Thora would have killed her outright though over time that animosity faded a little, especially as Nagisa became steadily uninvolved with Strega. Then one day, Nagisa died, prompting Thora to feel a little bit bad about it.
    • Kaede Ikeda: Another outcast that initially got off on the real wrong foot with Thora. Eventually they became Kagutsuchi buddies and Thora kind of helped her become un-Shadow Possessed. Kaede helped Thora secure control of East Side Mikage-cho.


  • Traces of Osaka-ben can be heard in her speech
  • Thora's motorcycle is a Ninja 250R
  • Favorite food is red curry
  • Thora has participated in the TV dungeon rescues of Michiru, Yukiko, Kenji Kurosawa, Will Dent, Shirou, Koichi, Fumiya, Ran, Shinjiro, Akimoto, Shion, Yoh, Kasumi, Reki, Ai, Masumi, Shinsuke, and Enoha.
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