Fuuka Yamagishi

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Fuuka Yamagishi
Full Name 山岸 風花 (やまぎしふうか)
Arcana II - Priestess
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 5'0"
Date of Birth December 22nd, 1992
Age 18
Guardian Dragon Purple Dragon
Persona Lucia
Weapon Bare-Hands
Faction SEES
Team Warning and Control
Japanese Voice Actor Mamiko Noto
English Voice Actor Mela Lee
"I'm sensing--!" *gasp* "Look out!"
Profile and Skills
Unlike most of SEES' core membership, whose parents are dead or worse, the malfunction of Fuuka Yamagishi's parents is that they are the only ones in their family who are -- horror of horrors -- /not doctors/. For this personal failure, they make their daughter's life a misery, determined that she should surpass their academic failings. She's done so, while discovering and indulging in a passion for technology on the side. The emotional price: Fuuka is a doormat of a girl, often assumed to be frail or sickly, and a primary target for bullies and worse. Fortunately, she's much tougher than she looks, as SEES discovered when she kept her wits about her to survive clueless and alone in Tartarus for days on end, until they could come to her aid. Since then, she's committed to being one of their primary spotters, and everyone, including her, has continued to discover the surprising extent of her inner strength and courage. Fuuka's extraordinarily sensitive psychic powers are often painful to bear, but she hides this carefully to avoid worrying anyone.

Skills: Fuuka Hax, Mission Control, Captain Obvious (Banal Delivery Division), Technology Diva, Grand Central Telepathy Station, Bit Of A Doormat, The Mouse That Listened, Cool Under Pressure, Old Lady Fashion Sense, Another Terrible Female Cook From A SMT Game, But Not Beyond All Hope Of Redemption, Badass Damsel, Inner Strength, Bitch Befriender, Koro-chan!, Painfully Psychic

"Thou art I and I am thou, Lucia. Come take my hand and I will show you the way!"

Saint Lucy was named the patron saint of the blind. She was a Christian who was persecuted. Lucy was a virgin, would not marry a pagan whom she had an arranged marriage with and she gave her dowry to the poor. Her fiancé told the governor of Syracuse, Sicily that she was not a Christian. They tried to burn or move her but they couldn’t because she was so filled with the Holy Spirit, so instead they gouged her eyes out. The story goes that when she died God gave her even more beautiful eyes.

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