Misaki Toritsume

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Misaki Toritsume
Full Name 鳥巣美咲
Arcana XIX - The Sun
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Date of Birth July 17th (Cancer)
Age 19
Guardian Dragon Light Dragon
Persona Ziz
Weapon Rapiers
Faction SEES
Voice Actor Kaoru Mizuhara
Player Misaki
"I hate those who are only strong enough to prey on the weak. They're the worst sort of person."
Profile and Skills
One of the more popular girls in her year, Misaki Toritsume has been the idol of her class since middle school. Tall, beautiful, and athletic, she is often considered the epitome of the cool girl. After being treated as such for several years, Misaki has come to protect her cool image, shying away from things that don't match it. In secret, she enjoys cute things, but dares not show that softer side of herself. Misaki has a deep dislike of two things: those who bully the weak to try to ease their own inferiority, and those who allow themselves to be walked over without trying to stand up for themselves. She's very protective of those she has befriended, willing and able to stand by their side in times of need.

Skills: Cool And Spicy, Cute Things Don't Fit Her Cool Image, But She Still Secretly Loves Them, Bird Watcher, Not A Bad Cook, Has A Fanclub, Wishes She Didn't, Silent Brooder?, Hiding Stuffed Animals At Record Speeds, Sibling Jealousy, But Not Rivalry, Allergic To Hugs

Social Stats

The Ziz is the king of the birds in Jewish folklore. He is considered to be the ruler of the skies and the mountaintops, as well as the protector of all birds and other creatures of the sky. He is the aerial counterpart of Leviathan, king of the seas, and Behemoth, king of the land. It is an enormous bird, said to be so large that it can stand in the deepest sea and extend its head into the clouds. Its wingspan can blot out the sun. The Ziz is covered in beautiful plumage of many colors, ranging from gold to red to purple.

As summoned by Misaki, Ziz is a Persona of the Sun arcana. He is primarily focused on wind and light attacks, but is capable of several support skills as well.

Special: Swift Bird Strike

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