Shou Hamada

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Shou Hamada
Personal Information
Real Name Shou Hamada
Arcana V - The Hierophant
Nature Normal
Gender Male
Age 16
Birth Date May 11th, 1993
Preferred Weapon Bo/Staves
Organization Information
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Student
OOC Information
Origin Original Character

"Sorry, I've got band practice, and then I need to study, and then..."



Transferring into Inaba from some bigshot private Tokyo school, you'd think Shou would be full of himself. He's not (for the most part), but isn't a big fan of the change none-the-less. Shou's a nice, approachable enough guy, though his friends might call him a bit annoying, and his main, noticeable trait is that he's always doing...something. Be it clubs or studying, he seems to be fond of running himself into the ground. He's a model student, at least decent at the sports and instruments he plays, and seems to have some sort of minor eye for art, but one can't help but notice that he looks a bit tired sometimes.


Study Buddy, Thinks He's So Smart!, ...Having Done a Lot of 'Shops in My Time, Secret Baking Hero

History, Abbreviated

Ryou and Naomi Hamada, born and raised Inaba natives who attended art school together out of town, moved to Tokyo with Shou's then infant big sister, Tsubame, and opened a design firm. Shortly thereafter they popped out an adorable baby Shou. The business itself flowered well enough, especially in the wake of clientele prospering during the dot-com bubble. Shou has enjoyed a decent private-school education most of his life because of this.

Fast forward to his first year of high school: The business is steadily on the decline. His mother, the president, lacks the energy of her youth, and his father experiences regular health complications from city stress and air. Private school has become oppressive for Shou, and he's developed workaholic tendencies to combat a lack of acknowledgment from his peers. Said tendencies land Shou in a short hospital visit from exhaustion. With practically everyone in his family sick and tired, and his parents running out of money, his mother retires and the Hamadas move back home to Inaba around the first week of 2010.

Hello Inaba, Yasogami High, and loads of craziness.

Shou's Investigative Journal - People

"Now that I'm in on this 'Game', I need to keep a clear head: need to keep tabs on the whole of the situation, including the people who are (or might be) involved."

  • "Reki Kurusu: Insanely polite middle-schooler, cute kid. Magnet for trouble (See: Thora Kobayashi) and growing up way too fast: Works multiple part time jobs, unusual fixation with responsibility. My first exposure to 'Personal Resource'. More notes on his and thoughts on it in said section of notes."
  • "Shiori Hibiki: Gekkoukan High student. She's very nice, a generally pleasant person, if not a bit high-strung. Responded curiously to talk of KNOWS, not the first to do so. Likely knows more than she lets on: Her relative uneasiness at Yamagatani-san's story and relevant Jungian Psych topic makes her a candidate for being aware of 'Personal Resource'. In relationship with Taniguchi-san."
  • "Hitoshi Taniguchi: Gekkoukan High student, published writer of the occult. Good, level headed guy. In a relationship with Hibiki-san. Given her possible involvement and his interest in the occult, it is possible he's involved."
  • "Yoh Yamagatani: St. Hermelin High student. Minor reputation as a martial artist? Good kid, maybe more brawn than brain, and apparently everywhere I go. Witnessed a conflict involving 'Personal Resource', then related the story to Hibiki-san, Taniguchi-san, and myself. I didn't believe him at first (Why would I?) but have since recanted. Have approached him since to collaborate on said topic, but he seems less so informed than I. Would still like to get specific scene details from him."
  • "Thora Kobayashi: Yasogami High student, First year. She apparently has something of a large reputation of general delinquency. Very...intimidating. She had a run in with Kurusu-san, don't know if they've met since. Yamagatani-san witnessed her fighting, using 'Personal Resource', against an individual identified as 'Kandori'. Related to Sekigawa-san somehow."
  • "Shirou Sekigawa: Yasogami High student, First year. Good guy, if a bit blunt. Source of information, seems knowledgeable, acts like an old hat at the topic. Friendly with Kobayashi-san."
  • "Kandori": The name of the individual Kobayashi-san was alleged to have tussled with at Samegawa River, which is the limit of my information on him. By Yamagatani-san's account he must have left the scene heavily injured. Light investigation has yet to reveal any news articles about deaths from severe injury matching that name in the Inaba area since Yamagatani-san's claims."
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