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"I am free to choose whatever my path is, as long as I walk it with the values that I believe are important."

Kagutsuchi is a name more commonly spoke of in circles far from the law-abiding mainstream. As a group of individualistic people, it's no surprise that the members of Kagutsuchi seem to be involved in a similarly disparate number of activities. First and foremost business-oriented, Kagutsuchi pursues connections of various stripes, some of which can come off as shady to outsiders for a variety of reasons, as it includes such facets of life as certain organized crime groups... and supernatural beings like demons.

Faction Goals

Of all the factions, Kagutsuchi alone is the one that can be said to have no overriding goal or aim. With their emphasis on freedom and business connections, they simply provide a loose framework within which their members pursue their own goals. However, this doesn't mean that members of Kagutsuchi can't get along--in fact, the reverse is true. No one can accomplish everything by themselves, so while they are not bound by a common goal, Kagutsuchi members instead work with one another via exchanges of goods and services and thus help others while forwarding their own plans.

Faction Resources

For the most part, what resources Kagutsuchi possesses at any given time is the sum total of what their members bring to the table, be it equipment, information, skills, and more.

Through Yamaguchi-gumi connections and others, the organizers of the faction can and will pay certain members, though of course some people may either be ineligible for a paycheck, or wish to opt out for any number of reasons. They can also, to a limited degree, procure some less-than-legal arms and equipment for members lacking them, though this requires an exchange of money, goods or services from interested parties.

The current headquarters of the faction can be found in the Second District of Lunarvale, nestled into the back rooms of the Gotou Real Estate Building. Here is not only a safe-house of sorts, but a place where members can meet and talk business in relative peace and quiet. Specialized computers and databases are also available for parties who know how to use them.

Finally, of all the factions, Kagutsuchi has the best and friendliest relationship with demons, possessing a few contacts with demons in Mikage-cho and Sumaru City. While these are not inclined to fight, these demons provide useful information and related minor tasks for the faction, including message delivery, so long as they can reach and find the recipient.

Character Concepts

A focus on freedom or being able to do one's own thing is an important trait within Kagutsuchi, as are businesses and money-making. A list of some ideal concepts follows below:

Small-business owners; Tradesman and blue-collar types; Thieves, fraudsters, and small-time criminals; Yakuza or those with yakuza contacts especially of the Yamaguchi-gumi family; Police snitches; Investigative reporters; Loan sharks; Nightclub and casino owners; The nightlife-employed like hostesses and sex workers.


Masahiko Irie: Grandson of an infamous yakuza member, Masahiko Irie uses both supernatural as well as criminal connections to keep firm tabs on the Kagusutchi. Through gentle persuasion or force, Irie works as a guiding force and source of order within the mostly chaotic group.

Daisuke Itami: An eccentric information broker and self-professed "helper" who operates out of Okina City, Daisuke acts as an overseer of personnel matters within Kagutsuchi. Despite ostensibly being a co-founder of the loosely-knit organization, Daisuke is very hands-off and tends to operate from the background of things, which is certainly not code for "tends to lazily shirk his responsibilities."

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