Itsuka Mizuhara

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Itsuka Mizuhara
Itsuka chibi lustrare.png
Full Name Itsuka Mizuhara
Aliases Itsuka Kusagawa, Itsuka, Itsurin
Arcana XV - The Devil
Persona Lorelei
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 17
Birth Date July 17, 1993
Preferred Weapon Spears
Faction SEES
Teams The Eclipse Squad
Job Student/Squad Leader
Divisions Attackers
Assignment Gekkoukan High, Third-Year
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Kumiko Nishihara
"If you can't enjoy yourself a little, why bother?"
Well-known (if not necessarily always well-liked) at her school, Itsuka Mizuhara is a third-year student at Gekkoukan High, having attended Gekkoukan since way back in her first year of middle school. Maybe that long-term status is part of why the rumors go that when you're looking for the stories of what's going on and who's doing what, she's the girl to look up. Of course, there are a few going around about her, too, but it doesn't seem to get her down; she has pretty good grades, and is helpful enough (and cheerful enough), but they say that when she gets angry, it's pretty scary. Of course, they also say that it's hard to tell whether something will set her off in the first place, since otherwise she's blase about so many things. Despite this, and the fact that some of her other habits--as a motorcyle enthusiast, for one--tend to put a few people off who might otherwise be more friends than just acquaintances, she seems to do all right for herself, her reputation balancing out as a middle point between any unsavory rumors and the fact that she's known to be involved in volunteer work like an Apathy Syndrome Outreach program, along with the fact that at least that means she makes for something to talk about. If it's also true that she's not always quite so bold as the face she puts forward, well, it's not as if everybody needs to know that.
Twins!, Let's Not Talk About Dads, Likes To Collect Things, Just Don't Touch Her Stuff, Come On Guys!, Knows Too Much, But Not In A Horror Way, No Seriously Ghosts Are Right Out, Likes To Ride, If The Music's Too Loud You're Too Old, Just What Do You Want Anyway?, A /Bit/ Of A Troublemaker, I'll Be Watching You, Death Is Not A Hunter Unbeknownst To Its Prey...
  • Weapon: Treason Course - A spear said to be used in bloody events. Found in Tartarus.
  • Body: Red-and-black tanktop - Perfect for athletic affairs.
  • Feet: Running Shoes - A red pair of shoes with black highlights, perfect for athletic endeavors or just walking around.
  • Accessory: Bookmark - A slightly singed bookmark, with a sleeping cat design.
  • Praise: "Jack Frost, you are just /so cute/!" - Itsuka offers effusive compliments for the demon, which may provoke happy reactions.
  • Deep Questions: "Are you really happy with how you're living?" - Itsuka asks a few pointed questions about what the demon really thinks. May provoke interested reactions.
  • Stalk: "...Oh yeah, you're the demon who's so proud of your sports skill, right? I know all about you." - Itsuka displays far too much knowledge of the demon in question. May provoke interested or frightened reactions.
  • Confession: "Secretly...I think he looks pretty silly, too." - Itsuka tells the demon what she really thinks. May provoke interested, angry, sad, or happy reactions.
Persona and Resonance
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"I am thou... Thou art I... I am Lorelei, maiden of the Rhine. I sing for love forgotten. Come, and together we need never be alone again."

Itsuka's Persona is Lorelei, a figure in myth who is said to have hurled herself from a cliff into a river in grief over her faithless love. As a Persona of the Devil arcana--and as befits something of what Itsuka is under the surface--in combat her abilities are almost exclusively offensive. Itsuka, however, is a changeable sort of person, and has developed a strategy based heavily upon switching Personas in combat--a strategy that she's practiced for a while, and does rather well with, considering the exceptional strength of the bonds she's made.

Itsuka doesn't worry overmuch about resonance, and her own Potential isn't all that easy to sense, either, lurking beneath the surface, as befits the subtle sort of person she can be.


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