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Keitaro Nagasaku
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Personal Information
Real Name Keitaro Nagasaku
Aliases Keitaro, Kei'-chan, 'Taro-kun
Arcana XVIII Moon
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 16
Birth Date September 5th
Preferred Weapon Bows
Organization Information
Faction unaffiliated
Job Poor Rich Boy
Persona - Shiva
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OOC Information
Origin Original
Voice Actor Sam Riegal

"Even if this reality is's best to try and make it bearable and let things take their eventual course."



Keitaro seems like one of the nicest guys you could meet once you break past the fact he seems a bit shy. He's very helpful to his class mates and often donates to charities. Despite the fact he's rich he doesn't flaunt it, and in fact tries to hide it aside from when he's giving the money away. However he used to be a member of Strega, and while he's come to terms with his issues enough to leave Strega and give in more to his better qualities, he's still got a few negative inner qualities. Keitaro's still angry and a bit paranoid, but it's far more under controll instead of just burried away now that he understands he really does have friends out there. These days he's reevaluating his way of life and thinking and trying to find a better way to deal with his issues, because while he's not entirely over his delusions of a false world, he has come to understand he was dealing with it incorrectly by working to destroy everyone.


Misleading Name, Nice Guy...When He Isn't Trying to Erase You, It Never Hurts to Help...Usually, Almost as Paranoid as He is Delusional, Got a Form of Help, Money Funnel, Reforming Stregaite, Tends to Overdress for Nearly Everything


This is a young guy who looks to be somewhere between the age to be in his last year of middle school or in his first year of highschool. He's got a small, average looking build that doesn't say much about him having any sort of physical persuits. His hair is a mass of mid toned purple with it's bangs hanging just above his purple eyes while the rest, save for some strands left to hang infront of his ears, is tied back by a wine red ribbon and hangs just past the shoulder blades.

Keitaro is wearing a small pair of glasses with a golden frame work. He's got a wine red, collared dress shirt that's worn under a white coat. As for the lower half, he's wearing a pair of black slacks with some red and white sneakers. He generally seems to give an air of being an easily bullied nerd and not the pretty boy one might first expect from the long hair style.


Back last year, Keitaro had the misfortune to go into his father's home office just in time to witness his father's death, apparently by the hands of one of the family servants. Knowing no better, he had no idea that his father had been making some of his fortune via illegal dealings. As such, he found it difficult to believe in the servant who'd been his closest friend up to this point. Matters were only made worse as his mother denied the facts of his father's crime out of grief, and then days later, proceeded to commit inseki-jisatsu (responsibility driven suicide) after learning of all the crimes her husband had committed. Keitaro was surrounded by those like the servant (who in actuality was an agent of the law working undercover and had been struggling with Keitaro's father in self defense before Keitaro's father accidentally shot himself upward through the chin) that insisted upon the truth as well as family friends that claimed it couldn't be true.

At a loss, Keitaro went with what he /wanted/ to believe and eventually had a THICK wall of denial built around him so effectively that he completely believed that the world as it was, was some sort of illusion he had to destroy to return to 'reality'. Due to thinking someone had built this fake reality for some sort of malicious purpose, Keitaro became paranoid and fired all of his help but his teacher and a single maid, who was legally deemed as his caretaker as he was now without parents. On top of that he sold most of the family belongings, including the house and furniture, and moved out to a small apartment in Port Island. He just finished his middle school grade home schooling with his teacher before firing him as well. Having finished his entrance tests, he's now prepared to move on to Gekkoukan High school's first year.


Keitaro is a bit of a two faced being. There's the personality he shows to the public, and then the personality he has inside, that he shares only with the most trusted people. It's true MOST people have some form of that, but it's usually to a lesser degree than it is with people like Keitaro. In Keitaro's case one personality is helpful and nice and kind and likable, while the other one is out to destroy and kill everything about this world. This is not to say he has multiple personality disorder, far from it. He simply has the face he shows to the world and the face he hides from it, while he embraces and accepts both of them, rather than being shamed by either.

On one hand, Keitaro is angry. His happy little life was shattered over night, and as far as he's concerned he did nothing to deserve it. Being forced to believe in family or believe in friends upon the death of his beloved father, Keitaro became confused. That confusion lead him to becoming jaded and paranoid. The inner Keitaro really doesn't trust much of anyone. He created his own little theory of what happened to his life and hides away in it. Nothing's his fault in this world, because this world is fake. Anything that happens really shouldn't be his concern.

He's denied reality so thoroughly that he believes his own story without question. In his mind someone created this false reality and somehow, his father was a danger to it, and so they made him out to be a criminal and murdered him. Keitaro honestly believes he can just destroy this world and everything will magically go back to the way it was the day before his father died. He was unquestionably traumatized to such a level due to having seen his friend and father fighting in a way that ended looking as if his friend had killed his father. His mother's own denial and suicide having followed such a disaster only made it all the worse.

Due to all this, Keitaro sees almost everything, on some level, as an enemy to be eliminated. Nearly everything stands between him and recovering what he lost. He has no love lost for anyone since he keeps them at arm's length. Yet, despite all this, he really isn't a cruel person. He doesn't delight in anyone's suffering. Keitaro still wants everyone around him to have a fair, comfortable life...till the time of destruction befalls them at least. As self centered and greedy as his goals of destruction seem, he honestly had distaste for the wrongful treatment of others. In his own mind, he's really just doing what's right.

As such his outter face isn't entirely just some sort of facade he puts up to protect himself. Keitaro, despite his anger and violent goals, is honestly still a good person at heart. He's just...not really /stable/ when it comes to the part involving his mind. As much as he tries to just keep his kindness as a false face it really isn't one. He wants to keep people at arm's length, but he's also very lonely and longs for understanding. That's part of what lead him to Strega. Surely a cult of people like Strega could understand a person like him.....couldn't they?

Keitaro couldn't stand the thought of living life just stewing on his anger all the time, as such he put forward his kindness as an attempt at a front. This way he can pretend to be happy. He can play like nothing's wrong, and at least have these fake, temporary smiles around him instead of stewing alone in his own negativity. Keitaro is happy to go above and beyond to help others, as backwards as that seems for a guy who's trying to destroy things. He just wants to make the most of having to stick around this false world until destruction falls. Most of what money he doesn't put into Strega he gives to charity and he'll willingly work himself sick to accomplish something for someone else.

Until Keitaro's denial started in, he hadn't really thought on the occult and supernatural. He used to scoff at things like the Persona Game. Since the incident he's quickly become more and more involved with things like the occult, to the point he's joined Strega and gotten his own Persona. He finds the personae interesting, but he's still not formed any sort of good or bad opinion of them as of yet. As for shadows, that's a rather difficult balance. On one hand they'll likely attack him as easily as anyone else, but on the other, they're a VERY useful thing for calling on the end of the world. It's kind of like a love/hate relationship.

The same can be said about people in general. Keitaro's torn between love and hate. He wants to see a better world for everyone, but at the same time, nearly all of them are in the way between him and making that happen. Despite Keitaro's generally shy and quiet outer nature, he'd gladly step in to defend someone from a bully, feed a starving animal, speak out against generally unfair treatment, or even just repair some broken item if it's in his ability to.

Due to his nature, he's generally more comfortable with an indirect approach to things like combat, thus he's better suited at range weapons like the bow and arrow. He is fairly good at mundane tasks like cooking, sewing, and other household craft, so he's likely most interested in elective studies through clubs like Art and Home Economics besides looking more into the occult. He really likes spicy dishes, especially things like curry, seems to have a soft spot for cats, is uncomfortable around BIG and particularly drooly dogs, and he's especially irked by situations of the powerful mistreating those weaker (making him especially sensitive to bully-ism and child abuse).

On the topic of relationships, Keitaro's somewhat confused at the time. He has no interest in anyone on a romantic level. It's hard for him to say if he's completely asexual in mentality, or if he just hasn't found the right person yet. He's leaning more toward the being asexual thing though. Besides, he still has a few years yet to make a decision, he's only a first year...right?

Since arriving in Port Island, Keitaro did a small amount of missions with Strega. He made this mistake of befriending people who turned out to be SEES or SEES allies. Eventually this caused a good deal of strife for him and he began to question himself. Thinking it'd be the best way to settle things, Keitaro went into his memory dungeon to confront his past and try to find the true answer to what he should be doing. He left before his answer was fully revealed, but learned enough from those arriving to help him and the start of the changed memories the dungeon displayed for him.

He's now set aside his attempt to destroy what he saw as a false reality, and is instead attempting to just live with it. While he still hasn't become a hero, per-say, he has at least understood he was using his role as 'Shiva' incorrectly.

Persona in Depth

From Hindu religion, Shiva the Destroyer is one of the three principle deities of the Hindu Triad alongside Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Preserver. While called the destroyer, he is also known to be a benevolent and beneficial force. After all, without destruction creation couldn't take place. He acts against premature destruction as well, going as far as withstanding great suffering. Shiva's well known attributes are his third eye, his throat, and the fact he has 4 arms. His third eye was used to burn Kamadeva to ashes. This act was so hot that even Agni, the god of fire, couldn't handle it. It was also used to create Kartikeya. Shiva also swallowed the most deadly poison in the world, Halahala, and was dubbed Vishakantha (one who held poison in his throat). He is also known as the husband of Parvati.

Keitaro and Shiva's Attacks
Attack Name SP Cost Damage and Effects Description
Pierce Attack - Bow 0 Pierce 3. A basic bow and arrow attack.
Special - Jinx! 9 Pierce 5, Curse 3, Luck Down 3. Keitaro spreads his bad luck via arrow shots.
Aqua 5 Water 3. Inflicts a small amount of water damage on one enemy.
Aques 9 Water 5. Inflicts a moderate amount of water damage on one enemy.
Aquadyne 13 Water 7. Inflicts a large amount of water damage on one enemy.
Bersac 4 Mystic 0, Magic Cost 3. Causes the 'berserk' status on one enemy.
Cruel Attack 10 Peirce 3, Luck Down 2. Inflicts a moderate amount of Pierce damage while lowering luck.
Impale 9 Pierce 5. Inflicts a moderate amount of pierce damage on one enemy.
Sexy Dance 7 Mystic 0, Inaccurate 3, Area3. Inflicts the Charm ailment to all foes when successful.
Shibaboo 6 Mystic 0, Area 3, Physical Cost 3. Chance of inflicting bind on the enemies.
Spear Master Passive Peirce Boost. Inflicts double damage with a Spear equipped.
Triple Down 13 Peirce 7. Inflicts an extremely large amount of gun damage on one enemy.


  • Keitaro has quite a bit of money thanks to his inheritance and selling most the family's belongings (including the house). However he generally presses all his money into various forms of charity.
  • Kazami is the only servant Keitaro has remaining since finishing his middle school work. Kazami is a bit of a ditz and Keitaro finds it difficult to distrust her simply cause he can't imagine she has the ability to think of anything complex as an evil plot. She is now his caretaker, and it a little stressed with the fact she's tasked to keep watch over him constantly.
  • Keitaro now lives in a small apartment with Kazami. It's not really big enough to bother with company, but it's somewhere for him to stay and get privacy and so on.

Strong Social Links (under construction)


None, yet.


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  • Aigis: Originally Keitaro saw Aigis as someone to be cautious of. She was very much an enemy to him, but she was an enemy he could respect. He didn't hate her so much as watch out for her. While the steadfastness against Strega members she and some others had got in Keitaro's way several times when he was actually working in ways that were anti-thesis to his place as a Strega member WAS very frustrating, he couldn't blame her as much as he might have said. He completely understood her actions. Having come to rescue him, Aigis has earned even more respect from Keitaro, though he wouldn't go as far as thinking they'd ever be friends or anything more than acquaintances without the enemy teams issue between them.


None, yet.


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  • Yoh Yamagatani: It was a little disappointing figuring out that he's a SEES member, but Kei was willing to ignore that as long as they didn't end up crossing too often in the dark hour. He can't really seem to get a handle on what kind of things Yoh likes, since he's so differently dressed most the times he's seen him, but he's come to think of Yoh as a kind sort of guy and /almost/ thinks of him as someone he could look up to. Keitaro played a part in saving Yoh from the tv world, but has mostly avoided him since. That's likely to change soon now that Keitaro's not in as much of an introspective phase anymore.


  • Chidori Yoshino: Strega member. His feelings on her are mixed much like his feelings on Aigis. She intimidates him some, but he also can't help seeing her as being different than she lets on. She was one of the two Stregaites that surprised him a great deal by saving him from his memory dungeon.


None, yet.


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None, Yet.


  • Kasumi Horie: (REVERSE) Currently the MOST important person to Keitaro. She's the closest to understanding any of his issues and has tried the hardest to see eye to eye with him. He avoided her for some time when he began rethinking his approach to things because he was under the impression he was upsetting her or doing her even worse harm. Now he should be back to speaking with her regularly.


  • Kaede Fujioka: Kaede didn't known Keitaro that long and she'd already started to leave him a little confused on how he should think of her. In their early meetings, she's already attempted to protect him once and she seemed to have a bit too much of a thought that he was innocent. Just as with Yoh, he'd had the disappointment of realizing she's with SEES, and as such he had to think of her as a potential enemy. However that's not a problem anymore.


None, yet.


None, yet.

Theme Music


  • Krypteria - All Systems Go [1]
  • Fireflight - You Decide (with omission of the God bits at least) [2]

Battle Music:

  • Silhouette Mirage - Guardian Angel [3]
  • Crow's Claw - End of 1000 Years [4]



  • While any likeness to existing character is strictly coincidental, Keitaro's VA was picked specifically because it was a shared VA between 2 such characters.
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