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Shinjiro Aragaki
Full Name 荒垣 真次郎
Nature Persona-User
Arcana V - The Hierophant
Archetype Wounded Healer
Persona Chiron
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 6'0"
Hair Brown
Eyes Grey
Date of Birth August 11th, 1991, noon
Sign Leo(Sun)/Scorpio(Asc.)/Virgo(Moon)
Faction SEES
Team Interceptor
Screen Name Kyllaros
Voice Actor Kazuya Nakai
Guardian Dragon Red Dragon
"Everything we do has consequences."
Profile and Skills

Shinjiro Aragaki is not your average Persona-User. One of the founding members of SEES, he nonetheless distanced himself from the group for three years after an incident in which he lost control of his power and accidentally killed an innocent bystander. A rather infamous member of Darkside, he has a wide array of contacts of varying legitimacy, though he makes a point of keeping his own activities beneficent. He blames himself for the death he caused, and tries to avoid using Personae because of this... even though he has rejoined SEES as an active member. Many of his underclassmen have come to see him as a mentor figure, despite his obvious issues.

Killing Glare, Lecture, I Have A Particular Set of Skills, Best Senpai, Kohai Army, Gangland Hero(?), Self-Loathing 101, Angry Young Man, Skipping School, Don't Be Like Me, Knowledge: Underworld, Knowledge: Cooking, My Feelings Will Not Be Repressed, SEES 'Nam Vet, Less Doomed

  • Weapon: Heavy axes, maces, hammers, zweihanders, flamberges, stop signs. Anything that looks like he shouldn't be able to wield it one-handed the way he does. Current choice is a double-bladed axe about half his height.
  • Body: Dark red peacoat. Sometimes, a leather jacket. More rarely, whatever ~*trendy clothing*~ the ojous make him wear.
  • Feet: Boots. Well-worn, with a slight heel.
  • Accessories:
    • A badly-made twine bracelet, worn hidden under his sleeve on his left wrist. He doesn't talk about it.
    • A heavy copper-and-steel braided ring given him by Ran. It is occasionally worn on the hand, but more often worn on a chain around his neck (due to not wanting to break it on someone's deserving jaw).
Social Stats
  • Courage: 5 - Fucking Iron
  • Diligence: 5 - Suicidally Stubborn
  • Expression: 0 - Goddamn Rude
  • Understanding: 2 - Depends On Topic
  • Knowledge: 2 - What's 'Attendance'
  • Street Smarts: 5 - Undisputed Alpha
  • Intimidate: Armor-piercing glare.
  • Ignore: Walked away five minutes ago.
  • Lecture: "Back in 'Nam, we didn't TALK to demons..."
  • Dere: "Fuckin useless goddamn... hey you. C'mere."
Logs and Cutscenes

RP Logs: Slowly being put up here.

Cutscene explaining The Accident and the reasons for his long-term lack of Persona control.

Notable Events

Inaba Midnight Channel:
OOC Date, April 2010. IC Date, October 2009.
Shinjiro and Ran Itoh were pushed into a TV in Inaba. Terrible Shadows happened. (Log)

OOC Date, December 2010. IC Date, June 2010.
Shinjiro and Naomi Suzuno were kidnapped by a group of Russian scientists attempting to tap into and study Personae via shared dreaming. Also, his dad was there. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

NPCs of Note

Andrei Sokolov (Magician Reversed): Estranged father. Former KGB, now a mercenary with ties both to the Russian Mafia, and to an organization with an eye towards the control and use of Persona-users. Something of a soldier of fortune.

Miyu Aragaki (Star Reversed): Mother. Committed suicide a few months after her abandonment by Sokolov, when Shinjiro was about one.

  • Shinjiro attends Fra Mauro. ...Somehow.
  • Shinjiro has charge of the SEES armory (where all the weapons gotten from Officer Kurosawa are generally kept and maintained). It can be generally assumed he will provide rudimentary training on their use to SEES members who ask.
  • Due to the TV experience, Shinjiro no longer needs his Evoker to summon Chiron (though he still requires it for any other Persona).
  • Shinjiro isn't full-blooded Japanese. His mother was Japanese and his father was a Russian. It's not obvious in his features, they're more Asian than anything else, but nonetheless he still looks 'different' enough (especially in bone structure, eye color, and height) to make his life more difficult than it strictly had to be (being teased, not being adopted because he was visibly not a pure-blood, continuing discrimination, etc.).
  • Due to his time in the street, Shinjiro is preoccupied with cleanliness. Having seen and endured some of the most horrible conditions possible, he's gotten somewhat freakish about keeping clean now that he's returned to proper civilization. That shit isn't something he needs to experience again, now that he can avoid it. It drives him crazy to see people living in untidy squalor, not taking full advantage of their posh living environments. As such, he can't stand Junpei's room.
  • He supported himself doing the absolute bare minimum in order to stay alive. This included working(??) just enough to have money for food: whether legitimate work, illegal work, or supplementary gambling on the side (it is typically unwise to play mahjong against him). Life was fairly horrible early on, but after hitting a stride and cleaning up a little, he was able to get work in kitchens. He's known (and generally well-liked) by many proprietors along Iwatodai and Paulownia. This is also how he got quite so good at cooking; he always had natural talent, but working in kitchens and watching the cooks helped refine it.
  • His connections with local businesses also helped in terms of basic shelter, cleanliness, and necessities. The more kind-hearted of his erstwhile 'employers' eventually came to trust him enough to occasionally help him out. Some have even let him grab a shower and a spot on their floor to overnight when it was cold or raining.
  • Shinjiro's Evoker holster is a black leather concealment holster, designed to be worn at the hip. It was a gift from Mitsuru back when Shinjiro first joined SEES. It's one of his more treasured possessions due to the fact of who gave it to him.
  • Shinjiro fucking loves Pochacco. Shinjiro will also kill your fucking ass dead if you ever find out he does.

Combat Information
Shinjiro will fuck you up.

Chiron, the tutor. The instructor of all Greek heroes worth talking about, though in shape and appearance he was like a wild and lawless centaur, he was in reality an erudite and compassionate teacher. He was a great healer and was capable of tending and salving any wounds-- except, in the end, his own.

Carl Jung used Chiron to describe the archetype of the Wounded Healer-- a teacher, a person pursuing a life of service, or a physician whose ability to heal others was developed, informed, and enhanced by the personal suffering they themselves have experienced. The Wounded Healer is a person who has gone through suffering, and as a result of that process has become a source of wisdom, healing and inspiration for others. In fact, the archetypal wounded healer undergoes a transformation as a result of their suffering and pain: transcending it to seek a path of service enhanced by their very real ability to empathize.

Persona Appearance

A grave centaur in heavy black armor, face half-obscured by a visor, armed with a heavy glaive in one hand and a book in the other. Blood perpetually drains from an arrow sunk deeply into his right foreleg. The injury is ugly and raw, with the persistent look of one which will not heal.


Above all, Shinjiro and Chiron's combined presence is the presence of a trusted advisor and mentor, though that gentle instructiveness is combined with the everpresent knowledge that the primary lessons they have to teach are all in war. Those who hear Resonance will hear the cadence of hooves and the rustle of steel. Those who smell it will smell parchment and-- much fainter, but present-- the acrid tang of poison.

Notable Social Links
    • Andrei Sokolov - Shinjiro would be OK with never seeing this man again. ...mostly OK, anyway.
    • Fuuka Yamagishi - Shinjiro is quite fond of her due to her devotion, and her sweet and quiet disposition. Ever since her disastrous attempt to bake him a birthday cake, however, he has promised her his assistance in learning how NOT to kill people with cooking.
    • Mitsuru Kirijo - One of Shinjiro's oldest and best friends. His feelings towards her alternate between devotion, protectiveness, and gratitude; but he is also one of the very few people who is not afraid to occasionally interact with-- and advise-- her as an equal; particularly as he has slowly left his apathy behind and taken on more and more responsibility in helping her administer SEES. He is one of the few who will outright defy her, if pushed. There is also nothing peculiar or borderline-Freudian about their relationship in the least.
    • Shinsuke Kusagawa - Itsuka's twin brother. Shinsuke did not initially make a strong impression upon Shinjiro, being retiring and extremely self-effacing; but when Shinjiro broke his longstanding aversion to the Inaba TV World to go rescue Shinsuke from it, he figured out why that was. Shinjiro has quietly attempted to prompt Shinsuke about coming out of his shell more often and connecting with others.
    • Aigis - Though Aigis may be a deadly battle bot, Shinjiro treats her with the same gentleness and guidance he would give any flesh and blood kohai.
    • Chisaki Tohsaki - Another of the kohais Shinjiro has taken a personal interest in (and who has taken a personal interest in him, in turn), Shinjiro is very fond of Chisaki's upbeat, frank attitude and way with weapons. They also have in common certain issues with their Personae.
    • Ken Amada - :(((
    • Katsuya Suou - God what a nag!! Shinjiro doesn't know how Tatsuya lives with this guy. Shinjiro is also selectively blind to the fact Katsuya probably irritates him so much because the two are actually very similar.
    • None.
    • Ran Itoh - Ran has been the greatest constant in Shinjiro's life, ever since she first entered it as a frightened blonde looking very out of place in the Dark Hour. Though he initially attempted to push her away, not wanting her to be hurt by pining after his suicidal self, she never once wavered in her support or her faith. Ultimately, her refusal to let him sink alone saved his life. The closest Shinjiro has ever come to losing control, and breaking his steadfast beliefs against killing, was upon seeing Ran's life threatened.
    • Thora Kobayashi - Thora and Shinjiro's relationship started off highly antagonistic, both of them being alpha personalities quick to leap into conflict. However, after seeing Thora trying to make her own bento in the wake of her mother's murder, Shinjiro's empathy was stirred enough for him to show her a kindness that Thora has not forgotten. Gentle treatment being such a rare thing in Thora's life, Shinjiro has earned the right to be the only person Thora will address as 'senpai.' It is highly likely, given Thora and Shinjiro's reputations, that no one would EVER guess this respect was won not through brute force, but through kindness. Their friendship remains strong despite occasional rocks in the current.
    • Enoha Koinose - Where Shinjiro lectures kohais, Enoha lectures Shinjiro. Enoha is the closest Shinjiro has to an elder sister figure.
    • Yoh Yamagatani - A spirited boy. Shinjiro generally finds Yoh to be good kid: enthusiastic, good natured, and reliable. But the kid could stand to have a little better judgment sometimes, though Shinjiro is sure he'll learn with time.
    • Rui Onishi - Shinjiro first encountered Rui Onishi while the latter was attempting not to bleed to death in a Sumaru street. Her strange and defensive behavior led him to pity her... something for which Rui has yet to forgive him.
    • Tohya Kidzuki: - Shinjiro doesn't know Tohya well, but from what little he's seen of her (and what he has heard of her) he believes she must be a decent sort, even if she did once like Kandori for some incomprehensible reason. He is relieved Tohya is no longer with the NWO and has taken up with better friends.
    • Seiichi Miyamoto - Shinjiro's trust in Seiichi was gravely harmed when Seiichi admitted that he has, in fact, been the "masked man" who hurt so many people-- including Shinjiro himself-- in his quest to make Naomi pay for perceived past wrongs. However, Shinjiro was also one of the first people to suggest to Seiichi that there was a chance he could redeem himself, and that he should work towards it; partially because Shinjiro could sense the genuine nature of Seiichi's devotion to Mitsuru, and partially because Shinjiro himself has been the beneficiary of "second chances" in the past.
    • Miwa Saitou - Despite being the same age (or year, at least) as Miwa, Shinjiro tends to think of her as 'another kohai.' Though he isn't foolish enough to think that she doesn't have an inner strength of her own, he certainly thinks of her as someone who needs protecting. In the interests of disclosure-- just so Miwa would know what kind of person she purports to accept-- he has told her his secret. She was a long time in coming to terms with it.
    • Naomi Suzuno - What began as a tense relationship-- with Naomi highly unsettled by Shinjiro's strong Resonance, and Shinjiro scornful of what he assumed to be another spoilt princess-- has become a trusting friendship. Naomi is one of the few people in whom Shinjiro will confide. She also brings out the teasing, rakish aspects of Shinjiro that have not seen use in years.
    • Itsuka Mizuhara - Shinjiro is aware of her devotion to him, and a desire to avoid hurting her was a predominant reason for his decision not to die. She has recently shown signs of growing up and growing apart from him-- so to speak-- for which he is a little relieved. Not because he desires to push her away, necessarily, but because he can occasionally be a little troubled by certain of her tendencies, and is concerned by the depth of her attachment to him.
    • Mai Namikawa - Shinjiro-- in his typical gruff way-- cares for Mai as one of his underclassmen. He sees in her an unhealthy amount of emotional repression to rival his own, and though he is hardly an adept at navigating emotional waters, he would like to relieve her of some of her crippling guilt. Recent events have only revealed just how deeply her guilt and emotional damage run. Though at first Shinjiro had difficulty in coming to trust Mai again, after learning she had been lying about her identity, the bond has now recovered.
    • Hinata Itoh - Ran's little sister. Possibly... a future sister-in-law?!
    • Akari Hoshi - A young girl and member of the Masquerade, who seems very attached to Seiichi. Shinjiro has met her several times, given as Seiichi is worried about Akari's continuing involvement in the Masquerade and hopes to secure some protection for her.
    • Tatsuya Suou - Though their surface personalities are rather different, Tatsuya being more given to even, direct bluntness and Shinjiro more volatile and prone to moods and passions, at heart they are rather similar: delinquent gentlemen committed to the protection of others. This means they are able to get along effortlessly and communicate by delinquent telepathy. They have made a silent sort of pact to look after their respective ojousans, knowing that without some good and solid delinquent guidance, the ojous will end up doing ridiculous things like being put in jail, or attempting to draw lots on who gets to martyr themselves if the world goes to hell.
    • EELS
    • None.

  • 40 Miles From the Sun - Bush
    • I need to lose to make it right / I'll confront the stars tonight
  • Fell On Black Days - Soundgarden
    • Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile / Sunspots have faded / And now I'm doing time / I'm a search light soul they say / But I can't see it in the night
  • Show Me How To Live - Audioslave
    • Someone get me a priest / To put my mind to bed / This ringing in my head / Is this a cure is or is this a disease
  • Like A Stone - Audioslave
    • And on I read / Until the day was gone / And I sat in regret / Of all the things I've done
  • Rooster - Alice In Chains
    • Ain't found a way to kill me yet / Eyes burn with stinging sweat / Seems every path leads me to nowhere
  • Would - Alice In Chains
    • Into the flood again / Same old trip it was back then / So I made a big mistake / Try to see it once my way
  • We Die Young - Alice In Chains
    • Another alley trip / Bullet seek the place to bend you over / Then you got hit / And you shoulda known better
  • Citizen Erased - Muse
    • Wash me away / Clean your body of me / Erase all the memories / They will only bring us pain / And I've seen all I'll ever need
  • Ruled By Secrecy - Muse
    • Repress and restrain / Steal the pressure and the pain / Wash the blood off your hands / This time she won't understand
  • The Gypsy Meets the Boy - W.A.S.P.
    • The tarot is fate, said the Gypsy Queen / And she beckoned me, to glimpse my future she'd seen / She said, do you see what I see? Be careful to choose / Be careful what you wish for, cause it may come true
  • Man in the Mirror - Savatage
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  • What You Live By - Harvey Danger
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