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Oh God Not Her
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Personal Information
Arcana The Moon
Gender Female
Age 17 Years Old
Birth Date April 29
Preferred Weapon Ballisong Knives
Organization Information
Faction SEES
Job Professional Heroine. Also Student.
Persona - Selene
OOC Information
"There must be a scientific explanation for all of this!"
"You've got to do better than fear! Step out of the shadows and FIGHT!"
"Oh no, this is the part of the movie where everything seems okay, then we get screwed."



Who is Kaede Fujioka? She'll be damned if anyone knows, herself included.

She seems to be from the outset an eccentric, imaginative young woman who's so terribly bored with mundane things happening in her life. Who wants things to be boring after all? As a result, she tries her best to spice things up with dramatics and energy. Although often bouncy, she can be pretty smarmy and sarcastic, reacting to everything with her own sense of humor and a carefully hidden personal detachment.

Having recently moved to Tatsumi Port Island away from her family in Tokyo to attend Gekkoukan High, this is the perfect opportunity for this strange, mischievous girl to make things... interesting.


  • I <3 Cognitive Dissonance
  • Inappropriate References
  • The Goggles do Nothing
  • The Fourth Wall is there for a Reason
  • Dramatic Gestures
  • Prone to outbursts of Maths
  • Ironic enough to be Ferromagnetic
  • Let me refer to the Monster Manual
  • There must be a scientific explanation!
  • Powered by Fiction
  • Mostly invulnerable... Mostly
  • Interrupting a Duel of Honour is Really Rude
  • If Evil was a Face I'd Punch It... In The Face
  • Vulnerable to Curry
  • Yes I speak Engrish Fluently!
  • Hey Bishop - Do the Knife Thing
  • Situational Unawareness


  • SEES : I can't believe a club exists to fight monsters after school. They're the people who are going to save the world, and I want a piece of that! I hope they're not going to be TOO Emo about it though. That'd get pretty annoying.
  • Strega: While I admit I do sympathize with their desire to use their (awesome) powers, these people surely must be defeated! How can the anyone want to end the world? I bet they wear black hats and twirl mustaches while they're at it.
  • NWO: Who are these people and why are they trying to control everything? This is just like in those cyberpunk novels, and they're the evil corporations right? I bet they're also behind Black Helicopters and I won't let them tell me what to do!
  • KDA: These guys are like the people on cop shows, only dealing with more than mere crime. That's kinda cool! I'm going to try to stay out of their way as long as they stay out of mine.
  • Darkside: What are they? The 2chan of protecting the world? Some of these guys sound pretty shady, but I think that's cool.


Kaede's persona manifests in the form of Selene, a many-faceted goddess of hunting, misdirection, and never-ending journeys. Said to rise each night and journey to the grave of her lover Endymion, there is both dedication and futility in her existence. When called, Selene appears as a woman bearing a crescent-topped helm over an unreadable mask, clad in robes over a metal plated body. Her limbs are long and slender, with draped cloth over them. She carries a sword in the left hand and a burning torch in the right.

Arbitrary Social Stats

  • Expression: 3 - Impassioned
  • - Gestures: 4 - Dramatic!
  • Knowledge: 3 - Smart
  • - Trivia: 5 - Inane!
  • Courage: 3 - Brave
  • - Recklessness: 4 - Maverick!
  • Understanding: 1 - Occasional
  • - The Point: 0 - Does not get!
  • Diligence: 3 - Purposeful
  • - Cleaning: 1 - It can wait!

Super-Speshul Social Links




  • Shiori Hibiki: Shiori is younger student at Gekkoukan High that Mitsuru Kijiro had encouraged to act as a 'guide' to Kaede as the new girl. While the girl is timid and somewhat inexperienced with some social situations, Kaede finds her rather amusing to be around. She often dramatically takes advantage of Shiori's 'guide' role in good humor, often to the embarrassment of others. With Shiori's recent hospitalization in the caves under Inaba, Kaede's keeping an eye on her well-being whenever possible.
  • Fuuka Yamagishi: Fuuka seems a nice enough girl. A bit quiet, bit frail and shy-seeming. But she's been friendly enough in the day to day dealings with Kaede and her friends. Allegedly, someone said that only the bravest of souls can dare taste her cooking. Being not one to back down lightly from challenges, Kaede may have to take that up someday.
  • Masumi Hayashi: Now here's someone who gets Kaede's attention. A curious girl with striking long silver hair, she seems to be the close friend of Hinata Itoh. Even though they've only met a few times, Masumi seems a bright and happy young woman (note: emphasis on seems), and can't be that bad a person to hang around, can she? Thought not.






  • Aigis: One of the first SEES Members Kaede has come into contact with, something doesn't quite seem right about this peculiar girl. She seems to blink all too regularly, and has a peculiar way of talking. After a few indirect questions, Kaede is now under the impression that she is actually an alien from a distant planet, having come all that way to help humanity in it's hour of need against the threat of the Shadows. Thank you, Space Maiden Aigis-san!




  • Yoshiro Yoshino : Kaede fell asleep on his shoulder in public once after getting no sleep. Then her head dropped onto his lap. Awkward. When she woke up, there was just a cushion under her head. Was that a dream, or a scandalous public scene?


  • Yoh Yamagatani: Seemingly a nice kid and one of Kaede's first new friends in casual contact, Yoh's induction into SEES has made him one of Kaede's more approachable contacts. The fact that he seems to be quite a dedicated and passionate person helps. They've made her first Dark Hour patrol together as well, vanquishing foul tables and puddles. Also, he owns a cat. Lately, they've become more partner-like in their junior assignments, and have made several incursions into Tartarus together. Although Kaede respects his drive and skill, somehow, she has to be the one to show moderation. Recently, she's disapproved of what she believes is his infatuation with Chidori Yoshino, Strega member. She's watched him very carefully, always ready to scold the boy whenever he appears to have plans involving other girls... creepy. It has possibly turned to stalking now, and has involved at least one partially ruined lolita outfit.


  • Reki Kurusu: Way, way, waaaay too serious for his age, Kaede has made things difficult for the poor boy every time they've met. First mistaking him for a perverted youngster at a pizza parlor (much to his morbid discovery), she's since made it a bit of a mission to show him that life's for having fun, not being a responsible old man while being barely into your teens! She's even scandalously taken him into a back room with her and Shiori at the local Kareoke place in hopes of creating more rumors to scare the oldness out of the kid.



  • Hitoshi Taniguchi: A somewhat well-adjusted kid and fellow student at Gekkoukan, he ran into her in Sumaru and found out a horrible dark secret about a plan Kaede had to get the eye of one of the boys at school. After the incredible awkwardness, she's more interested in getting to know this guy, who seems to be a reliable person to talk to. That is, if Kaede ever gets it in her to talk to people about how she feels, instead of just expending energy needlessly on dramatics.



  • Minagi Shimizu: Seemingly a strange girl who has somewhat notable mood-swings, she seems like an interesting person to be around. Just the sort of character that would appeal to Kaede. They've hung out around town, enjoying strange foreign food (wow real pizza!) and making sarcastic comments about things. She's the type to have many secrets that are worth learning about...


  • Hinata Itoh A bright and energetic candy/sugar/slurpee-loving girl in SEES, Hinata Itoh is someone Kaede is rapidly starting to trust more. As slow as she is to trust people. Although they've never really done much at school, it's through Hinata that she seems to have met half the people in the city.


  • Keitaro Nagasaku: This privately tutored kid seems to be an interesting sort from what Kaede has seen from a chance encounter in a cafe. He was interested in all kinds of things Kaede was reading about (such as infomorphic fish that exist only in linguistics... don't ask), and seemed way too mature for his age. She of course, knows nor suspects anything at all odd about the rich kid. This can only end badly. Once after a melee occurring in the Tartarus Lobby, Kaede mistook the boy for a lost bystander sucked into the Dark Hour to be shadow-food. She defended him as best she could in a melee between persona-users, completely unaware of his own hidden agenda.



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