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Personal Information
Aliases TV Spirit, bear
Arcana Star
Nature Civilian
Gender Male
Age  ???
Birth Date  ???
Preferred Weapon Claws
Organization Information
Faction KDA
Teams Magnums
Job Team Cheerleader/Radio Bear!
OOC Information
Origin The Midnight Channel
Voice Actor Dave Wittenberg

"I'm bear-y pleased to meet you!"


Teddie's existence is a mystery -- initially just a hollow bear in a white and red jumpsuit given life inexplicably in the TV World. Without much in the way of memory as to how he came to be there, how long he's been there, or what he even is... he has a kind of childlike innocence that is very unlike the other denizens of the Midnight Channel. His terrible secret is oh-so-conveniently obscured in the mists of amnesia, resulting in a constant struggle to find himself and his origins... to discover the Truth. So innocent is he that he doesn't understand such 'adult' concepts as 'scoring a hot stud', instead using it as another way to interact with girls. He joined the Investigation Team during the mysterious kidnappings in Inaba and serves as Team Cheerleader, providing helpful advice on Shadows and other useful talents, and has made many friends along the way, bonding especially well with Nanako, Yu and Yosuke in particular.


Ex-Annoying Radio Guy, Still Kind Of Annoying, The Puns Oh God The Puns, Inviting Himself On Trips, Secretly Very Pretty, So Very Pretty, Soft And Lustrous Fur, The Power Of Sparkles Compels You!, Not Entirely Clear On What 'Scoring' Means

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