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Minako Arisato
Minako profile.jpg
Full Name 有里美奈子(ありさとみなこ)
Arcana 0 - The Fool
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Date of Birth
Actual Birthdate:
November 2, 1992 (Scorpio)
November 2, 2009 (Scorpio)
Actual Age:
Guardian Dragon Moon Dragon
Persona Morpheus
Weapon Naginatas
Faction SEES
Team Multirole
SEES Status Permanent Rookie
Voice Actress Japanese: Marina Inoue
English: Laura Bailey
Player Strange Shrimp
"You have to go with your instinct with friends!"

Profile: Separated from her twin brother Minato at an early age, fate saw fit to reunite brother and sister. An exuberant teenager filled with joie de vivre, Minako is friendly, charismatic, compassionate, and an excellent listener... though also stubborn and more than a little naive. She possesses a rare power, that of the Wild Card, and is able to hold more Personas within herself than the average person.

Skills: No One Should Brave the Underworld Alone

Integrated Background

Minako Arisato is Minato Arisato's younger twin sister, age 20, birthday November 2. She's not a result of something created in Mikage-cho; she existed in the real world and she will be sticking around for a good long while, barring something very unfortunate.

Her memories of the incident on the bridge are fuzzy, but she remembers being there with Minato, intense violence and getting knocked off the bridge. She doesn't remember what happened next pretty much at all, save for vague feelings--major trauma will do that to you--but the doctors told her that someone managed to fish her out of the water, give her CPR, and brought her to the hospital. The doctors and police tried to find her parents, but no one ever came for her, and so she was sent to an orphanage. She believed that her family had all died ever since then. As a result of excellent grades in middle school, she managed to get a scholarship to St. Hermelin High School and thus not worry about paying for tuition. As a result, she was in Lunarvale when the DVA System exploded and Mikage-cho hit, and so her path and story finally re-intersected with Minato's.

She does not have Thanatos inside of her. However, neither is she untouched by Death.

Social Stats
Fools rush in...
With Every Boy
Bleeding heart
  • Weapon
    Tonbogiri: A rather standard bladed polearm, decorated with some dragonfly charms by Minako. Despite its name, it's absolutely not the legendary weapon.
  • Body
    Peach-colored Top: A looser peasant-style top. Perfect for summer!
  • Feet
    Loafers: Simple black loafers, good for walking around comfortably in.
  • Accessory
    Red Headphones: Bright red headphones, plugged in to a sleek tubular MP3-player.
  • Flirt: "You're such a cutie, Jack Frost~ <3"
    Minako flirts with the demon, overwhelming them with innocent heartbubbles.
  • Teamwork: "Come on! Anything's possible if we work together!"
    Minako exhorts the demon to team up with her.
  • Act Tough: "I won't let you hurt them! You'll have to go through me first!"
    Minako shows off her tough side, threatening the demon if they don't back off.
  • Cheer: "You can do it! I believe in you!"
    Minako cheers on the demon, ideally getting on their good side.
  • Minako has a twin brother. <3
  • Minako's surname can be read as 'existing village'. Her first name can be read as 'what a beautiful child' and is also the exact same reading as one Minako Aino, AKA Sailor Venus.
  • Her favorite foods are kurokke (croquettes), oyakodon (egg and chicken over rice) and takoyaki (fried octopus). She's also fond of melon bread as a snack, and likes too many types of candy to mention. She dislikes natto (fermented soybeans).
  • She has a part-time job at Be Blue V in Paulownia Mall. Not anymore, she doesn't.
  • Her blood-type is O.
  • She has two pet goldfish named Kinsuke and Ginko.
  • Minako, for whatever reason, is actually just three years of age despite her appearance.
  • Minako can't die.
  • Minako is the best detective.
Combat Information

As far as people go, Minako is pretty all-around average! She's slightly more talented with magical abilities, slightly more lucky, and maybe slightly less strong, but overall, there's nothing about her combat abilities that particularly stands out, other than some considerable bravery and tenacity. She's been gaining some skill with polearms of late, and thus far does fairly well in melee, as long as she's got enough room to swing. Still, though, she's very much novice to all things combat-oriented. Up against someone with much more experience, only luck might see her through.

Special: Queen of Knights - With her polearm in hand, Minako attacks as many of her opponents she can reach, using every part of her weapon in a whirlwind of pain.

Persona Information and Resonance

"I am thou, thou art I... I am Morpheus, keeper of the gates of bone and ivory. Though all may seem as a wonderful dream, be wary, my other self..."

Morpheus, the mutable god of dreams, is said in myth to take any form he pleases. Through dreams, he's said to impart knowledge of the future, but sometimes his dreams are lies instead. Often depicted as slumbering himself, Morpheus is closely associated with poppies. Morphine is named after him. His brother is Thanatos.


Feel: The world is incredible -- too much so. Things are unreal. A cycle, something repeating. A disturbed grave.

Sound: A high pitched flute-like noise, from a great distance. A roar of white noise.

Scent: Poppies. The smell of something sweet and fresh-baked, tantalizingly so. The scent of fresh-dug soil.

Notable Social Links
  • 0 - The Fool
    • Minato Arisato: "Joy" - Her big brother, and absolutely the most important person in the world to her. They might not have been born at the same time after all, but as far as Minako is concerned, she will always be his sister. She would do absolutely anything for him.
  • II - The High Priestess
    • Fuuka Yamagishi: "Beginnings" - A fellow member of SEES, and someone that Minako has hung out with (and attempted to encourage) on more than a few occasions.
  • III - The High Priestess
    • Susumu Kamiya: "Deception" - A very likable young man that Minako has run into more than a few times. They have a similar personality so they just seem to click! However, she doesn't realize it yet but... he's Shadow-Possesed. And he's also the one who killed her.
  • V - The Hierophant
    • Shinjiro Aragaki: "Bravery" - One of Minako's seniors. Arguably the person most likely to yell at Minako for getting into trouble... again. The lectures and shouting are a thing of legend.
  • VII - The Chariot
    • Aigis: "Enthusiasm" - A member of SEES like Minako and A ROBOT. She's devoted to her brother most of all, of course, but Aigis is also a good friend of Minako's.
    • Yoh Yamagatani: "Warmth" - A fellow member of SEES, and the boy with the MOST ENERGY. Which means that he's a good match for Minako! They've hung out a lot and similarly, gotten in trouble a lot.
  • VIII - Justice
    • Arisa Shiratori: "Determination" - One of Minako's closest friends, ever since the Mikage-cho incident. Arisa has been there to shoulder Minako on those times when even her resolve wavers, and in turn, she has been there to encourage and help Arisa along as well. One of the people Minako would do anything for.
  • X - Wheel of Fortune
    • Ran Itoh: "Energy" - Ran's one of Minako's seniors, and she's always gone that extra step to watch out for her. They have similar personalities so they get along pretty well! Probably, though, Minako's unfortunate habits of getting into trouble and more recently, getting killed, aren't helping Ran's stress levels any...
  • XIX - The Sun
    • Tatsuya Suou: "Attraction" - She had a bit of a crush on him at one point, but perhaps fortunately, he turned her down when she asked him out. She still thinks he's a pretty cool guy of course!
  • XX - Judgement
    • Nagisa Renge: "Letting go" - A friend of Minako and her brother who passed away. Despite the fact that she was a member of Strega and had clashed with SEES, she and Minato had done their best to try to save her. However...
    • Rem Sakurazuki Hoshii: "Reunion" - ...The fact is, Kirijo had figured out how to save Nagisa, if in the body of another girl. Now known as Rem and mostly freed from her former past, the two girls have since reconnected as friends. One of the people Minako would do anything for.

Logs and Cutscenes
All of her logs can be found at
the player's log page.


Mikage-cho TP Logs:

  • Waking Up in St. Hermelin - The girl who would at first be known as A-ko and later be revealed as Minako Arisato wakes up in St. Hermelin. Silly thing about wearing headphones, though, is that you can't hear if there's anyone else around... (Minato Arisato, Minako Arisato) IC: Nov 2nd, 2009 (OOC: May 4th, 2010)
  • Encountering Minagi - Later the same day, Minagi arrives at St. Hermelin looking for Blaise and Minato. A-ko/Minako is there to greet her, but when Minato actually comes up, she reacts rather badly. (Minagi Shimizu, Minako Arisato) IC: Nov 2nd, 2009 (OOC: May 4th, 2010)
  • Encountering Arisa - The next day, A-ko/Minako runs into her underclassman, Arisa Shiratori. They aren't familiar with each other, but Arisa offers to protect her, and gives her her phone number. (Arisa Shiratori, Minako Arisato) IC: Nov 3rd, 2009 (OOC: May 5th, 2010)
  • Encountering Himeru - Himeru is searching for her friend Itsuka Mizuhara after she got kidnapped by the Dark O. A-ko/Minako runs into her and offers to help her search, and manages to cheer Himeru up from her foul mood by the cheer force of her personality. (Himeru Namikawa, Minako Arisato) IC: Nov 4th, 2009 (OOC: May 6th, 2010)
  • Encountering Yu - Yu arrives at St. Hermelin looking for Arisa, and Minako runs into him. Minako's shamelessly innocent flirtatiousness first comes out here, as well as her ability to enunciate heartbubbles. She helps Yu get in touch with Arisa, and offers to help him however she can in regards to Itsuka. (Yu Narukami, Minako Arisato) IC: Nov 5th, 2009 (OOC: May 7th, 2010)
  • Encountering Blaise - Blaise is being an emo. Minako alternately cheers him up and makes him upset by virtue of unwittingly bringing up people he has problems with. Maybe it's due to low blood sugar, though, and they end up hitting a convenience store to get some food. (Blaise Cameron, Minako Arisato) IC: Nov 6th, 2009 (OOC: May 8th, 2010)
  • Encountering Miwa - Miwa, who was previously trapped on the East Side of Mikage-cho, comes to St. Hermelin to get herself a change of clothes and medical supplies. Minako shows her the way to the nurse's office. (Miwa Saitou, Minako Arisato) IC: Nov 7th, 2009 (OOC: May 9th, 2010)
  • Awakening and Rage - Now that the demons even on the West Side have gotten violent, Minako's found that suddenly she isn't just able to get by with sheer force of personality anymore. The demon Alice (as NPCed by Igor) terrorizes her and several people come to her rescue--including Minato, the brother she'd thought long dead. Sheer force of emotional trauma and Minato's Evoker allow Minako to awaken to her Persona, Eurydice, and save his life. Also, Itsuka dies, but she gets better. (Minato Arisato, Minako Arisato, Minagi Shimizu, Himeru Namikawa, Itsuka Mizuhara, Kanon Itoh, Ritsue Tetsumoto, Blaise Cameron, Deidra Doyle) IC: Nov 11th, 2009 (OOC: May 13th, 2010)
  • A Talk with Minato - Now that the fraternal twins have been reunited, Minato and Minako bond and catch up over vegetable soup. Aigis guest-stars, as does Pharos, as NPCed by Minato. (Minato Arisato, Minako Arisato, Aigis) IC: Nov 12th, 2009 (OOC: May 14th, 2010)
  • Clothes-Washing - On Saturday morning, Minako is washing dishes while Himeru is washing clothes when Midori enters and reeks up the entire bathroom with the funk of the clothes she hasn't changed out of or cleaned for the entire two weeks since she's been there. Minako and Himeru attempt to wash them for her. They insist. Minako also displays that she has no shame whatsoever. (Himeru Namikawa, Minako Arisato, Midori Nakashima) IC: Nov 13th, 2009 (OOC: May 15th, 2010)
  • Mikage-cho 101 - Later on that day, Minagi and Yu arrive at St. Hermelin after running themselves ragged fighting demons. Minako makes onigiri for them while they attempt to explain exactly what's been going on in Mikage-cho. (Yu Narukami, Minako Arisato, Minagi Shimizu) IC: Nov 13th, 2009 (OOC: May 15th, 2010)


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