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Nagisa Renge
Lotus Shore
Nagisa Portrait.png
Full Name 連花ナギサ(れんげなぎさ)
Arcana XX - Judgement
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 145 cm (4'9")
Date of Birth March 14th, 1993 (Pisces)
Age 18, appears 12-14; DEAD
Guardian Dragon White Dragon
Persona Miao Shan Custom
Weapon Dual Knives
Faction Strega
Team Cult of Personality
Voice Actor Nana Mizuki (For Reference)
Player Ayu Ohseki
Social Stats
  • Expression: 2 - Returning to Earth
  • Knowledge: 2 - Patchwork Self-Education
  • Courage: 5 - Ain't Afraid to Die
  • Understanding: 2 - Look, She Is Trying
  • Diligence: 5 - 'Til the End of Time
  • Nagisa's first name means "seashore," while her last name means "lotus." The lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment in Buddhist; Nagisa is the last name of Kaworu Nagisa from Evangelion fame, which can also be a girl's first name.
  • Nagisa is a very good cook as a result of helping out in various soup kitchens and homeless shelters in Sumaru City. She's esp. skilled at managing to make something very tasty out of relatively few ingredients, particularly ones that don't normally seem like they'd go together; she just has a knack at telling what will taste unexpectedly good together and in what proportions, like strawberries and black pepper, and beef and chocolate. Part of this is because when she goes to libraries, she likes reading cookbooks, which are frequently full of tips for making a meal extra-delicious.
  • Her tendency to hang out at libraries and read all day also means that she has a very patchwork education.
  • The last grade Nagisa officially attended was second.
Logs and Cutscenes (Incomplete, Shamelessly Stolen from Daisuke)
  • Precocious Kids are Cute - In which Daisuke Itami decides a small teenage dying girl to be the worst type of mutant creature amongst the living. (Nagisa Renge, Daisuke Itami, Takahisa Kandori, Yoh Yamagatani) IC: April 5, 2010 (OOC: October 10, 2010)
  • Monsters (Part 2) - In which the worst type of mutant creature amongst the living tries to test Daisuke's value of life and gets something entirely different. (Nagisa Renge, Daisuke Itami) IC: April 7, 2010 (OOC: October 12, 2010)
  • Ripples - In which an injured Nagisa asks Daisuke his opinion on a recent run-in with the sisters of one of her victims. Much chattering and annoyance ensues. (Nagisa Renge, Daisuke Itami) IC: April 12, 2010 (OOC: October 17, 2010)
  • The Nature of Opportunity - When Kyo Enda comes to Omoikane to have a certain job performed about a certain group of troublemaking teenage girls, Daisuke Itami senses opportunity. And in the completely terrible way. (Daisuke Itami, Kyo Enda, (Cameo: Nagisa Renge)) IC: April 17, 2010 (OOC: October 22, 2010)
  • Most Important Meal of the Day - In which Daisuke Itami arrives at Omoikane to find someone has decided to interpret his words slightly more literally than he intended. Lively debate ensues. (Nagisa Renge, Daisuke Itami) IC: April 26, 2010 (OOC: October 31, 2010)
"I rather think my gracelessness is one of my good points. I'm not
skilled at manipulation like you are, Dai-chan~. So I'll simply be as I am."
Profile and Skills

Profile: A sweet, friendly, young-looking girl once content with admiring the beauty of the world as a spectator, Nagisa Renge has shifted into someone with attachments to it. Though it may bring her suffering, she treasures it as proof that she still lives and feels, and has gained an even greater joie de vivre and a deeper comprehension of what it means to be human this way, despite her continued affiliation with Strega and her own fragile health. Her especially strong attachment to a certain Okina-based information broker has led her to begin work as the same, dealing in knowledge of the hidden world of Shadows, Personas, and things yet stranger. However, while she's shed some of her innocence and gained some understanding of subtlety and tact, Nagisa still remains an overall honest, sometimes painfully direct person.

Skills: What Exactly Is A "Person"?, Eyes In Their Last Extremity, Leaving Behind Proof That I Was There, Is This Really Who I Am Inside?, Touch My Tears With Your Lips; Touch My World With Your Fingertips, Return To Me Stronger Than Before, Let's Head Home, So the Beautiful World, Until The Time This Pitch Black World Overflows With Light, What Will I Paint On The Tomorrow That Reality Stained Pure Black?, I'll Paint Out The Unfulfilled Dream, ...And Start A New Dream



Combat Information

Nagisa is understandably not very physically strong or enduring, though her strength has risen due to an improvement in her diet. She will get up from strong hits and keep going, but this is a result of her mental fortitude rather than any physical ability to soak hits. She is, however, very fast and nimble--one has to be when one is a frail girl who once eked out a life in the slums of a very large city--and because of her mental resilience, she has a particularly strong affinity for magic. Her vitality has fallen due to her health, but her luck has risen because in spite of it, she's happier now than she's probably been in her entire life, and so Nagisa does not think of herself as unfortunate. Nagisa uses a pair of knives in battle, and as such would do Slashing damage.

Special: Moksha - In Buddhism, "moksha" refers to the release/liberation from the chain of reincarnation and ascendance to enlightenment. This consists of Nagisa running forward and leaping nimbly around her target with a flurry of knives aimed for critical points, and is heavier on debuffs than actual physical damage, including a DOT attribute to represent bleeding from multiple cuts.

Persona Information and Resonance
"I am thou... thou art I. I am Miao Shan, she who forgives all... Though you may suffer, I shall help you accept the burden of the world's sins."

In Buddhist mythos, one of the most popular bodhisattvas is Guanyin, known in the west as the Goddess of Compassion, who watches over the world--her full name, Guanshiyin, means 'Observing the Sounds/Cries of the World'--until all suffering is gone from it. One legend posits that the person who would become Guanyin was a Chinese Princess named Miao Shan, who wished to marry a doctor instead of a wealthy man who'd improve the standing of the family. Her father, enraged by this, sentenced her to hard labor until she relented, but Miao Shan instead begged to be allowed to become a nun at a Buddhist temple. Her father permitted this, but had the monks there heap more and more hard work on her; however, because her goodness was so great, animals would come and help her complete them. Frustrated, her father set fire to the temple, and Miao Shan put on the fires with her bare hands without being hurt. Frightened, her father sentenced her to death, and her executioner attempted to kill her in various ways that failed to work (an axe and a sword to the neck shattered, arrows refused to find their mark) before finally attempting to strangle her with his bare hands in desperation. Miao Shan, understanding that not dying would mean that her would-be executioner would suffer, forgave him and allowed herself to take on his karmic debt before being strangled to death. When she fell into hell, her kindness and compassion was so great that the hells began to turn into Paradise, and Yama kicked her out of his realm before she could destroy it and sent her back to Earth. Miao Shan is Nagisa's starter Persona, with the eventual intent that it will ascend into Guan Yin. Miao Shan represents Nagisa's desire to help people even at the cost of her own health, and her forgiveness for those that made her suffer and tried to kill her.


SENSE: An absolute calm, acceptance of all things, serenity. SOUND: Waves rolling on the shore. SMELL: Cherry blossoms and lotus flowers.

Notable Social Links
  • O - THE FOOL
    • Minato Arisato - Nagisa first met him in a fight between SEES and Strega, which climaxed when he accidentally sicced Thanatos on her. She became taken with him immediately after, and although their meetings have been sporadic since, she remains fond of him. He has now sworn to help her find a way to save her own life, which has deepened Nagisa's affection for him. Minato helped rescue Nagisa from the TV world.
    • Minako Arisato - Minato's twin sister. Nagisa liked her for being willing to listen to her views, and then later grew attached to her when Minako also promised to help her find a way to continue to live. She helped Nagisa when she wanted to have Daisuke pierce her ears and pierce his in return. Nagisa is aware that Minako has been hearing voices, though she doesn't know the nature of them beyond that they disturb her friend. Minako helped rescue Nagisa from the TV world.
    • Yosuke Hanamura - The scion of Junes... ex-scion, anyway, though Nagisa isn't aware of that. She explained to him her viewpoint, and he accepted it, in part because he actually asked her questions and came to understand that she's dying, so the concept of "death" is not the same for her as it is for others. Nagisa is very happy for that, and told him that she would try to kill him if they ever met on the battlefield. Yosuke was okay with that, even if Yu and Nanako weren't. They established a business partnership later for exchanging information, once Nagisa became an information broker.
    • Tomomi Fujimori - The stick of Strega to Takaya's carrot. Nagisa doesn't especially care for her, viewing her methods as inviting oblivion rather than appreciating what existence there is. She does, however, appreciate Tomomi's honesty.
    • Shinjiro Aragaki - Nagisa suggested to her fellow Stregites that they push Shinjiro, and also Ran since she was there, into the TV since he was intending on dying. Shinjiro might have forgiven her if it was just him, but he hates her pretty hard for having dragged Ran into it too. Despite making it clear that he wants little to do with her, he has dispensed some advice. It was on his suggestion that Nagisa tried not taking her suppressants, though ultimately it didn't work.
    • Aigis - Mutual dislike. Nagisa used to be okay with her, despite Aigis in general strongly disliking her; this changed when Aigis treated her with contempt and revulsion even while offering her materials to help her learn how to become human, saying that since Nagisa didn't talk of herself as human, she didn't deserve to be treated like a human, then calling her a liar--and then saying that Thora was human, despite Thora stating that she wasn't human either, admittedly when Aigis wasn't in the room, but it still stood. On the other hand, because of this, Nagisa came to understand that what "humanity" is is a matter of perspective, and so trying to 'become' human is a futile effort, so while she doesn't like Aigis, she is, in her own way, grateful to her. Aigis helped rescue Nagisa from the TV world, more or less.
    • Nanako Dojima - A young girl who claims to understand death, who took an instant disliking to Nagisa when she mentioned that she wanted to try to kill Yosuke. Due to Nagisa's difficulty with expressing herself in ways normal people can understand, this didn't turn out well, and Nagisa left feeling confused. After her experiences with SEES and Daisuke, she'd understand better, but how that might turn out will have to wait until they meet again. They are on better terms now after Nagisa comforted Nanako when she was in despair.
    • Noriko Ishibashi - An Inaban detective, though she's not happy to be in Inaba. Nagisa liked her fairly well, sensing that they were similar in their forthrightness and awkwardness; Noriko was the first person that Nagisa directly told her true age. Daisuke's much-hated older sister, which Nagisa now knows. She doesn't care for Noriko, the two of them having rubbed each other the wrong way when Nagisa tried to ask her about her brother.
    • Jin Shirato - A fellow Kirijo experiment. Nagisa cares for him most out of the others, because he's the one who most cares for her company in turn, even if he's often verbally abusive. He still generally makes it known that it's not her he dislikes, and because of that they have a quirky but somewhat close relationship. Because of this, Jin is one of the closest people to Nagisa. Almost all of Nagisa's limited knowledge of computers and the internet comes from him; he also gave her a custom-made phone, and gave Teddie a similar phone at her request despite not wanting to.
    • Natsuko Choukawa - A ten-year-old member of Strega, she and Nagisa started to become close almost inexplicably when Natsuko told Jin not to treat her like a child and Nagisa pointed out that Natsuko is a child. Natsuko became protective of the older girl after that, though they haven't seen each other in some time.
    • Takaya Sakaki - The leader of Strega and in particular of the Kirijo experiments, of which Nagisa is one. She once believed wholeheartedly in his message, though she's no longer so sure of that; when she asked him if she meant anything to him after several incidents where he ignored her, he said that all things are one and he matters to himself, and if he matters to her, of course they matter to each other. Not fully grasping that this is a fancy way of saying "no," Nagisa's worries were, at least for the time, reassured.
    • Ran Itoh - Shinjiro's girlfriend, she was present when Nagisa suggested to Tomomi and Takaya that they throw Shinjiro into the TV in Inaba, and since Ran wasn't aware that Shinjiro was dying/wanted to die, Nagisa suggested she get thrown in too. Though Shinjiro hasn't forgiven her for this, as irony would have it, Ran has, and even thanked Nagisa for what she did, saying that even if it was scary and she knows there must have been a better way, it really did save their lives. Being the first person to ever thank her for these things, Nagisa was moved to tears, and she thinks of Ran very fondly now.
    • Yoh Yamagatani - A kind if rather dense person, Yoh was present when Nagisa first met Daisuke, and again when Strega plumbed into the Inaba mines. She doesn't know him well, but he's nice enough, and she likes him. She is aware of Strega's influence in his trip into the TV world, and though Yoh is wary around her, they remain friends after a fashion.
    • Chidori Yoshino - The last of the other Kirijo experiments. Chidori tolerates Nagisa, but (like just about everyone else) doesn't especially like her. Nagisa is not close to her, either, for this reason, though a conversation they once had about a girl who was sacrificed to Kaonashi did spark something in Chidori.
    • Rui Onishi - Daisuke's bodyguard. Though she's only interacted with her at length once, Nagisa considers Rui to be a kind person and likes her, particularly after the older woman gave her the address to Daisuke's personal residence.
    • Seiichi Miyamoto - A fellow member of Strega and probably the closest besides Jin that Nagisa has to a friend within. Though he decries himself as a liar and an asshole, a recent conversation with Nagisa has prompted Seiichi to start to think a little differently. For that, her honesty, and her taking an interest in him, Nagisa's managed to earn a place in Seiichi's affections--and because Seiichi opened up to her, Nagisa, who already liked him fairly well thanks to his promise to give her a piano concert, has become fond of him in return. She has a room at his safehouse, which is where she keeps the plants she has been raising. Seiichi helped rescue Nagisa from the TV world.
    • Minamo Takagawa - A friend who understands Nagisa's views on life and death, because she too "died" once before and is convinced that she will die again at any moment. Despite this, they don't always see eye-to-eye; Minamo has a much stricter morality, and worries sometimes about Nagisa's usual lack thereof. Still, they like each other. Minamo helped rescue Nagisa from the TV world.
    • Daisuke Itami - A silver-tongued information broker who took a near-immediate dislike to Nagisa, he nonetheless has become someone extremely important to her as of their second meeting, when she attempted to kill him to determine how much he values life. Despite this, he took her in, and they became as mismatched a pair of friends as there possibly can be. Their relationship has progressed astonishly far since then, and while on the surface it might seem to still be a one-sided adoration on Nagisa's part, it's become far more Complicated than that. Daisuke is unquestionably Nagisa's Favorite Person, as the person who both made her want to become human, hired her as one of his information-brokering employees, and let her move in with him (with EXTREME reluctance, and only after he lost a bet).
    • Itsuka Mizuhara - Nagisa's best friend, they met in the winter while snow fell bloodred in Port Island, and discussed the ephemeral nature of life, and how both of them had died before. A reunion prompted Nagisa to tell Itsuka about her hand in Shinjiro and Ran's trip into the TV world, but despite Itsuka's close relationship with them, this only reinforced their own friendship. Itsuka helped Nagisa talk to SEES in general about it as well, and also has helped her indulge in other more normal pursuits like clothes shopping, make-up and doing up one's hair. Nagisa trusts Itsuka, and is deeply touched by how affected the SEESite was when she learned about her looming death. Itsuka helped rescue Nagisa from the TV world.
    • Hiromi Sato - A girl who once demanded that Nagisa tell her about the supernatural world, and threw a fit when Nagisa asked for payment in return. Though her circumstances made it understandable, Nagisa has little like or respect for her, and remains coolly polite towards her.
    • Akimoto Nagamori - A fellow Stregite. Nagisa doesn't know her very well, but Akimoto did bop her over the head once with a broom for manhandling a tiny servant of (SPOILER).
    • Thora Kobayashi - A violent girl who hates Nagisa and wants to kill her. Nagisa is pretty okay with this, since it's because of what she did to Shinjiro. Thora claimed not to be human, and her desire to kill Nagisa has everything to do with not wanting to lose the few people who like her in spite of this. It was as a result of this interaction, and Aigis' direct refutation of it, that Nagisa came to an important conclusion about the nature of humanity and her own search for it, so despite Thora's hatred of her, Nagisa is actually pretty grateful to her.
    • Mai Namikawa - A stoic young woman once known as Himeru Namikawa, she expressed gratitude to Nagisa for getting Shinjiro thrown into the TV since it ended up saving his life. Despite this, they are on cool terms; while Nagisa doesn't dislike her and does appreciate her help, it would be a stretch to say that they're friends. Mai helped rescue Nagisa from her TV dungeon, and carried out a Tanabata tag from it.
    • Hinata Itoh - Ran's younger sister, she predictably hates Nagisa, and at their elder sister Kanon's prompting, helped beat her up. Nagisa at one point thought that Hinata understood her point of view, but when it quickly became apparent that this wasn't true, she was disappointed. She doesn't feel much of anything in particular for Hinata, thinking her hatred pretty understandable all considered, even if her stance, shared with Kanon, of "I would never kill you but beating you up preemptively is A-OK" is puzzling to Nagisa.
    • Teddie - The spirit and friendly bear of the TV world. He and Nagisa are friendly, and empathizing with Teddie's loneliness, she gave him a cell phone so he could communicate with others.
    • Kasumi Horie - A girl who nosed her way into the supernatural world and nearly got it bitten off as a result. Nagisa considered attacking her once to warn her away, but her experiences with Shinjiro prompted her to leave her be and let her make her own choices, which resulted in her getting thrown into the TV world. Nagisa was present when it happened, though she did nothing to help or hinder the event. Though Kasumi is very fond of Nagisa, Nagisa doesn't like her much, though she doesn't hate her either.
    • Midori Nakashima - One of Tomomi's companions, Midori is a perennial liar and delusional young woman. This has very nearly resulted in explosions, given as Nagisa is painfully honest, but circumstances have thus far allowed them to remain on more or less cordial, if not precisely friendly terms.
    • Shiro Koda - A strange young man who's dropped off the face of the world, he nonetheless was distinctive to Nagisa because when he was withdrawing from the world, she sliced open his hand to show him that there are worse things and he should appreciate life. He revealed to her that he'd already gotten gutted and nearly died recently, then ran off, leaving Nagisa horrendously confused given her views on how to "help" people. This laid the groundwork for her much, much later talks with Daisuke.
    • Kanon Itoh - Ran's older sister, she predictably hates Nagisa and wants to beat her up (and has) for what she did to Ran. Though Nagisa had already wanted to learn what it means to be human by the time she got jumped by her and Hinata, it was this incident that pushed a lot of dominoes over. Beyond this, Nagisa does not have any particularly strong opinions on Kanon, considering Kanon's hatred of her to be otherwise quite understandable.
  • "Aoi Hitomi" ("Blue Eyes") - Maaya Sakamoto
    • Though ours is a momentary love that will one day end, you will surely bequeath eternity unto me.
  • "Asu he" ("To Tomorrow") - BlueBlue
    • Dawn breaks on the long night; I won't forget you. Over the same earth, paint out the unfulfilled dream. I'll paint it onto the same sky.
  • "DEAR FUTURE" - coaltar of the deepers
    • If everything is already determined, then why do we struggle? It wasn't you. It's not your fault. I've already had enough of sorrow.
  • "doreddo 39" - Maaya Sakamoto
    • For just this once, I'll feel true love for a person other than myself. Even inside a body this small lay sleeping courage and overflowing warmth. That boy has stolen my heart.
  • "Endless Skies" - VNV Nation
    • No need to fear, no need to worry, about years that passed or time you lost. Live a second as a lifetime; time doesn't matter.
  • "Infinite" - Assemblage 23
    • Even the greatest peak will one day wear to nothing; even the deepest sea will one day dry to dust.
  • "Kaigetsu Ai ni Shisu" ("The Oceanic Moon Dies in Indigo") - Ban'yuu Inryoku
    • Memento mori, mento mori, nto mori, to mori, mori, ri: firefly moon. I remember death.
  • "Kissing the Christmas Killer" - Maaya Sakamoto & Yoko Kanno
    • You came along; now I'm going all against the promises that I made, and here I am, falling for your love--or am I lost in heaven? I don't know any more... Don't know any more...
  • "Laetitia" - E Nomine
    • Think of love... so that I may follow you into Nirvana. We'll be together when the White Wing of Death divides us.
  • "Lullaby" - Assemblage 23
    • As you sink beneath the soothing streams of time, may you be thankful that you had another day, for there comes a time when each of us will enter a sleep from which we will never wake.
  • "Mugen Houyou" ("Infinite Embrace") - Yoko Takahashi
    • I want to be loved, more than I am now--seeking out each other deeply, powerfully, and leaving behind proof that I existed in your heart, in your eyes.
  • "Ode to Joy" - Johann Beethoven
  • "Someone Else" by The Rasmus
    • She's found something to die for, something to fight for, someone to show her the way. She's found someone to cry for, someone to lie for, heart full of blood of the dinosaurs.
  • "THANATOS ~If I Can't Be Yours~" - LOREN & MASH
    • I realize we're not the same, and it's making me sad 'cause we can't fulfill our dream in this life.
  • "Who Wants to Live Forever" - Queen
    • But touch my tears with your lips--touch my world with your fingertips--and we can have forever, and we can love forever. Forever is our today. Who wants to live forever? Who wants to live forever? Forever is our today. Who waits forever, anyway?
  • "Yoake no Scat" ("Dawn Scat") - Roko Kinjo
    • When we love each other, this transient world comes to a halt. The two of us shall go on to a world without time.
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Nagisa's new standard outfit, as drawn by Lustrare@dA. Thanks! Nagisa gifting Daisuke with a plush dolphin much to his dismay, as drawn by OgawaBurukku@dA. Thanks, Bu!
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