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Yuu Tenjou
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Personal Information
Real Name Yuu Tenjou (天上悠)
Arcana VI - The Lovers REVERSE
Nature Civilian
Gender Male
Age 16
Birth Date March 3rd, 1993
Preferred Weapon Glaives
Organization Information
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Emotionally Distant Student
Assignment Yasogami High School
OOC Information
Origin Original Character




On the surface, Yuu Tenjou appears to be an exceptionally attractive, studious, and well-accomplished guy, if not a bit mysterious. Rarely speaking unless spoken to first, his demeanor is polite and friendly, and he's always happy to lend a hand if asked. However, after knowing him for a little while, one can't help but notice he doesn't really seem to have any friends despite his cordial attitude and general popularity. He tends to stick to himself, and some have taken his periodic aloofness as a sign of narcissism. In reality, Yuu's reclusiveness and introversion are byproducts of his severe lack of self-esteem, though he would never let anyone onto it.

Oh, and all of this was only magnified by his role in his older sister's death two years ago.


Staring at Bodies of Water Pensively, Dead Sister Complex, Androgynous Good Looks, Secret Tarot Reader, Well-Hidden Self-Loathing, I Beat My Sister in a Swimming Race and All I Got Was this Lousy Dead Sister, Emo Violinist, I Do Believe in Ghosts, I Do, I Do!, Why Don't Mom and Dad Love Me?, WWHD?


An exceedingly attractive teenage boy, standing at around 5'6". At first glance, Yuu could be mistaken for a girl, though his short mousy, messy hair and general attire verify his presented gender. (His soft-spoken voice doesn't particularly help the androgyny.) A bit on the lean side, his limbs are lanky, though not unathletic. His rather pretty eyes, a cool, pale grey, are set on a rather pretty face, usually wearing a friendly, yet reserved expression. It's hard to tell from his demeanor, and perhaps it's his body language or the way he carries himself, but there's something about him that seems lonesome and distant.

History, abbreviated

Yuu was born and raised in Tokoname, the second child of middle-class parents Akane Tenjou, a respected Tokoname-ware potter, and Masaru Tenjou, Akane's husband. Their first child, Hinata, was their pride and joy; from a young age, she excelled at many things, from school to art to music to Akane's specialty, ceramic work.

This led to obvious preferential treatment of Hinata over Yuu; no matter what Yuu did, he always felt overshadowed by his sister's accomplishments. This lack of recognition and general neglect from his parents planted seeds of low self-esteem in a young Yuu, despite his own hard work and above-average accomplishments in school and other pursuits. As a result of his low self-esteem, he has always been a bit introverted and reclusive and had a hard time developing friendships with his peers.

In contrast to the indifference his parents showed him, Hinata was always very kind to Yuu, enjoying her "big sister" role when they got older. They had a very close relationship, and Yuu admired her greatly. Their relationship kept any resentment or bitterness he may have felt towards her mostly at a minimum; in fact, Hinata was the only person Yuu ever felt he could fully open up to and be himself around.

That all changed when Hinata drowned in the ocean two years ago while out with Yuu.

He blamed himself, and his parent's grief at losing their perfect daughter resulted in them blaming him for her death as well. The overwhelming guilt and further ostracization from his family, coupled with the unbearable loss of his only close friend, exacerbated his self-loathing and drove him to becoming even more introverted and reclusive.

His parents have had a hard time coping with the loss of Hinata. A close potter friend of Akane's who lives in Inaba recently suggested a change of scenery might help them, to distance themselves from the memories they have in Tokoname. Desperate for relief, Yuu's parents decided to leave their home in Tokoname to find pottery-work in Inaba with the connections Akane has there.

And so, we come to Yuu being a new transfer student at Yasogami High.

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