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Sayori Kaizumi
Ice Princess
Full Name 海住さより(かいずみさより)
Arcana XVII - Star Reverse
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 5'1"
Date of Birth January 27th, 1994 (Aquarius)
Age 17
Guardian Dragon Yellow Dragon
Persona Leviathan
Weapon Rapiers
Player tlynn2002
"You should always try to make the best of any situation!"
Profile and Skills
Sayori Kaizumi was born to two loving parents and had a normal upbringing for the most part. The younger sister of Misaki Toritsume, she adores her older sister. It is not generally known that they are siblings due to their physical differences as well as their last names. She recently moved from Inaba to Port Island and is a second-year transfer student at Gekkoukan High School. Generally, she is outgoing and friendly but can get bored with routine, always looking for a new adventure. She is persuasive and can be impulsive at times.

Skills: Let’s Go Shopping!, Figure Skater, Special: Bear Hugs, Swim Little Fishy, Mr. Jack Frost Is Your Friend, What Is Outside Is Not Always What Is Inside, My Sister Is Better Than Yours, Being Short Is Adorable, Yes, I Did Jump Off The Moonlight Bridge

Persona and Resonance
"Thou art I and I am thou! I am Leviathan, from the depths of the ocean I have arisen!"

Leviathan is a fire-breathing creature of such immense size that the sea boils when it swims on the surface. It ruthlessly and fearlessly rules over all the creatures of the sea. The Leviathan's skin is like a double coat of mail, with overlapping scales as large as shields on its back, and as sharp and hard as broken pottery on its underparts. Swords and harpoons will simply bounce off such protection. It breathes smoke from its nostrils and flames from its mouth which is rimmed with teeth. Its fins radiate a brilliant light and its eyes are like the glimmerings of dawn.

Resonance: Anyone sensitive to resonances would find Sayori's resonance is that of power lurking just beneath the surface. Also the feeling of heat radiating from her would be noticeable. For sound, you would hear the sound of the ocean and the crackling of a fire. For smell, it would be the smell of saltwater mixed with smoke like that of a campfire.

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