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Curly Brace, Robocop
Curly Brace, Robocop
Personal Information
Real Name Aigis
Aliases Aigis
Arcana Chariot
Nature Anti-Shadow Weapon
Gender Female
Age 10
Birth Date September 10 2000
Preferred Weapon Inbuilt Weaponry
Organization Information
Faction SEES
Job Tom Servo
Divisions Galileo
Persona - Palladion
OOC Information
Origin Persona 3

"I am a weapon designed to destroy Shadows."



Aigis is an anti-Shadow android designed by the Kirijo Corporation and is under no illusion of this not being the case despite having a humanoid form. Predictably, Aigis is not particularly good at blending in with human society and while she endeavours to be polite and helpful, her confusions and limited empathy often hamper her. As such, she enjoys the simplistic company of animals whom she finds easier to understand, particularly that of Koromaru whom she often takes on walks. She enjoys watching and studying humans in an attempt to obtain a greater understanding of them and often overanalyzes that which is second nature to most people. She has an unexplained connection to Minato and she actively searches out occassions to be close to him and, at times, doesn't even pretend to have an excuse at all. Despite being accepting of her unusual origin, she is neither resentful nor smug over the differences. Instead, she embraces the differences in humanity even though her difficulty in getting along in their society causes her pain and frustration.


Orgia Mode, Finger Guns, Arm Rockets, Rocket Punch, I Am A Machine, Less Than Human?, I Want To Be By His Side, Walking Around Naked Without Incident, Shadow Destruction, My Purpose...Is To Destroy Shadows, Existential Crises, What Are These Thighs Of Which You Speak?


To Be Added Later

Noticeable Social Links


  • Yu Narukami: He seems to be a reliable leader. She trusts him.
  • Tohru Adachi: One of the better detectives out there. She appreciates his honesty. Clearly trustworthy.
  • Minato Arisato: The most important person in the world. Aigis must be by his side. She loves him and is ever-concerned with his safety and happiness. There is a mysterious past involved here that Aigis is unaware of but tends to influence her decision-making process. Utterly devoted.
  • Minako Arisato: See above. This somewhat complicates her schedule. On the other hand the family also means one more person looking out for both.


  • Yosuke Hanamaru: Not necessarily trustworthy, but Aigis is convinced he has good intentions. As a friend, she likes him a lot. He's interesting and informative. As an ally, he has a tendency to cause problems, but as he's a friend she is willing to put up with it. At one point he may have gone crazy but Aigisplayer isn't really sure what the deal is there anymore. Nevertheless, Yosuke has taught her to be conflicted regarding vending machines.
  • Junpei Iori: Junpei-Kun is a great friend. She likes his candidness and sense of humor and finds him to be a very interesting human. She doesn't always get him, and he isn't all that bright, but she still has absolute faith in him. When the chips are down, she knows he'll have what it takes.


  • Yukiko Amagi: Aigis helped save her butt once. Her appreciation of Yukiko is, hilariously enough, largely because she is Chie's friend. Nevertheless, she wants her to be happy.
  • Fuuka Yamagishi: She's better with computers than Aigis is. She trusts Fuuka's instinct and is very grateful for her presence. Her very existence makes her own job easier. Absolute faith.
  • Masumi Hayashi: One of Aigis's more tumultous Shadow Possessed cases. She seems to be doing well now. Aigis is glad but a bit nervous about relapse.


  • Mitsuru Kirijo: Aigis knew Mitsuru when she was a little kid. Even then, Mitsuru was a very responsible young lady. Learning from little Mitsuru has inspired a great deal of Aigis's present character. She considers herself Mitsuru's servant more than she considers herself her father's servant and treats Mitsuru with the upmost respect.
  • Tomomi Fujimori: Aigis once was ready to kill Tomomi in order to stop her violence but the Abyss of Time arc showed her a different side of Tomomi. Now she's not comfortable with the idea.


  • Akihiko Sanada: Trusts him.
  • Naoya Toudou: Trusts him enough to explain her nature to him. Doesn't know if he's a Persona User, but suspects it. He is clearly capable of being discreet.
  • Akatsuki Enda: Taught her about hugs, and perhaps about kisses? He's clearly an amazing senpai. Of course like many idols, sometimes they show you their darker sides. Aigis was shaken.


  • Metis: Aigis's dear sister suffered greatly at the Kirijo Group. She taught her to seek a free life and to serve how she sees fit. Still, Aigis worries about her apparent--if understandable--distrust of humanity.
  • Ryotaro Dojima: Aigis feels better on him now that he granted her request for an internship. Funny how that works out. Sometimes you can't rely on first impressions.
  • Mae Ikina: Dangerous to those around her but moreso to herself. Aigis does not trust her. Yosuke does. This is very frustrating. Aigis cannot trust anybody who would want to be a machine.
  • Shinjiro Aragaki: A senpai who lost control of his power and killed a woman. Aigis can sympathize with accidentally getting people killed in a crossfire. It's her biggest fear. Luckily that hasn't happened to her. Or has it? He has agreed to teach her how to prepare food for Koromaru and she has promised him to not reveal his terrible secret (of being a great cook). She thinks he's pretty great.


  • Yukari Takeba: Yukari might think she's weird, but Aigis thinks Yukari is amazing and kind of scary. She does not want to upset Yukari Takeba. She wants to be friends with her. But she's scary.
  • Shinsuke Kusagawa: Obnoxious and way too sensitive. Aigis would prefer to ignore him but Shinsuke makes this difficult. Aigis has learned to be wary of people who would fit better in Utena than in SEES.


  • Fumiya Watanabe: Aigis thought Fumiya was a cyborg when she first saw him. She has since learned better. She trusts Fumiya, since he seems capable of discreetness and actually rather likes him, even if most of their encounters have been indirect.
  • Chie Satonaka: Possibly the coolest human ever. Aigis really looks up to her. She admires the lengths she goes to in order to protect Yukiko. In many ways the two are very similar. They work well as a team as well. She is amazed at what Chie's feet can do.
  • Chisaki Tohsaki: Goes out on her own too much. Of course other people do it. But Aigis is AWARE of Chisaki doing this. Troubling! But she seems to be a solid member of the team.


  • Nanako Dojima: A very responsible young girl. Reminds her of Mitsuru. As such, Aigis trusts her.
  • Katsuya Suou: He gave her a mission once to tell Tatsuya to go back to school. She completed it. Also, she got her interested in being a police officer by being so awesome.
  • Ken Amada: What a responsible young boy who is totally not out for bloody vengeance!


  • Deidra Doyle: Aigis doesn't really get Deidra but is thankful for her. If not for her, she would have never gone to Inaba. Thanks to Deidra, she has learned the value of traveling and meeting new friends.
  • Jin Shirato: Aigis nearly killed Jin once. She couldn't bring herself to finish him off while he was helpless and instead took him to a hospital for interrogation. It didn't go well. She isn't sure what to do about him.
  • Eien Seida: Being a competent and kind member of D4 means Aigis appreciates her greatly. A friend of Mai's is--well not always a friend of hers, but in this case it holds true. Her capabilities of a spotter are very useful. Aigis worries she judges her based on her robotic nature. She imagines Eien is frustrated with everybody throwing themselves in harm's way for her. She is a member of D4 after all. That should be her job.


  • Takaya Sakaki: Another person Aigis thinks she should kill. It's not hate. In some ways, she can comprehend his position, but he is her enemy and his elimination appears to be necessary in order to save the world.
  • Naoto Shirogane: Leader within the KDA. Seems professional. Aigis trusts him.
  • Yoshiro Yoshino: Aigis actually has a lot of faith in Yoshiro, she really likes him too. She worries for him. She often is conflicted as what to do with the guy because he has a tendency to freak out at her.
  • Ran Itoh: Taught her about hugging. Very important member of SEES. Aigis likes her.


  • Enoha Koinose: Aigis isn't too close to Enoha, but she is a Persona User and a right up individual. She is happy Enoha has found a trustworthy love in Tohru Adachi that will surely not end poorly.
  • Thora Kobayashi: Snuck on here when Aigis wasn't looking. The fiend.
  • Masahiko Irie: A pot with the habit of calling kettles black. Sometimes he calls ivory black too.
  • Katsura Tsuruya: Another mechanic could be useful...


  • Anzai Mizuno: If something were to happen to Anzai Mizuno, Port Island might very well be destroyed. As such, Anzai Mizuno is presently #3 in priority for people who must be protected, whether he likes it or not. She cares a lot for him, his advice having helped her out a lot in the past, but the confession that he had, at least at one point, loved her led to a stirring of her Papillon Heart. Nobody said that about her before.


  • Minato Arisato: Aigis must protect him. He has the Thirteenth Arcana Shadow sealed within him.
  • Shuji Ikutsuki: Clearly a trustworthy loyal man of Kirijo. She knows this because Shuji Ikutsuki told her that was the case.
  • Tsukino Kakehata: Aigis's attachments work with hers. In some ways she wants to be friendly with Tsukino purely for this reason--though she seems plenty nice as well.
  • Death: ENEMY! ELIMINATE OR SEAL ON SIGHT. DESTROY. DESTROY. DESTROY. TOP PRIORITY. Even metaphysically, on some level, Aigis is against this concept. It seems terribly unfair to her.


  • Naomi Suzuno: - Aigis never trusted Naomi since she tried to 'kidnap' her sister unit Metis. Could this misunderstanding be cleared up?! Probably, but it likely won't happen.
  • Shion Katsuragi: - My combat efficacy is down 10 percent. Shion, I need to be cleaned.


  • Itsuka Mizuhara: Aigis thinks Itsuka is pretty incredible. She is totally oblivious to any dark side that Itsuka may have. She is a bit scary, though otherwise a good friend.
  • Daisuke Itami: Anybody that insightful willing to act and look as he does is surely trouble. Luckily it will likely be for Masahiko.


  • Thora Kobayashi: Aigis's best friend. Somehow. Don't question it too much. Aigis is often concerned that Thora will give into her wrath and not come out. She tries to help by being her friend. It seems to be working, somewhat. She doesn't really care about her appearance. She spared Phaeton for her. She is grateful. Since Thora's ascension to Demon Queen, they have been a bit distant but Aigis assumes this is because they are both a lot busier than they used to be.
  • Takahisa Kandori: He's dead. Aigis should be relieved, but there is only emptiness. It seems he was not entirely full of lies.
  • Mai Namikawa: A human who is probably in some ways more robotlike than Aigis. But Aigis doesn't really believe that. So she just assumes Mai is the weirdest human she knows. She seems to be generally prosocial and, like Aigis, is willing to kill if it seems neccessary. As time has passed, Aigis has grown to appreciate her practical side and her willingness to think in hypotheticals is appreciated. Recently Mai comforted her when certain issues regarding Anzai came out. She is a good friend.


  • Hideo Aratami: What a disappointment. He seemed to be a great example of humanity when in reality he was just a douchebag who was power hungry and selfish all along.
  • Hinata Itoh: Another Itoh. Aigis has basically the same opinion regarding her as Ran. They're both just--very inspiring.
  • Teddie: Does Aigis know his true nature? It's a mystery. But he is totally bearable. Aigis trusts and cares for him. He may be silly and a bit dumb, but she can tell he's really a good bear.


  • Shiro Koda: Shiro Koda pulls on all of Aigis's protective instincts. She wants to protect him. Often, she ends up failing, which makes her miserable.


  • Shion Katsuragi: Seems to be a professional cop. She also shot Takaya Sakaki for being excessively smarmy. Aigis didn't mind but felt it might've been a poor time to do so. Probably her favorite officer because she seemed to be the one most likely to accept her dream of becoming one herself. Became a Temperance without warning, that skamp.
  • Tatsuya Suou: Aigis is curious about him but Tatsuya seems to hate her for her affiliation with Katsuya. Oh well.
  • Misaki Toritsume: Aigis was the first person Misaki met at the dorm. Aigis seems to think this means they like each other a lot.


  • Eriko Kirishima: A professional seeming member of the KDA. Aigis wishes she was around more.
  • Kaede Ikeda: A Shadow Possessed who taught Aigis that sometimes shooting a Shadow Possessed is not the answer. Then she became no longer a Shadow Possessed. Kaede supported her over a certain incident involving Anzai. Aigis sees her as a good friend.
  • Rem S. Hoshii: Aigis knew Rem under the name Nagisa. She thinks she made peace with Nagisa before she died. She has no idea she's alive again. She still thinks sadly about Nagisa from time to time. Maybe if she had been more human they could have been friends.
  • Hajime Shidou: A cop with an adorable baby. Instant love.


  • Aigis once rped with Minato and the whole time he was sleeping :)
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