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Akatsuki Enda
Akatsuki Enda
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Full Name 遠田暁(えんだあかつき)
Arcana IV - The Emperor
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 2, 1991
Age 18
Faction SEES
Team Interceptor
Persona Hector
Weapon Manriki (Chain)
Eyes Dark amber
Hair Sandy blond
Height 5 feet, 11 inches
Voice Actor Ryotaro Okiayu
Player AyuOhseki
"I'm still afraid of letting people get too close to me because of him, but... those few people who I have let in, I'm even more afraid of losing."
Profile And Skills

The younger brother in a set of identical twins, Gekkoukan graduate and Sumaru University student Akatsuki Enda would at one time not have let anyone think that the successful, popular, handsome, learned person he is was anything but effortlessly amazing at anything he put his hand to. Since coming to realize that his attempts to project himself as "perfect" were only damaging himself, though, he has come to accept that it's all right to show the hard work he puts into being what he is now. A sensitive but mature young man with an aversion to killing, Akatsuki's career goal is to become a diplomat, though he dabbles in poetry on the side, because of a desire to protect as many people as possible, even while he acknowledges that it's impossible to protect everyone. His emotional barriers have also come down somewhat thanks to the influence of close friends, and stands with them as a steadfast member of the Shinsengumi while maintaining his ties with SEES.

Anyone Plain Can Be Lovely, Good Twin, Anything Loved Can Be Lost, Enda's Game, Maybe I Lost My Direction, Fluency: English, What If Our Love Is The Cost, Brother...



  • Weapon: Manriki -
  • Body: Stylish Leather Jacket -
  • Feet: Sneakers -
  • Accessory: -

Social Stats:

  • Understanding: 4 -
  • Courage: 3 -
  • Knowledge: 4 -
  • Diligence: 5 -
  • Expression: 4 -
  • Charm: 5 -

Trivia Facts:

  • Akatsuki is the younger twin, by about five minutes. There were complications during birth wherein Kyo was strangled by the birthing cable, and so they were delivered via C-section.
  • Akatsuki's favorite color is red, particularly vivid shades like crimson and scarlet.
  • Akatsuki and Kyo's names are both written with the same kanji, which means "dawn"/"daybreak"--their respective names are just different readings thereof.
Combat Information

Blank for now.


Blank for now.

Notable Social Links
  • O - THE FOOL
    • Minako Arisato: Minato's younger twin sister. Joined the tennis club after she had a practice match against Akatsuki. He visited her later when she was sick with a cold with Ran, and Minako stole a kiss (what would be her first) from him. Akatsuki was pretty surprised by that, as well as her boldness.
    • Minato Arisato: SEES field leader. Akatsuki shares a mutual respect with him and thinks he has a good head on his shoulders, but thinks he probably tries to do too much, and that that may end up wringing him dry further down the line. Hasn't said as such since, well, who is he to talk?
    • Shiki Ichimonji: An enthusiastic first year. Akatsuki likes him a lot, and cheers up just by being around him. He thinks he's probably too excitable and easily distracted, though it seems like after Mikage-cho, these traits have become subdued, if changed entirely.
    • Shiori Hibiki: Akatsuki's kouhai. Their relationship seems to consist entirely of Shiori complaining to Akatsuki about how much she hates her life. Akatsuki has made himself available to her without trying to force himself into her life, and explicitly told her so during a recent conversation. He convinced her that she'd be happier leaving SEES, given her friction with major members Minato and Aigis, and sincerely hopes for her happiness and worries for her health, though he acknowledges that Shiori has little to no respect for her own well-being.
    • Yuuka Chiba: Shiori's best friend. Akatsuki is not terribly fond of her, though he has helped her when she's asked, and when Shiori's asked when she told him Yuuka attempted suicide. He was sincerely glad when Hitoshi's arrival in SEES and affections for Yuuka seemed to mark an upswing in Yuuka's spirits, but when she sent a note along with her Christmas present to him essentially accusing him of having something wrong with him, Akatsuki found it so discomfiting that he now does not want to have much more to do with her than absolutely necessary.
    • Mitsuru Kirijo: SEES leader. Akatsuki respects her and even took her out to dinner once.
    • Akihiko Sanada: SEES senpai. Akihiko was mistrustful of Akatsuki at first, but the two bonded over a SEES mission planning meeting. Akatsuki challenged Akihiko to a match at that point too, which has not quite yet occurred.
    • Kyo Enda: Akatsuki's identical twin brother. He knows him better than anybody else, for better or worse. Their relationship is especially rocky right now after a certain visit and the polarizing matter of Miwa (as well as their own mutual estrangement), though Akatsuki still cares for him. After a visit on Christmas morning wherein Akatsuki personally delivered Kyo's present to him, their relationship seems to have improved somewhat, though how long that will last is questionable.
    • Shinjiro Aragaki: SEES senpai. Akatsuki both respects and is wary of Shinjiro. Shinjiro asked Akatsuki to spar out of the blue one day, and they called it a tie at the end. The two of them get along now... sort of. After helping the Itoh sisters save Ran from the TV at Hinata and Kanon's request, he found out that Shinjiro murdered an innocent woman, albeit by accident. It's made Akatsuki uncomfortable to be around him. They haven't spoken since except at large gatherings, and though Shinjiro has noticed Akatsuki's distance, due to his own discomfort with his past sins, he isn't likely to approach him. Akatsuki may approach him on his own sometime in the near future, though...
    • Rena Kinukasa: Kyo and Akatsuki's childhood friend, as well as Kyo's ex. She seems to have a romantic interest in Akatsuki now. They don't get the time or chance to see each other very often, though, so Akatsuki doesn't really feel the same way. This may cause friction in the future.
    • Tohya Kidzuki: A (former?) Seven Sisters delinquent who one day approached Akatsuki wanting to know about his brother Kyo. Due to the nature of her Persona, she's able to tell them apart easily and immediately, which quickly put her in Akatsuki's very good graces. He's started to develop feelings for her after opening up enough to her to be able to talk to her about his true feelings on various things, especially Kyo. She turned him down when he admitted how he felt, explaining that she had feelings for someone else, but they have remained on friendly, if somewhat awkward, terms, even after Akatsuki learned she's a team leader in KNOWS.
    • Aigis: SEES combat robot. She gave Akatsuki a full body o_ohug, after which point he kissed her on the forehead and chided her gently for being too forward. Aigis was not sure what to make of the forehead kiss and thanked him for his help in her "training," which he accepted graciously. It was at Aigis' and Chisaki's request that Akatsuki agreed to look into Kaede Ikeda, who is Shadow-Possessed by Murava. Although Akatsuki hasn't opened up to Aigis, her sincere concern for his well-being after his grades dropped somewhat in the December finals and her desire to remain in contact with him even after he graduates Gekkoukan has raised his opinion of and affection level for her.
    • Chisaki Tohsaki: One of Akatsuki's kohais, they're both on the track team. Chisaki is brash and impetuous but aware of this. Akatsuki likes her well enough, and Chisaki started to develop a crush on him. However, it's been a long time since they've crossed social circles.
    • Ran Itoh: Hinata's older sister. Akatsuki flirts with her sometimes, but is inoffensive and not serious about it, especially since she's dating Shinjiro. Ran likes him, but finds him suspicious on account of thinking him too perfect. This came out when Akatsuki helped save Ran from the TV world, and although they've talked about it, Akatsuki has not really opened up to her. She was the first to whom he said that he was considering becoming a diplomat instead of a criminal psychologist, though, and he is considering opening up to her a little after all.
    • Yoshiro Yoshino: Another of Akatsuki's kouhais. Yoshiro admires Akatsuki intensely for his ability to keep everything together. Akatsuki's helped him with his studies enough so that Yoshiro was able to raise his exam grades and pull himself out of academic probation, and has also looked into the Yoshino Courier Service bombing. Akatsuki was the first to call Yoshiro on his misogyny.
    • Eikichi Mishina:
    • Tsukino Kakehata: One of Akatsuki's kohais, they're both on the tennis team. Akatsuki actually encouraged her to join, where Tsukino found that she takes to it like a fish to water. Tsukino likes Akatsuki, or perhaps liked; beyond tennis practice, they've drifted apart.
    • Hitoshi Taniguchi: A recent addition to SEES, Akatsuki warned him against staying out past midnight, and also lead a team to rescue him when exactly that happened anyway one day. He was present when Hitoshi awoke to his Persona and has protected and looked out for him, thus earning Hitoshi's admiration and devotion.
    • Miwa Saitou: Kyo's girlfriend. Akatsuki worries about her deeply as a result. They have a pretty formal relationship. Akatsuki likes her well enough, and asked Tatsuya to look out for her, which is what got Tatsuya involved with Kyo in the first place. ...sort of. Akatsuki looks out for her as well, and occasionally they work together.
    • Naomi Suzuno: An elegant, genteel young lady whom Akatsuki met by chance in Okina City before she transferred into Seven Sisters. After a discussion on literature, he offered to tell her about several of the students there, knowing about several of them, and she accepted. Their relationship involves a lot of teasing and joking, and has recently budded into something closer to true friendship when they agreed to call each other by their first names. After learning that Naomi is a ranking member of KNOWS, Akatsuki nearly lost faith in Naomi, but when he confronted her about it, their relationship ended up stronger than ever.
    • Itsuka Mizuhara: One of Akatsuki's kohais, they're both on the tennis team. Akatsuki was the one who found Itsuka when she first awakened to the Dark Hour, and introduced her to Mitsuru, who inducted her into SEES. Itsuka used to like Akatsuki, but now that she and Shiki have started dating, they're more friends. Their relationship shifted further after Itsuka returned from Mikage-cho and admitted to Akatsuki that she originally hit on him just to try to use him, though Akatsuki does not begrudge her this, and in fact told her he had that figured out the whole time.
    • Hideo Aratami: Akatsuki didn't meet him until, at Itsuka's request, he helped save him from the TV world in Sumaru. Hideo's issues struck a chord in Akatsuki, and he ended up trying his best to try to save him--but it was a failure. They haven't interacted much since then due to living in different cities, but Akatsuki occasionally worries about the Shadow-Possessed boy who might also be in Strega now.
    • Hinata Itoh: One of Akatsuki's kohais, they're both on the track team. Hinata has a crush on Akatsuki and even confessed her feelings to him. It took some time, but he decided to accept them. However, Mikage-cho happened before they could go very far, and with Hinata inside and Akatsuki outside, it became quickly apparent that there's just no chemistry there. On their second date, Hinata confronted him about this, and they decided to break up amicably and go back to being just friends.
    • Tatsuya Suou: The most popular boy at Seven Sisters High School, Akatsuki's twin brother Kyo being the second-most. They first met trying to save Hideo, which gave each the impression of the other's competence. Tatsuya, having decent Resonance detection, also realized Kyo's true nature and like Tohya told Akatsuki that the two are nothing alike. Akatsuki respects and admires Tatsuya deeply for this and for his unflappable personality, and is involved as a periphery member in the gang Tatsuya's trying to start to protect Sumaru. They have taken to hanging out a little more, and while they're not on a first-name basis, Tatsuya has come to the conclusion that Akatsuki is nearly as troublesome as Naomi. This is a good thing.
    • Kaede Ikeda: A smart but unpopular second-year at Gekkoukan who is Shadow-Possessed. Akatsuki has shown an interest in her because Chisaki and Aigis asked him to help with helping her to become un-Possessed, but due to conflicting schedules, they haven't spoken much.
    • Kanon Itoh: Hinata's oldest sister. Akatsuki doesn't know her as well as he does Hinata and Ran, but they like each other as well. She asked Akatsuki, along with Hinata, to help them save their sister Ran when she was thrown into a TV by Strega.
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