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Yukiko Amagi
Full Name 天城雪子(あまぎゆきこ)
Aliases Yukiko
Arcana II - The High Priestess
Persona Konohana Sakuya Custom
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 19
Birth Date December 8th
Blood Type O
Preferred Weapon Fans
Faction KDA
Teams Magnums
Job Phoenix Rising
Origin Persona 4
Voice Actor Japanese: Ami Koshimizu
English: Amanda Winn Lee
"Hang in there! Can you stand?"
Profile And Skills

Profile: In many respects, Yukiko Amagi embodies the classic ideal of a Japanese maiden: she is gentle, elegant, reserved, brilliant at her studies, and yes, often rather submissive. As such she's always been popular, but she's never had time to do anything other than work at the prestigious Amagi Inn, which she stands to inherit and manage. She resents this duty, but drives herself into the ground to live up to it, regardless. Thanks to this extended isolation, she tends to misunderstand certain social cues, in large part because she cannot believe that she could ever be interesting to others, when she's too worthless and cowardly to live her own life. One of the earliest victims of the Inaba Midnight Channel phenomenon, Yukiko emerged from her trial by fire determined to help fight the monsters that terrorize the human spirit; the hunted has become the hunter. She's applied her considerable intellect and mystical potency to helping the KDA solve mysteries for years, and has now joined her friends in (temporarily?) leaving Inaba for the first time in her life to attend Sumaru University.

Skills:The Phoenix Cannot Be Caged, A Touch Of Iron, Did Somebody Call For A Doctor?, How About A Flamethrower?, Lost In Translation, Inn Heiresses Aren't All Like Paris Hilton, She Is Her Own Laugh Track, Lethal Chef, Brings Home All The Strays, Fanning The Flames, Armor-Piercing Slap, Possibly A Lesbian, The Amagi Challenge

Notable Social Links
  • O - THE FOOL
    • Yu Narukami: Something about Yu is simply trustworthy and dependable. Yu was the guy that spearheaded the attempt to rescue her from her captivity in the television, something she is very grateful for. But her feelings for him are a bit more profound than mere gratitude; over the years the Fearless Leader has become one of her dearest friends.
    • Tohru Adachi: Yukiko's parents have raised her to always respect the police - and who couldn't like Adachi? He's very kind, sweet, and very funny. He's a real goof a lot of times, but that's just part of his appeal, right?
    • Yosuke Hanamura: Yukiko has very much tried to get Yosuke back into the fold after his apparent re-emergence from Shadow-replaced obscurity; she feels very guilty for ever believing the real Yosuke could have done such terrible things, and wants to make it up to him. She's finding the Newly Returned Old Yosuke the sort of guy she could be quite fond of, especially if he ever stopped screwing around constantly.
    • Maki Sonomura: Yukiko and Maki have the sort of understanding and respect that is forged in battle but tempered by commonalities deeper than that. She looks out for the other girl as best she can.
    • Mitsuru Kirijo: Yukiko has fought alongside Mitsuru now and again, though it is at Itsuka's call, generally, that she comes to support SEES. Regardless, she respects the other woman as a battlefield comrade, and would like to get to know her better outside of such life-and-death situations.
    • Saburo Acosta: Seemingly a friend of her father's, and an exceptionally well-mannered gentleman, which impresses her. She knows so little about him, though.
    • Kanji Tatsumi: Yukiko knew Kanji when they were children, and has steadfastly insisted on looking past his, ah, checkered present to the sensitive young man beneath. She won't allow him to be badmouthed in her presence.
    • Kei Nanjou: Yukiko once brought toxic waste to his potluck table. Maybe everyone's forgotten.
    • Rise Kujikawa: Like everyone she's dragged out of the TV, Yukiko feels a connection with Rise, but it's a bit stronger between sempai and kohai than most; in part because they're both battle supporters, in their healer and spotter ways respectively. They know what it is to /not/ get to blow up the big bad even when they make you /really mad/, to have to stand by and help others do it. It's both a burden and a pleasure, and one that they share.
    • Shinsuke Kusagawa: Yukiko has a bit of a terrible unrequited crush on Shinsuke, in that way that only a teenage girl with shared daddy issues can have on an /amazingly/ unattainable boy.
    • Aigis: Is she /really/ a robot? The guns are demonstrative, but she seems more human than human.
    • Chie Satonaka: Chie is Yukiko's BFF, college roommate, and then some, and Chie has joked about being Yukiko's prince. Yukiko is pretty much okay with that, particularly since seeing the utter lengths that Chie is willing to go to to keep her safe. Although at the heart of things, Yukiko often wishes she were stronger, so that she could return the favour of protecting the most important person in her life.
    • Anise Thompson: While Anise was once on Yukiko's unliked list, for, well, shooting her near the heart and threatening Chie, Anise is slowly worming her way back into Yukiko's good graces. She is still scary sometimes, but she is intelligent, polite, and strong; three things that Yukiko admires.
    • Naoto Shirogane: Mysterious, quiet, cool - Naoto has a personality that meshes well with Yukiko's, and Yukiko has enjoyed the conversations that they have had thus far. Courtesy of the Lover's Ultra-Shadow, Yukiko was let in on Naoto's secret well before the rest of the world, and kept it faithfully until the Young Detective was ready to reveal herself.
    • Junko Kurosu: Yukiko met Junko in the midst of some fairly charged events involving Hitler and a certain long-lost son. They carried that son out of the mountain together. Yukiko hasn't forgotten; the mother made a major, and favorable, impression on her. That hasn't stopped them from being on opposite sides since then, in which Junko's sense of humor solidified her favorable impression.
    • Thora Kobayashi: Thora's a friend to the KDA, reliable, brave, strong. Yukiko likes her, though she doesn't entirely approve of the tattoos.
    • Enoha Koinose: One of Yukiko's favorite adults. She has /enormous/ respect for the not-a-cop, and has gladly worked with her during strenuous events in the past. Like Nazis. Also brothers.
    • Michiru Fukase: An old friend, one of the ones made when Michiru was part of the team that saved Yukiko from the TV. Also, briefly, Yukiko's ikebana tutor. She's been wanting to help Michiru retake her entrance exams.
    • Tohya Kidzuki: One of the legion of delinquents-with-hearts-of-gold who have won Yukiko's. More to come.
    • Aika Nakamura: Part-time Amagi Inn employee, Yukiko worries about Aika sometimes; not because she works a lot, as that's something the two girls have in common, but because she works to hide from something worse, which is also something the two girls have in common.
    • Seiichi Miyamoto: Yukiko is obliquely aware on some level that Seiichi is One Bad Dude. But they've been polite enough to each other in the past, and he didn't leave vomit all over the floor when he stayed at her Inn.
    • Shion Katsuragi: Yukiko is terribly fond of Shion - Yukiko considers her a kindred sort of spirit, and she is comfortable enough around her to drop the politeness that her conversation with adults usually consists of. Secretly, she kinda feels that Shion is the big sister that she never had.
    • Itsuka Mizuhara: One of Yukiko's closest contacts in SEES, they met after a bit of a school exchange program, but became closer friends over time. Itsuka is Yukiko's go-to person about Dark Hour matters. Also, occasionally, crushes.
    • Takahisa Kandori: Scary, scary, scary. Every encounter that Yukiko had had with Kandori had left her nervous, and more on edge than the one before. Something about the man is inherently terrifying, and unsettling - which is why the meeting between her group and him in Mikage-cho was so intriguing. It seemed that there was a man behind all that spookiness, and in spite of herself, Yukiko finds herself curious what sort of man would even want all the horrible things that Kandori seems to?
    • Mai Namikawa: Yukiko healed Mai when Mai's Shadow dragged her off to Tartarus and left her there in torturous captivity. As it happens, lending other people strength tends to cause Yukiko to feel rather fond of them. They don't know each other well yet, but she'd like to.
    • Teddie: Yukiko's heart went out to the amnesiac, isolated 'bear' when they first met in her dungeon; she was kind to him, and has continued to be, out of more than just pity and natural politeness -- he's like a little brother to her. That means that sometimes he's a really obnoxious brat, but she puts on a tolerant smile and soldiers on through all the Scoring comments.
    • Misaki Toritsume: They're on a first-name basis, and that's not nothin', for either of them.
    • Tatsuya Suou: Yukiko has brought (not made!) Tatsuya Suou a birthday cake now and again. She mostly likes him for Chie's sake, they haven't had a lot of time together. He seems nice enough. Besides fighting various shadows over the years, they fought the ultimate daddy issues cosmological embodiment... thing... in Xibalba, and that counts for something.
    • Tatsuya Sudou: They blew up Hitler, stormed Xibalba, and conquered the subconscious nightmare of Maboroshi together, and there are less sound foundations for a friendship. She's fought the NWO since then and enjoyed the singular honor of him calling for his entire team to take her out because of the asset her tactical judgements and massive healing represented; she took this for the compliment it was when next they met off the battlefield, where they enjoy a somewhat awkward 'we're both too classy to not let bygones be bygones' truce. The NWO has a standing invitation to book a retreat at the Amagi Inn, where they would doubtless be treated like kings -- and charged like them.

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