Wataru Hoshimoto

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Wataru Hoshimoto
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Personal Information
Real Name Wataru Hoshimoto
Aliases That Creepy Mute Kid
Arcana XII - The Hanged Man
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Birth Date January 7th
Preferred Weapon Crowbars
Organization Information
Faction Unaffiliated
Assignment Junior High School, Second Year
Persona - Agravain
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OOC Information
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Megumi Toyoguchi

"... Bro-... ther..."



Wataru Hoshimoto is an autistic mute who generally not particularly friendly towards strangers. He rarely expresses himself, maintaining a blank gaze. He is docile for the most part, if seemingly timid, but can quickly become apprehensive to the offer of a hand or abrasive and violent when someone does nearly touch him. The death of his brother left Wataru saddened and filled with vengeance, seeking to end whoever was responsible. Wataru is usually found out in the streets, playing his guitar from time to time, if not sketching. However, while vivid, some of the sketches are strange.


Abnormally Skilled Acoustic Guitarist, 'Crowbar - One Weapon, Many Uses', Autistically Mute, Stargazer, Knowledge: Astronomy, Baseball Fan, Knowledge: First-Aid, Abrasive When Nearly Touched, Reserved in Action, What Would Big Brother Do?, Sketch Artist, Sign Language, Obsession: Shadows, You Will Find Him Playing Out In The Streets With A Change Fund, Fisherboy, Emotionless Boy, Self-Loathing 101

Persona Social Stats

Courage: 3
Diligence: 5
Expression: 3
Understanding: 2
Knowledge: 3


Age: 13
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japanese
Hometown: Port Island
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Sketching, Stargazing, and guitar-playing
Personal Treasures: Yoh's Acoustic Guitar, Yoh's lucky pendant, and Yoh's SEES labeled Evoker
Favorite Food: Vegetable Ramen
Likes: Astronomy, Baseball, and visiting brother's grave
Dislikes: Strangers touching him, 'Cat Got Your Tongue' jokes
Best Sport: Baseball

Sketch Book

One of the things that Wataru keeps in his poessession is his sketchbook. This is an important frame of reference as it contains pictures of past events and is likely his personal record. The number are the pages in order that he has from the time his RP started to the recent times.

Yoh: This sketch features a teenager who looks to be nineteen years old, he is wearing a Gekkoukan High School uniform with a SEES armband. He looks like that he is turning around, smiling outwardly.
Murderer: A life-like sketch of a blobous creature. It has three arms, one is carrying a mask, another is carrying a knife, and the last one is empty.
Murderer: See previous page, except pencil based slash marks with the kanji 'hate' and 'murderer' all over it.
His Evoker: It looks like a regular evoker, except SEES labeled and has quite a few slash mark at the top and side base. It also has a few dents from its usage. It includes a depicton of the bottom hilt, bearing the english cursive of 'HY' and a few etchings of a kanji of 'good luck'.
Shadows: The sketch is of two figures. One of them is of Wheeled Lion shadow while the other is a beetle shadow.
'Charisma/Takaya's Promise: Reunion': There are three sections in the picture going down.
  1. First one depicts a shirtless long-haired man with tattoos all over his upperbody within a dark alley. His form is a bit obscured by the shadows, but a hand reaches outward. The second part fea
  2. Second part reveals Wataru with a bright smile, walking to the side while holding the hand of an older teenager with messy hair. The older teenager is about nineteen, who is carrying a cheerful demeanor.
  3. Third part features Wataru being held up, given a cheerful look by the same teenager.
Lucas: A man in his twenties. It is a little hard to make out of the individual. However, what can be made out is that the individual is a priest. Or pastor. The expression that the man makes is an intimidating grin.
Lifeless: This depicts Wataru lying against a wall, his right leg outstretched while his left leg is at his knee. His body is slumped over.
Disappear: The sketch of Wataru is losing its details as the drawing moves down to the waistline, and then he disappears completely.
'Believe?': The start of the sketch is of Wataru's back. He is the only one detailed out. However, the sketch that isn't detailed is what is in front of where Wataru is facing. A mass of people with their backs turned on them. One of the figures with the back turned is detailed out. It appears to be a man-sized cartoonish bear?
Ghost Shadows 2.0: The picture is a sketch of three shadows that are lifelike.
  1. One of them is of a wraithlike woman with spectral tattered hair with strands of a white kimono. Japanese in origin.
  2. Another is a man in a suit with innumerable scars along the body while there are a few blacken parts to represent blood.
  3. The last one is a figure of a humanoid, beautiful woman. Except, the arms and legs from elbow and knee-down are furry(long, fine fur) with oversized claws and wolf-paws. The hair is extremely long.
Guardian of Samegawa: A very vivid, life-like sketch. The creature looks quite massive. The fish is .... almost looks like a Gyarados off of pokemon.
Inaba Shrine Fox: It is a very detailed, realistic picture of a fox.
Long Live Muted King: Wataru in a Jack Frost outfit and a crown. He has a scepter raised in the air as king. He is surrounded by the Jack Frost who raise their hands in the air.
Shadow 3.0: The sketch depicts a creature with thick fur and sharp antlers with eyes lit of fire. Big, hairy, it looks ferocious.
Betrayed: Wataru is sitting on a hill with a longing look, as if waiting for someone. It is raining and his clothes look wet.
Friendly Warning: It is the image of Tomomi. Her hand is on the shoulders of Wataru. In turn, the boy is depicted grabbing the arm that has the shoulder and sinking his teeth to it. On the bottom is a note: 'I don't like strangers touching me. I hit them. I don't like strangers grabbing me. I bite them.'
Shadow 4.0: This page is blood-stained that dried long ago. It features various shadows, including some dancers with hears on their faces.
Shadow - Death: The page is bloodstained that dried long ago. The sketching includes a figure with a lot of bandages along the face while the attire is similar to a ghastly wild-west figurine. The figure wields a pair of long muzzled revolvers.
Important People - This page contains a bust sized sketch of a short haired girl in what appears to be a shirt(Naeka), a long haired foreign man with glasses and a pastor's outfit (Lucas), and a short haired young lady with sleepy eyes and a blouse(Shiori).
Aki - This features a little girl who looks the age of 7, she is smiling. Over her head is '7'. Another form is the picture of her if she was a bit older. The number above is '13'.
Strega - Asshole: This is a sketching of Jin with a growling form of an angry face, a bit of blood coming down his lip.
Maki - This features a short haired young woman with a small mole at the bottom right jawline.


~ "I...am you... you... are I. I... am Agravain... of the Round Table. We shall expose the truth..."

Background: One of the Knights of the Round Table. He is the nephew of King Arthur and half brother is Mordred. While handsome and a capable fighter, he was reputable for malice and villainy, for he was obsessed with exposing his aunt Guinevere's affair with Lancelot. Despite the reputation, he sometimes acted in heroics and was named in the list of respectable knights as "Agravain of the Hard Hand".

Persona Gift - Hollow Veil: This passive ability alters the perception about the boy in the eyes of the public. As such, the boy will appear soulless, ranging from the blank stare to just the overall presence about him. However, the 'veil' can manifest a menacing look when he glares and it will grow worse when he feels threatened.

Attack Name SP Cost Effects
Arm Chopper 12 A slash so brutal it causes the target to use more effort to perform physical feats.
Cleave 5 Regular slashing attack from Agravain's big sword.
Dark Saber 11 A charged blade of darkness attack.
Dekunda 6 Removes all -nda status effects.
Dia 5 Heals one person.
Mamudo 13 Releases a gate of darkness underneath each target.
Vorpal Blade 14 Slices and dices everything in its path.
Mudo 7 Releases a gate of darkness in front of target.
Venomous Scratch 11 A slash attack with a poisonous effect(damaging a target per round).
Dark Critical 0 Allows for abilities of dark property to do greater damage than normal.

School Life

Wataru is one of the few characters who is not a senior high school student. Wataru -is- a junior high school student at a school that isn't too far from Gekkoukan High School. He has a normal school life, but he is -very- distant from everyone. The students at his school likely talk about him as the weird boy who doesn't speak. People avoid him because they know Wataru has a history of violence. However, he is incredibly intelligent.

Wataru's involvement with Gekkoukan is in the form of a Special Education program that was given the greenlight through his parents and the school. The Special Education program involves being in Gekkoukan High under the guidance of the student counselor, Lucas Xavier. He will be learning high school curriculum one day, and then he will be doing his regular class the next day. If he keeps the grades up on both levels, Wataru may be able to advance him to be a first year at Gekkoukan instead of having to complete a third year at the junior high school.
For the most part, Wataru -has- done a good job with showing exceptional grades in class and the exams. However, his distant life and social behavior has much to be desired for.


  • Hisoka Hoshimoto (mother, alive): Hisoka is the housewife of the Hoshimoto residence. She is often with a calm, yet cheery demeanor. Quite proper, she is thoughtful and is often a person that people can go to. However, Hisoka is easy to cross and will lecture the head off of a person when warranted.
  • Father: UNKNOWN
  • Yoh Hoshimoto (brother, deceased): Yoh is the oldest of the siblings by six years. He attended Gekkoukan High and was quite popular due to his cheerful yet laidback nature. Yoh possessed an optimistic point of view, no matter how bad things seemed. He along with four other friends developed a band over the years known as the 'Razor Heaven', finally getting off-ground the 3rd year. He was particularly skilled with both the bass and acoustic guitar and he always loved to rock out at any opportune moment. He is particular about 'luck' being involved, as he was lucky for the most part.
    • He was a member of SEES and his Persona was Gawain.
    • Yoh did, however, have a bit of a temper to him and this caused him to be a bit brash.
    • His main weapon was an axe.
    • He was formerly part of the kendo club as well.
    • His death happened sometime in November 2008. Direct cause of death was unknown, as he suffered a piercing wound to the heart and was found underwater. The rumors were that he was stabbed by a mugger and was thrown off of the bridge. His body was found along with his nearly drowned little brother, Wataru.


  • Wataru can be found busking in the streets in Port Island.
  • Wataru has a long history of violence in school, but it's been mostly provoked violence. Otherwise, he keeps to himself.
  • He is also participates in a nightly shadow hunt as his personal activity with the pastor Lucas Xavier.
  • He is a huge fan of 'Tales of the Strange', which has inspired him to be a supernatural hunter.
  • Wataru loves cute things, especially Jack Frosts.


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