Taiki Himuro

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Taiki Himuro
Personal Information
Real Name Taiki Himuro
Aliases Taiki, Tai
Arcana Sun
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age ~17
Birth Date Unknown (Observed Jan1st)
Preferred Weapon Bow
Organization Information
Faction SEES
Job High School Student
Divisions Attacker
Assignment Third Year
Persona - Homusubi
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OOC Information
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Kazuya Nakai (Japanese),

J. Michael Tatum (English)


General Information

"You can't help but stop and marvel at the majesty of the unseen world around us."


Just recently having moved from out in the country, Taiki has been raised in an older shrine in the mountains for much of his life. Not really all that used to socializing with other people his own age, he's mainly been around older monks and priests, and generally tends to be a bit more laid back due to the slower pace of life out in the sticks. He was introduced to the| Persona game at a young age, as one of his mentors believed that it would help to open his awareness to the spiritual world around him. While trained as a shrine priest for most of his life, Taiki has also struggled with his relative isolation, having few people his own age around for company and little in the way of modern conveniences. After several years of nagging, the priests have consented to allow him to travel to the city in order to finish out his education.


Laid Back, Back Country Boy, Grew Up In A Shrine, Loves The Big City, Taught By A Bunch Of Old Men, Surprisingly Good With A Bow, Spends Too Much Time At Shogi, Knowledge: Spirits, Knowledge: The Occult, Also Plays Go


Taiki's resonance appears as a faint aura of red flame around his body. It gives off a faint feeling of warmth and radiance to those who can feel resonance that way. There is always the faint sound of a fire crackling from his presona burning away in his soul, and for those who can detect Persona's by scent there is always a faint hint of cinnamon in the air around Taiki - unless he gets upset, in which case it changes to a much more pungent aroma of brimstone.

Taiki's resonance has been described as 'comforting' by several people for the sense of warmth and security it puts out.


  • Knowledgeable Flattery - Taiki pays his respects to the demon, and attempts to appeal to it's strength and powerful nature to win it's trust.
  • Chastise - Taiki censures the demon for it's evil nature, criticizing it's evil actions and encouraging it to act more positively in the future.
  • Compassionate Shoulder - Taiki listens earnestly to the demon, encouraging it to speak of it's problems and unburden it's soul.
  • Sphinx's Gambit - Taiki challenges the demon to a game or test, daring it to place it's wits against his own.


"I am thou... thou art I. I am Homusubi, the flame that brought end to the beginning..."

Taiki's Persona is Homusubi, Japanese god of fire that was born of the creator gods Izanami and Izanagi. His flames were so intense that he burned Izanami to death as he was being born. In his grief, Izanagi cut Homusubi into eight pieces and cast them across Japan, where they became eight volcanos. His birth was said to mark the end of creation and the beginning of death in the world.

Power Description
Agi Small fire damage to one target. Smolder!
Agilao Medium fire damage to one target. Burn!
Agidyne Large fire damage to one target. Incinerate!
Fire Amp Increases all fire damage done. Burns things even better.
Fire Weapon All of Taiki's normal attacks have the added fire effect.
L'Oiseau de Feu Summons the bird of flame to swoop down and engulf one target, burning them for several rounds.
Maragi Small fire damage to several targets. Char!
Mariagion Medium fire damage to several targets. Roast!
Patra Removes negative status effects from a friendly target.
Purge Removes positive status effects from an enemy target

Character Notes


  • Taiki tends to speak in a very formal manner, and put's quite a bit of emphasis on speaking to other people properly and not being overly familiar if there is no cause for it. His upbringing left him with a very clear sense of manners that he finds difficult to violate except in times of stress. People who tend to be overly familiar or ask for him to be very open and casual with them have a tendency to make the young man uncomfortable, as he isn't sure how to react in these sorts of situations. Thus far the only person to have gotten him on a first name basis is Minako Arisato, thanks to her relentless informality and unwillingness to take no for an answer. However, he has had a few exasperated lapses with Naomi Suzuno as well.
  • While he doesn't preach very often and is willing to let people find their own ways towards spirituality, Taiki is often willing to dispense a proverb that he learned from one of his mentors or teachers in the temple where he was raised. His own faith that the gods are watching and will help when they are able is very strong, and this gives Taiki a very optimistic and positive outlook on life. People who are pessimists tend to bother the young man more than he lets on, as he views their attitudes as being a complete rejection of the beautiful world that he sees all around him.
  • Taiki views caring for other people as being a part of his duty as a priest. He is loath to leave anyone in danger, and is more than willing to throw himself into the fire in order to try and pull someone else out. He makes very few discriminations about this behavior, and while he focuses on those who are least able to protect themselves first, he will not be happy until everyone he can save has been saved. This is part of the drive that has pushed Taiki to venture out into the Dark Hour every night since he learned of it's existence, hunting down Shadows and ensuring that they are not able to prey on anyone else. A discussion with Minako Arisato has lead Taiki to recognize that he can't deal with the entire Dark Hour on his own - it also has lead him to the belief that other people have the same problem, and that part of his duty is to extend a helping hand, even if the other person might not believe it is needed.
  • The propensity that Taiki has for planning and research goes beyond 'dedicated' and almost to the level of 'obsessive'. While he is willing to pitch himself headlong into unknown situations, he wants to be as prepared as possible and obtain as much data as he possibly can beforehand. This tends to lead to him bringing supplies along to any mission he participates in, and any activities that might be seen as less than legal means that he works in disguise - to this end he has a cheap 'sneaking suit' consisting of old patched clothing that is surprisingly good camouflage at night, as well as a mask or bandanna of sorts that he can use to hide his identity.
  • Taiki's ability to research and ferret out information is fairly extensive. From his initial conversation with Hitoshi Taniguchi he was able to gather enough data to cause Shinjiro Aragaki to recommend his immediate recruitment to SEES. Upon his meeting with Mitsuru Kirijo, Taiki managed to skip most of the introduction by explaining to the heiress what he knew about the group and it's activities. He remains suspicious about the Kirijo Group despite Mitsuru's assurances - he believes there is something deeper going on in Port Island and is determined to find out what.


  • Taiki has been training for the last nine years as a priest in a temple located in the mountains in northern Japan. His training was mainly handled by his mentor and father figure, Hiroshi Irohto, and he had almost completed it before coming finish his last few years of high school in Port Island.
  • While Taiki often mentions that he was raised by a temple and taught by the priests and monks there, he is actually a ward of the temple. He has no memories of not living there, although he often traveled to other small villages in the area. The largest community that Taiki had ever seen before coming to Port Island was 500 people.
  • Taiki's Persona was awakened two years ago during a purification ceremony on the outskirts of the valley where the temple was located. Master Irohto had introduced him to the Persona game while he was younger in an attempt to open his mind to the spirit world, and Taiki finally awoke during period of contemplation at the Waterfall of Reflection. He has spent the last two years honing his Persona skills, although his control still is a little rough despite all the practice.
  • Since arriving in Port Island, Taiki has had only occasional contact with the temple where he was raised. He has recently been recruited into SEES, and is an active member of their Attacker squadron.

Social Links

  • 0 - The Fool
    • Minako Arisato
      • Taiki is a little confused by Minako. She seems to be both troubled and oddly exuberant, and her outgoing, carefree attitude has often set the boy back on his heels. The first person to have every gotten Taiki to be on a first name basis with her since coming to Port. Taiki finds Minako to be 'cute', but her eternally friendly mannerisms and informality tend to confuse him from time to time.
  • III - The Empress
    • Mitsuru Kirijo
      • The cool, confident head of SEES, Taiki admires Mitsuru for her accomplishments even as he worries that there is more going on that she might not be telling everyone. Her dedication and willingness to cut to the heart of a matter is commendable in Taiki's eyes, although he worries that ultimately her expediency might clash with what he views as his duty as a priest.
  • IV - The Emperor
    • Akatsuki Enda
      • First met during a rescue mission to save Akatsuki from the clutches of a vicious stalker, Taiki's initial impression of Akatsuki was that he was a pretty boy who had gotten in over his head. He still thinks Akatsuki is a bit too good looking for his own good, but his willingness to stand up for his friends and his determination to help out have impressed Taiki quite a bit. Taiki suspects (most likely incorrectly) that Akatsuki is a fairly large playboy, and seems to be stringing along several women at once given his close relationships with all of them,
  • V - The Hierophant
    • Shinjiro Aragaki
      • Taiki has heard the horror stories about Shinjiro, although he finds them difficult to believe at this point. While his interactions with Shinjiro have been limited, Taiki believes that the self proclaimed 'thug' is a much nicer guy than he likes to admit, and is creating a thorny exterior to keep people from getting too close. He's seen the nicer side of Shinjiro, and wonders what it is that makes the man push other people away.
  • VI - The Lovers
    • Tohya Kidzuki
      • A determined young woman, Taiki finds Tohya to be interesting and driven, although there are clearly things in her past that are bothering her. The serious blow she took during the last DVA incident seems to have changed her in some manner, and Taiki was one of the people tending to her following that mental blow. Despite the fact that they have vastly different backgrounds, Taiki feels a little amazed at how well he has hit it off with Tohya, and she is also something of a budding rival thanks to their mutual interest in shogi, chess, and go.
  • XIV - Temperance
    • Naomi Suzuno
      • Taiki's current employer, and a rather unusual young woman that he met shortly after arriving in Port Island. Probably one of the people Taiki feels the most comfortable around, which he finds extremely unusual given their vastly different backgrounds and life experiences. Naomi is also the first person to see Taiki use his Persona abilities since his arrival in Port Island. The impression that Taiki has of Naomi is that she is a large, quiet lake. And while he believes that she is a very dedicated, kind person, he also thinks that at the bottom of that lake, Leviathan lurks, ready to rise up and devour whatever truly sets Naomi off. A girl with many secrets of her own, Taiki still considers her to be a good friend. However, she is almost as confusing as Minako - in her own unique way.



  • Weapon: Sacred Ash Bow - A bow carved by one of Taiki's mentors at the temple he used to live at. Blessed to allow it's arrows to purify evil when it strikes with a sacred flame.
  • Body: Priest's Robes - White and grey traditional priests robes, gi and hakaman pants. Offers good mobility without a lot of protection. Getting a little worn due to being repaired by hand...
  • Feet: Forester Boots - Old beloved pair of boots, worn for many years. Looks like the rubber bottoms have been replaced.
  • Accessory: Prayer Beads - A long chain of prayer beads, usually worn around the neck or wrist. Each bad is intricately carved, and the entire set is very old and valuable.

Character Secrets

  • Parents and origins
  • First encounter with his Shadow
  • What Taiki's relationship with his Persona is like
  • Circumstances for leaving his temple
  • Greatest fear and weakness


  • Taiki has been playing shogi, go, and chess for many years. He is quite good at all three games, with shogi being his best. He hasn't risen closer to professional level due to the lack of variety in his opponents, and will likely continue to improve as time passes.
  • All of the arrows that Taiki uses are created by hand, using a sacred method that instills the ability to purify evil spirits and dark influences into the arrow. The arrows he uses for his special attack take between 6 - 12 hours to create.
  • Despite the fact that he did not receive the final acknowledgement of his training, Taiki is a trained Shito exorcist. He offers these services for free to those who ask him for help.
  • Taiki finds email to be a straight and frightening thing. He takes about 10 minutes to compose a 2 line text message on a cell phone.
  • Due to his time in the mountains, Taiki is a skilled outdoorsman. He has a number of small scars from his time in the woods, including a large set of four on his back. No one knows where he got those from next.
  • Taiki has missed a total of four patrols in the Dark Hour since he first discovered it. The first was due to gathering equipment. The second was after he collapsed from exhaustion. The last two were during the most recent DVA incident.
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