Maki Sonomura

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Maki Sonomura
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Personal Information
Real Name Maki Sonomura
Aliases Maki, Aki, Mai, ect.
Arcana High Priestess
Nature Persona User
Gender Female
Age 17
Birth Date January 16th
Preferred Weapon Bow
Organization Information
Faction NWO
OOC Information
Origin Persona 1

"We're...I'm glad you came to visit. It can get terribly quiet sometimes."


Maki Sonomura is a young woman of many minds. One mind rests within the DVA System both protecting it from outside influence and also keeping the artifact of power under control. This is the true mind but trapped as she is, many aspects of Maki continue to thrive in various realities operating together or sometimes against each other like various gears in a larger psyche, seperate but often cooperative. An Ideal Maki plays at being the True Maki, living her life and keeping her lack of presence a secret to the general public. Mai protects the land of Mikage-Cho, particularly the west side, and has become braver and kinder as a result of SEES and Darkside's interference. The east side of Mikage-Cho continues to be terrorized by Aki, Maki's Id, who has become somewhat more benevolent as a result of the antics of the KDA. However, her benevolence may prove to be more terrible than her hate and she continues to look for ways to support her 'daddy', Takeshi Kandori. The young woman's aspects continue to play at utilizing their darker and lighter aspects in an attempt to find out just what their true mind truly is.


Caution: Paintings May Cause Mythos Lore Increase, Roll to Check For SAN Damage, Way To Botch Your Craft: Genesis Roll, Of Several Minds About Everything, Do Not Taunt The Happy Fun Butterfly, Leading Shiki Ichimonji Into A Trap And Gaining Relationship Points With Him, Itsuka Dying In Her Alternate Hell World And Getting Relationship Points, Trying To Drown Yosuke And Now Goes Out On Dates With Him, Framed Wataru's Friends For Murder And Manipulated Him Into KNOWS And Still Got A Nice Christmas Gift Out Of Him, Somewhat Manipulative, Interested In Calibrating Your Gallows, Internet Trolling, Still Ultimately Benevolent, Pleading, Flattering, Lying, Cringing

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