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Katsuya Suou
Conflicted Detective
Full Name 周防克哉 (すおうかつや)
Arcana VIII - Justice
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Height 5'10.5" (179 cm)
Date of Birth December 30th, 1983 (Capricorn)
Canon: December 30th, 1973
Age 29
Guardian Dragon Purple Dragon
Persona Helios
Weapon Handguns
Faction D4
Team Frontliners
Police Rank Sergeant
Voice Actor English: Dave Wittenberg
Japanese: Yuuji Takada
Player Strange Shrimp
"People can't live alone."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Son of a former officer, it's perhaps no surprise that Katsuya became a detective himself. His forthright nature and stubborn diligence have earned him the rank of sergeant in his years with the Sumaru Police Department... and also irritated his superiors within the force. Katsuya is extremely devoted to his younger brother, Tatsuya, to the point where he often can be overbearing to his sibling.

Skills: Insert One Long Extended Cat Pun Here, Brother Complex, You're All Under Arrest!, Overachiever, Overprotective, Overdoing It


Born in Sumaru City, Katsuya is the elder of the two Suou boys. In 1999, two events occurred that would change his life: first his younger brother was badly injured by an arsonist, and then his father was arrested for accepting bribes from the yakuza. Going on to college, he later entered the police academy and then the force in Sumaru. Shortly after rising to the rank of sergeant in 2009, he was reassigned to Tatsumi Port Island to work with a student organization there. During this time, he experienced the Dark Hour and awoke to the power of Persona. After about a year, his position was changed again, this time to Inaba to assist in the serial murder investigation. Once that case was declared cold, he was reassigned once again, this time back to Sumaru City.

Social Stats
Police Officer
Needs To Lighten Up
   Big Brother Complex
  • Weapon
    S&W Night Guard: A revolver made for stopping power over lasting power. It does not have many rounds.
  • Body
    Dark Suit: An expensive dark grey suit.
  • Feet
    Work Shoes: Comfortable, durable and good-looking men's shoes.
  • Accessory
    Fashionable Sunglasses: Stylish sunglasses. Not only do they look good, but they're prescription, too.
  • Interrogation: "The first thing I'd like to know... where were you on the night of the incident?"
    Katsuya interrogates the demon.
  • Lecture: "Stop being so careless with your life. You need to take things more seriously..."
    Launching into a lecture, Katsuya expounds on the necessity of being productive with one's life.
  • Sharing Sweets: "Hmm, it seems like I have some extra candy here. You can have it, if you want."
    Retrieving a spare treat, Katsuya offers it to the demon in a display of kindness.
  • Lay Down The Law: "Now, listen up! You're all under arrest!"
    Katsuya arrests the demon.
  • His surname can be roughly translated as 'defend the area', while his first name can be read as 'how do I overcome?'.
  • Katsuya has 20/40 vision without glasses.
  • He is left hand dominant.
  • He has a drivers' license but doesn't own a car.
  • He is terribly allergic to cats. This is worse for him than it might seem because he finds them absolutely adorable but he just can't handle being around them.
  • His favorite foods include any kind of curry and anything sweet. He has no particular disliked food, aside from foods that are way too spicy. He's also not fond of drinking coffee after curry.
  • He typically keeps a piece or two of hard candy in his pockets.
  • He can play flamenco guitar. He learned how during a series of outside classes during his college years.
  • Katsuya used to smoke, but he quit. Nope, he's smoking again.
  • His blood-type is A.
  • His parents' names are Katsukuni and Saya.
    This is unofficial MUSH canon! Enjoy.
  • Due to certain circumstances, Katsuya is a vegetarian now. Meat, even fish, makes him feel sick. Through Yu Narukami's assistance, he's gotten over his hangup, though he still tends to eat vegetarian if given the chance.
Logs and Cutscenes
All of his logs can be found at
the player's log page.


  • Assemblage 23 - Alone Again
    • "I thought that I could overcome this all, but now I see I was wrong."
  • E.S. Posthumus - Ushas
    • Instrumental
  • Greg Laswell - Days Go On Enoha
    • "My, my, what a fool am I for allowing this to be, But this fool cannot ignore the light when he sees you."
  • Imagine Dragons - Monster
    • "I'm only a man with a candle to guide me, I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me."
  • Noel Gallagher - Teotihuacan Sumaru City
    • Instrumental
  • Steve Conte - Blend In
    • "Well, when the night comes falling in, then I know why I chose this life."
  • The Crüxshadows - Winterborn (Club/Radio Edit)
    • "Hold your head up high, for there is no greater love. Think of the faces of the people you defend."
  • VNV Nation - Rubicon
    • "Something I can hope for, something real that I can see."
  • ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man Gag track
    • "They come runnin' just as fast as they can, 'cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man."
Combat Information

As a police officer, it should come as no surprise that Katsuya can handle himself well in combat. Tough and strong, he's capable of running down and wrestling with a suspect if need be. He is skilled with firearms and possesses good aim and reflexes. He also has the mentality required of an officer, the ability to make split-second decisions. On the other hand, though, slight misfortune seems to dog much of his life.

Special: Snap Shot - Katsuya quickly draws and fires at his target, trusting on his instincts that his aim is true.

Persona Information and Resonance

"I am Helios... Bearing the ancient sun, I am the one who violates the night! I shall become your loyal chariot!"

Helios was the Greek personification of the Sun, much like his Roman counterpart Sol Invictus. Charioteer of the Sun, he was often linked with Apollo, but remained to the Greeks a separate entity. Among his children was Phaeton, who met with a cruel fate when he mishandled the Chariot of the Sun. His father was Hyperion, the lord of light and the east. Another story about Helios relates to him spying upon Ares and Aphrodite while they engaged in one of their trysts, and reporting it to Hephaestus, who then ensnared his wife and her lover in golden nets.


Hard work and persistence. Those two sensations make up the main theme of Katsuya's resonance. It's much akin to the progress with which the sun rolls across the sky, slow but steady, but not without impact upon what lies beneath. But rather than scorching rays, there's the sense of illumination, that what is Right and True is illuminated.

By smell, it's surprisingly clean, like laundry left out to dry in the sun, with just a hint of something... cat-like, as if some feline took an afternoon nap right on top of the aforementioned sun-warmed laundry. By sound, it's most notably the creak of a turning wheel, but it's also punctuated by something softer, something that seems to rustle in the wind.

He has some talent for detecting resonance and can at times tell a Persona-user (particularly if he's gotten to know them), barring interference. Unfortunately for him, it seems prone to failing sometimes even with someone he knows well.

Notable Social Links
  • 0 - The Fool
    • Tohru Adachi: "Difficulty" - While Katsuya counts him as a friend, his interactions with Adachi have been no less than awkward of late, particularly since he told Adachi about what happened in Maboroshi. Little does he understand just what Adachi has done to him in revenge.
  • V - The Hierophant
    • Ryotaro Dojima: "Perseverance" - Katsuya respects him and his position. Also recruited to head up Department 4.
  • VI - The Lovers
    • Hikaru Kurosawa: "Stability" - D4's resident psychologist. While Katsuya's first impression of Hikaru was honestly not all that positive (he seemed flighty and frankly silly), that's shifted, thanks to Hikaru's unwavering support for the rest of D4 and Katsuya himself. Katsuya's thought that he needs to speak to Hikaru soon, though.
  • IX - The Hermit
    • Izo Imaizumi: "Instability" - Not someone Katsuya got on with well to say the least. Is currently in a coma, which is Katsuya's fault.
  • X - The Wheel of Fortune
    • Ran Itoh: "A Realization" - Prior, just a member of SEES to his awareness of things, but more recently he's become aware that Ran conceals quite a more dangerous edge to her. He discovered she was taking Cint as well, and based on his own experiences, he asked her to stop.
  • XI - Strength
    • Enoha Koinose: "Complication" - Complicated, to put it mildly. Katsuya struggles a lot with his feelings for her, and recent events have made things even more difficult. Extremely difficult. Yet, despite what he's done, she says she won't abandon him, and whatever he might feel aside, he's grateful for that.
    • Jason R. Butler: "Opposites" - One of the few people Katsuya calls a friend, though their friendship is marked by lots of arguing.
  • XII - The Hanged Man
    • Baofu: "Distance" - To be honest, Katsuya doesn't like this guy very much. He seems to have a talent for getting under his skin. Yet, his talents are hard to deny, and lately, necessity has forced him to trust in the rumormonger's intentions. He owes Baofu a favor.
  • XIV - Temperance
    • Naomi Suzuno: "Downward Spiral" - He's pretty sure she hates him for what happened to Yisa. This is a problem, because she might be his sister-in-law someday.
    • Shion Katsuragi: "Old Wounds" - He trusted Shion and counted her as a friend, but one day, she left and joined the NWO. Worse, he thinks he's starting to understand what she meant.
  • XV - The Devil
    • Daisuke Itami: "Tension" - A man who sets Katsuya's teeth on edge, but remains a valuable source of information.
    • Leigh Anne O'Hara: "Bewilderment" - Katsuya is terrified of her.
  • XVI - The Tower
    • Mikiya Ryouhara: "Skewed" - Nailed Katsuya to the floor with a sword once. Katsuya doesn't like him for reasons that go way beyond this encounter, most pointedly regarding the way Mikiya has targeted his friends and colleagues, and Mikiya's worldviews and intentions. He is not in fact dead at all, though to judge by their latest (violent) encounter, Mikiya may be instead a sort of 'dead man walking'.
  • XVIII - The Moon
    • Eien Seida: "Unclear" - While he trusts Eien as well as he can (if remaining somewhat wary of her for her tendency to tease him), he's been worried about her ever since Kyo's SHU.
    • Maya Amano: "Positivity" - Someone dear to Tatsuya. That makes her someone he needs to look out for, too.
    • Yoko Nakashima: "Dimmed" - After Kyo murdered her parents and caused the both of them to end up in the Midnight Channel, she succumbed to her Shadow. Now unhinged and dangerous, it's all Katsuya can do to ensure that Yoko doesn't hurt anyone and remains safe herself. He intends to restore her, if it's at all possible.
  • XIX - The Sun
    • Kyo Taimiev: "Violence" - Wants him dead. Quite possibly also wants to destroy the world. The first is Katsuya's fault thanks to the SHU, and the second may also be Katsuya's fault. He murdered Yoko's parents and caused both Katsuya and Yoko to end up in the Midnight Channel. If they met again now...
    • Tatsuya Sudou: "Unbalanced" - He is the person who nearly killed Katsuya's brother when he was eight years old. If there's anyone in the world Katsuya despises, it's him.
    • Tatsuya Suou: "Inadequate" - The most important person to Katsuya. Things were looking better between them, but... with the revelations about the SHU and Kyo and Yisa, things seem to Katsuya to be just as divisive as before. Katsuya hasn't spoken to Tatsuya since before his own dungeon, a state of affairs that is a mix of what's happened lately and just what came out while in the dungeon. Even if Tatsuya's not aware of any of it, as far as Katsuya knows, he still feels as if he has absolutely let his brother down.
  • XX - Judgement
    • Hajime Shidou: "Guidance" - A fellow detective, and a good man. He has a young daughter, Mayumi; for that reason, Katsuya hopes to keep Hajime safe.
    • Yisa Taimiev: "Misanthropy" - A woman who first declared herself judge, jury, and executioner, and now may just want to destroy humanity. The latter is Katsuya's fault, something he has come to realize more fully as he encounters the now unhinged woman time and again.

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