Kaede Ikeda

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Kaede Ikeda
Personal Information
Real Name Kaede Ikeda
Aliases Kaede
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 19
Birth Date July 11
Preferred Weapon Thrown Weapons
Organization Information
Faction Kagutsuchi
Job Computer Geek
Persona - Morena
OOC Information

"I don't know everything. But maybe I'd like to learn."


A third-year student at Gekkoukan, Kaede Ikeda has never really felt as if she fit in anywhere in her life. Her social awkwardness and isolation led to her Shadow-Possession, where the darker, wilder half of her mind occasionally took over - Murava. Afraid of that part of her mind, Kaede struggled with it for years, and only recently has been able to come to terms with it, aided by a series of unusual events and a few friends willing to accept her for what she was. Though still sharp-tongued and often sarcastic, Kaede conciously has been trying to turn her life around; even if she's still not the most socially adept, she at least tries to reach out to others instead of automatically shoving them away. Kaede is interested in the occult aspects of the world, especially in the interaction between demons, Shadows and Persona and the truth behind them, and has joined Kagutsuchi to learn as much as she can.


Otaku Prime, Still Not Quite A Hikikomori, Computer Use, Computer Programming, Hacking, Languages (Japanese, English, Internet), Pro Gamer, Is Already A Grandmaster Of Twenty Skills In Devil Busters Online, Scholar of the Unnatural, Trivia Master, The Nail That Stands Out Gets Hammered Down, Somewhat Reformed, Marked, Still Hates Getting Stared At

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