Shion Katsuragi

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Shion Katsuragi
Full Name (かつらぎしおん)
Arcana XIV. Temperance REVERSE
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 167.6 cm (5'6")
Date of Birth 2 August 1982 (Leo)
Age 29
Guardian Dragon Red Dragon
Persona Sekhmet Custom
Weapon Handguns
Faction NWO
Team The Dragons
Seiyuu Kotono Mitsuishi
Voice Actor Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Player Itsuka
  • Weapon: Black Unicorn
  • Body:
  • Feet:
  • Accessory: Old Holster
Social Stats
  • Expression:
  • Knowledge:
  • Courage:
  • Understanding:
  • Diligence:

"Competition is when you see what people are really like."
Profile and Skills

Profile: A former detective coming most recently from the Inaba Police Department, Shion Katsuragi has an easy confidence and a no-nonsense demeanor that make it easy to quickly form an opinion of her--one way or another. Well aware of the strange incidents plaguing the area, she spent years getting to the bottom of a number of them, including the one case she never did fully solve--the strange murders that brought her back to her hometown of Inaba. The years of dedication and self-sacrifice wore on her, though, and for reasons that many of her former colleagues still have trouble grasping, she left the force and the Department that she helped found to begin with, moving to Sumaru to focus on her own life--Sumaru, where her unwillingness any longer to worry about things that 'weren't her problem' would lead her to take up with the Dragons, through their leader--the former King Leo himself. Now, she lends her talents to a different set of goals, with every intention of proving to the Department--and to the people of Sumaru--what really brings out the best and most natural in people.

Skills: Gun Collector, History Buff, Pretty Much Fine With Dead Bodies, Why Bother With A Job You Hate?, A Lot More Relaxed These Days, Former Track Star, Old Enough To Drink, Experienced Enough to Drink Heavily, Knows Best, And Is Willing To Say So

Combat Information

Special: Sanguine Sunset --

Persona Information and Resonance

  • SENSE:
  • SOUND:
  • SMELL:

  • Shion actually went to the police academy--and originally got her promotion to Detective--in Sumaru City. She still tries to make it back there every so often.
  • Shion has a lot of experience around funerals, and this may skew her perspective occasionally.
  • Shion was the student council president in her senior year at Yasogami High.
  • Shion takes a good run every morning, before going to work.
  • Shion has a potted plant at home. So far, it is still alive. This is something of an accomplishment for her. She has a pet rat. This rat is adorable.
  • Shion seems to have made a habit of letting teenage detectives sleep on her couch (Thora!!).
  • She also briefly dated an actor. It didn't work out.
Social Links
  • 0. The Fool
  • I. The Magician
    • Shion has developed no notable Magician links.
  • II. The High Priestess
    • Shion has developed no notable Priestess links.
  • III. The Empress
    • Shion has developed no notable Empress links.
  • IV. The Emperor
    • Shion has developed no notable Emperor links.
  • V. The Hierophant
    • Ryotaro Dojima: Old boss; they don't talk much these days, and haven't for a while.
  • VI. The Lovers
    • Shion has developed no notable Lovers links.
  • VII. The Chariot
  • VIII. Justice
    • Katsuya Suou: Her old partner--a good cop... but in part a good cop because he's naive and stubborn. She'll show him what she meant before one of these days.
  • IX. The Hermit
    • Eien Seida: Nice kid, really into a lot of things. To Be Expanded.
  • X. The Wheel of Fortune
    • Shion has developed no notable Fortune links.
  • XI. Strength
    • Sae Kasagi: REVERSE -- Shion's best friend, when she was younger. Shion doesn't talk about her much, but the name has come up a few times, especially since her time on the Midnight Channel.
    • Enoha Koinose: Shion's /current/ best friend, too nice for her own good much of the time. Despite the fact that they're now inevitably going to conflict for being on opposite sides, the ex-detective is inclined to look out for her.
    • Jason R. Butler: Katsuya's other kind of partner (as far as Shion is aware.)
    • Thora Kobayashi: Used to sleep on Shion's couch! Then Shion sold the couch. Whoops.
  • XII. The Hanged Man
    • Shion has developed no notable Hanged links.
  • XIII. Death
    • Shion has developed no notable Death links.
  • XIV. Temperance
  • XV. The Devil
    • Leigh Anne O’Hara: Perfectly nice woman, not at all the terror the men at the Inaba PD seem to think she is.
  • XVI. The Tower
  • XVII. The Star
  • XVIII. The Moon
  • XIX. The Sun
    • Tatsuya Sudou: After some very unusual events in Maboroshi, she and Tatsuya are dating--it's hardly true love at this stage--far too early--but she's pretty satisfied with her decision to pursue him so far. If people assume she left the Department for him, well, then that proves some of her other points, doesn't it?
  • XX. Judgement
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