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Fumiya Watanabe
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Personal Information
Real Name 渡辺史也 (わたなべふみや)
Aliases "The 80s Kid"
Arcana The Chariot
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 16
Birth Date November 3rd
Preferred Weapon Gloves
Organization Information
Faction KDA
Job Student
Assignment Yasogami High
Persona - Murugan
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OOC Information
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Kazuki Yao

"This is bogus, man. You better back off or there'll be two hits: Me hitting you, and the pavement hitting you."



Originally from Port Island, Fumiya looks like he is misplaced in time. Not only does everything about the way he looks and acts scream 'Eighties', it's exaggerated to a point where it's almost a parody. Even stranger is the fact that he was born in the 90's. Fumiya's apparent 'Eighties Obsession' started from a strained relationship with his parents, and his desire to find something in common with them. It eventually took on a life of its own, though, and being that 80's Guy just became part of who he was. Standing out so much led to predictable problems, and Fumiya also gained a reputation as a thug after trying to defend himself from insults and attacks. His parents decided to send him to live with his grandparents in Inaba with the hopes that living in a smaller town would help with his unruly nature.


Walking Streak Of Neon, Smooth Moves, Groove Battle, Center Of Attention, Getting 80's Trivia Wrong, Wannabe Ladies Man, Switchblade Comb FTW, Screwing Up Popular Quotes, Only Real Men Wear Pink, Moonwalk Victory Dance, Sticks To Cassette Tapes, Keeps His Collar Turned Up, Still Cooler Than Vanilla Ice


  • Though much of his 80s obsession is a front, he does genuinely like the music of Michael Jackson.
  • Michael Jackson's recent death greatly affected Fumiya. Not just due to his favorite musical artist passing away, but because of the realization that Michael Jackson's popularity exploded with his death and he will always be remembered.
  • Fumiya has a habit of referring to most girls with the suffix '-babe', despite not being a real suffix. This came from watching many American movies from the 1980's, where the word 'babe' was frequently tossed around.
  • He will hit on virtually any girl. Part of this comes from his desire to stand out and be remembered at any cost, but he is also a teenager with a libido like any other and is simply bad at restraining himself.
  • His natural agility makes him a relatively good skateboarder and it is his preferred method of getting around Inaba, especially with its lower traffic congestion compared to Port Island.
  • When Fumiya says something stupid, nine times out of ten he knows it's stupid and says it anyway because it will be remembered.
  • Fumiya spraypainted a mural of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video on the outer wall of the KNOWS complex. Mysteriously Kandori decided to leave it up.
  • He can play the keyboard, though he is sorely out of practice due to never having the patience to learn it properly.


Thora Kobayashi: Fumiya first met Thora on the roof of Yasogami High. Much to her chagrin he began to hit on her like every other girl, despite demanding he knock it off. Fumiya persists in acting close and friendly to Thora largely because she reacts so strongly because of it, though there are genuine feelings of friendship on his part; Fumiya is very bad at expressing genuine feelings. Thora is probably the girl that dislikes Fumiya's '-babe' suffix the most. During one incident Fumiya was caught in a battle between Thora and shadow-possessed Azusa Shimegi. He attempted to intervene at a point in the battle, but was tossed aside. Later Fumiya's memory of the incident returned, and he came across Thora fighting Strega as they abducted Tom Magnusson. Thora insisted Fumiya stay out of supernatural affairs, nearly coming to blows with him as he insisted on sticking his nose into things. When Fumiya was thrown into his personal TV Dungeon, Thora was among of the rescue party.

Shirou Sekigawa: Shirou was present in the same meeting where Fumiya met Osamu. All he really knows of Shirou is that he seems rather close to Thora, and is far more interested in his studies than Fumiya is. They also both hate Math. One afternoon Fumiya came across Shirou being interviewed by Azusa, which is what ultimately led to the fight between her and Thora. Fumiya tends to refer to him as Shiro-bro, or sometimes Shibrou (when feeling light headed). When Fumiya learned Shirou was involved with the supernatural he tried to squeeze him for information, and even called him out when he painted his mural on the KNOWS complex where Shirou tried to warn him about messing with Kandori. When Fumiya was thrown into his TV Dungeon, Shirou was among the rescue party.

Shiki Ichimonji: Fumiya met Shiki one day at Junes while the young manga artist was doing 'recon' on who is buying his manga. The two had a bit of an argument over manga, which ended with Fumiya inadvertently educating Shiki on the subject of Mr. T. Coincidentally, a new character in Shiki's manga named Commander T appeared shortly afterward. Shiki even gave Fumiya the address of the SEES dorm when it became apparent that Fumiya was learning about the supernatural. Shiki joined in on the rescue team to save Fumiya.

Aigis: Aigis arrived to help extract the duck from Yu's hand that same afternoon. Fumiya has met Aigis on a couple of occasions since. For a brief period of time Aigis suspected Fumiya was a cyborg because of his appearance. He remains unaware of the fact that she is a robot, and simply believes she is a foreign student. She arrived to help during the fight with Thora and Azusa, and healed some of Fumiya's injuries. He ran into Aigis on several occasions since, and eventually she learned he was getting more and more involved with the supernatural. She promised to help fill him in, but never got the chance before he was abducted. She went with the others into his dungeon to save him. After it was all over, Fumiya became aware she was a robot.

Yuuka Chiba: Fumiya met Yuuka one day at the Paulownia Mall, and has ran into her several times since then. She has surprised him as reacting surprisingly well to his forward nature, almost to the point where he's unsure how to keep approaching her. Yuuka joined the others in Fumiya's dungeon and helped rescue him.


Shinjiro Aragaki: Badass from Port Island, Fumiya was familiar with Shinjiro's reputation due to hanging around the alleys of the city, and reacted with exaggerated shock when he actually met him in person. Currently Fumiya is unsure what to make of him, and was surprised to see Thora act so open to him. Fumiya ran into him again in the back alleys of Port Island while being accosted by some thugs that had a score to settle, but were frightened off by Shinjiro's presence. Secretly Fumiya is glad to be acquainted with someone like Shinjiro, but still is cautious around him.

Chie Satonaka: Another fellow Yasogami High student that is Fumiya's senior, he still calls her Chie-babe and treats her like any other girl. Chie arrived to help during the fight between Thora and Azusa. He has not hung out with her since, but she still went with the others into his dungeon to save him, something that wasn't lost on Fumiya.

Yu Narukami: Yu had the unfortunate luck of getting caught up in Fumiya and Yoshiro's duck chase, and ended up being bitten by the waterfowl. Fumiya doesn't know much more about him yet, but the image of him panicking with a duck biting his hand is stuck in his mind. Fumiya has since learned he is also in on the paranormal investigations in Inaba.

Yoshiro Yoshino: One chaotic afternoon Fumiya came across Yoshiro as he was frantically chasing a duck through the Inaba commercial district. Fumiya joined in the chase, which he began to take as a contest. Yoshiro originally thought Fumiya was native to Inaba, and was surprised to learn they were both from Port Island when they stumbled upon each other again later. Fumiya continues to call him 'Duck boy'.

Farah Newman: Fumiya has only met Farah on a few occasions, but the first one was significant since it happened at the Paulownia Mall when Kandori decided to try and suck everyone into hell. While there Fumiya lost Farah's pink coloring pencil, but she has since mysteriously recovered it.

Tohru Adachi: Fumiya knows next to nothing about the Detective, besides that he's acquainted with Thora and that he seems like kind of a dork. Adachi had to haul Fumiya away after he was 'caught' vandalizing the KNOWS complex.


Takahisa Kandori: While Fumiya has yet to meet Kandori face to face, he has been affected by him on a few occasions. First in the Paulownia Mall where Kandori's device forced Fumiya to go up against a zombie, all without having a Persona. Later Kandori infiltrated Fumiya's dungeon to try and bar the progress of the rescue party, even going so far as to warp the floor he was on with his own powerful personality.

Azusa Shimegi: A reporter who Thora initially warned that Fumiya stay away from, she attacked them both when Thora tried to get him out of there. During one point in the resulting fight Fumiya attempted to distract her, but failed and was injured as a result. Currently Fumiya has no memory of the fight, though he still remembers Thora's initial warning that she is dangerous.


Ever since encountering a shadow possessed Azusa Shimegi on the highway outside of Inaba, Fumiya has been seeking answers to his questions about the supernatural. He never really had a good excuse why, though, and just attributed it to seeking out attention as always. He pestered Thora on several occasions for information, almost all of which ended badly. He even went as far as to try and lean on Yosuke Hanamura for info. Anyone that Fumiya knew that he learned was in on the supernatural business, he tried to get some information out of.

Eventually, after being nearly killed at the Paulownia Mall by Kandori's experiments, Fumiya decided to screw the rules and paint a mural on the outer wall of the KNOWS complex referencing the event at Paulownia, even if it was masked by a Michael Jackson motif. Fumiya only learned afterward, from Shirou, that the same owner of the KNOWS complex was likely the one behind the event at Paulownia.

Shortly thereafter Fumiya's appearance on television as a result of the mural drew the attention of the Inaba killer, and he was kidnapped and thrown into the TV World. His dungeon took on a rather plain Japanese household, with twisted, rotating, corridors and decorated only with pictures of Fumiya.

Kandori snuck in ahead of the rescue party, and the third floor of Fumiya's dungeon was warped by his personality. He tried to stop the group, challenging them on their motives for wanting to save the victims. Eventually he was fought back, but when he exited the confines of his space within the dungeon and entered the boundaries controlled by Shadow Fumiya, he was immediately expelled from the area.

After the party regrouped they pushed their way to the top. Fumiya's shadow self taunted him about his desire to be loved by all, and for him to be the only one people admired. After being rejected, and beaten down by the rescue party, Fumiya's acceptance of his shadow awakened his Persona: Murugan.

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