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Piercing White Light
Miki head sm.gif
Full Name Mikiya Ryouhara
Aliases  ????
Arcana The Tower
Persona Sengo Muramasa
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 21
Birth Date May 27, 1991, 7:24PM
Blood Type AB
Preferred Weapon Ninjutsu
Faction NWO
Job Onmitsu
Divisions Nationalists
Origin Original
Voice Actor Koji Yusa/Colin Farrell
Extended Bio
Hobbies Fast vehicles, Nightclubbing
Favorite Food Umeboshi, sour things
Treasures His father's writings, Silver hairpin
Likes Freedom, Simple things
Dislikes Reasonlessness, Powerful people
Weapon Saigotou Shirou (Variable Sword)
Head Amethyst Custom (Shades)
Body Raikousen no Hagoromo (Jacket)
Legs Sphinx Import Custom (Pants)
Accessory Gates of Life (Dbl. Rings)
Logs and Gallery
Coming soon.
"When I see something interesting to me, it just...disappears."
Silken, coy, often saccharine sweet. He is a solitary agent of the New World Order, a young man who has lived his entire life in the dark. Serving as one their top intelligence agents, he does not exist in most senses of the word--there are few public records detailing him, and those who have seen him rarely get the pleasure of a name to go with the face. An aloof boy with a sanguine smile, he is the often uncontrollable heir apparent to the dishonored Ryouhara shinobi clan. He is cavalier, and he is dangerous, having proved himself to be one of the Order's deadliest agents. However, the onmitsu has no limitations to his behavior, with complex and often arbitrary loyalties driving him.

Since destroying the DVA System, events have conspired to turn the onmitsu away from everything that was. Though he remains as inscrutable, dark and deviant as ever, something has plainly changed about him. He has become sick. He has become listless, betrayed, and bitter. Now, Mikiya turns his near endless reserve of will towards everything itself. Towards anyone who will oppose him. With wretchedly bloody hands, he has resolved to be 'the strongest,' and so has begun on a slow spiral leading into oblivion.

Persona and Abilities
I am Sengo Muramasa, the promise of blood, the promise of chaotic vengeance against the idolaters, liars and traitors, all.

Whispers crawl all throughout the sky and the mind. His name is regarded as a curse, and his legacy has stained history with blood. The horrific Muramasa takes the form of a long haired and snake-eyed man clad in robes and bones snatched from the demons of the burning Naraka realms. He was feared for the viciousness of his blades, and lost what little sanity he had to the persecution -- and pursuit -- of his art, forging the world's deadliest blades.

Even now, many of his works have been abused and scorned, as they are said to be cursed. His name has been erased from them, but his will has not. He carries countless numbers of these orphaned blades with him, collecting them as he goes. They have minds of their own, lusting for the blood of the enemy--or the owner, if no enemy is presented.

It is said that when you kill enough people, you cease to be a man and become a demon...

Abilities and Traits
  • JUST A GHOST: Many of Muramasa's blades have been lost to history for having no identity, and so many times the only thing that people will feel of his supernatural presence is the faintest impression of bitter, angry whispers. As a result, Mikiya is almost impossible to track or sense by either supernatural or mundane means, and only the most gifted of Persona scanners can really detect his presence at all.
  • CRIES OF THE NIGHT CROW: Intrinsic to him and partially due to his bearing a swordsmith persona, Mikiya has a unique ability to imbue his weapons with the abilities of the Persona he wields. With Muramasa, any weapon he holds can gain an insanely sharp edge, able to shear stone and steel with no effort at all.
Notable Social Links
  • 0 - The Fool
    • No notable links.
  • I - The Magician
    • Yuzuriha Hatsumi: The Hatsumi clan and the Ryouhara know of eachother. They are not friendly. Mikiya regards Yuzuriha's torment and destruction as a tribute to his family, his own filial piety. Though the kunoichi princess managed to injure him greater than any other short of his father, Mikiya has since stolen something from her that Yuzuriha will never be able to take back..
  • II - The High Priestess
    • No notable links.
  • III - The Empress
    • Nanami Kato: Her influence has defined who Mikiya is, was and will be. The wounded daughter of a successful Nippon Seiki executive, Mikiya would have torn down the sky for her--and almost did. However, someone who only knows how to destroy could not help her heal as he thought he might, and what was left of Mikiya's 'desire' withered when she was taken from him. He is different now, having never truly recovered from the revelation.
    • Mitsuru Kirijo: Mikiya dislikes the Kirijo family for succeeding where his own family has failed. Kirijo technology is, as such, an interest of his. As is its bloodlines...
  • IV - The Emperor
    • Akane Inochi: Mikiya enjoys testing the patience of powerful people. As the sadistic princess of a major weapons developer, Akane believes herself to be in a goddess' position in the NWO. Mikiya would love to see that position eroded--greatly.
    • Masahiko Irie: He fancies himself the master of Kagutsuchi, an idea that Mikiya finds laughable. They shared a mindspace briefly during Maboroshi, but Mikiya regards him as a great annoyance. He would not hesitate to crush him at a moment's notice.
  • V - The Hierophant
    • Tatsuzou Sudou: For unknown reasons, he is one of the few people in the Order capable of giving Mikiya a direct order and surviving with lungs intact.
  • VI - The Lovers
    • Rena Kinukasa: One of Mikiya's informants. Though Mikiya's categorical dislike of shadows is well known and often lamented, he and Rena came to an agreement long ago to which Mikiya holds this day.
    • Mikage Kohama: Mikiya finds himself vulnerable to her. He hates that she managed to help him once, and hates even more that she is possessed by Shadows. Confused and angry, he has difficulty seperating the woman from the darkness inside the woman--and her abandonment of the Order has only put the onmitsu on a collision course with her.
  • VII - The Chariot
    • Aigis: Mikiya has received orders from his clan to gut this piece of junk and deliver her head and her innards to his father directly if given a chance.
  • VIII - Justice
    • Katsuya Suou: Mikiya both loves and hates Katsuya Suou to a nigh-obsessive extent. Katsuya's constant and unwavering devotion to the law leaves Mikiya questioning what morality even is--which leaves him wanting to break Suou into pieces--and yet still hang off of his every word. The fact that they both care for Yoko Nakashima is only a further complication in an already torrid relationship.
  • IX - The Hermit
    • Rei Saionji: The Ryouhara and the Saionji have had a bitter rivalry brewing between them for ages now, but Mikiya cares little for it. Saionji bores him to tears, and Mikiya would just as soon kill him as he would work with him. Their clash over Mikage Kohama, and a later punishment from the Order carried out by Saionji has not done much to improve Mikiya's impression of the dour noble.
  • X - The Wheel of Fortune
    • No notable links.
  • XI - Strength
    • Thora Kobayashi: Mikiya enjoyed the time they spent together, because Thora's anger makes her such an unpredictable threat to him. He partially suspects her of being subconsciously infatuated with the subjects of her rage, and is curious to see how far she'd go if pushed.
  • XII - The Hanged Man
    • Rui Onishi: One of the more interesting wrinkles in Daisuke Itami's dollar bill. She seems to be nothing more than a weapon, just like him..
  • XIII - Death
    • No notable links.
  • XVI - Temperance
    • Shion Katsuragi: Mikiya has broken into her house to get at Thora several times, but considers Shion an interesting conversation partner in and of herself. Her decision to abandon the police force after speaking with him to join the Order is one of the few acts in the world that has earned a modicum of respect with the chaotic onmitsu.
    • Miwa Saitou: Mikiya can't decide what to think of the skinny occultist. While part of him would like to hear her pop as if she were dry wood, the will to harm her has gone out of his hands as of late..
    • Naomi Suzuno: As a powerful heiress to the Spencer family fortune and one of the cultural leaders of the supernatural world, Mikiya has only met Naomi in passing, but considers all-out war with her to be inevitable.
  • XV - The Devil
    • Daisuke Itami: Mikiya's favorite conversation partner, though they have rarely spoken. Mikiya barely understands him most of the time, but he likes his style.
  • XVI - The Tower
    • Mai Namikawa: The wielder of a so-called genuine Muramasa blade. Mikiya would like to take it from her, but he is curious to see if she will give in to the fate of all wielders of that bloody legacy...
  • XVII - The Star
    • Shiko Mori: Mikiya largely regards Shiko Mori as a toy, a deadly plaything of Tatsuya Sudou's. He has taken the mousy automaton out more than once to be a playmate of his as well, and Sudou's disapproval only makes him enjoy their time together all the more.
  • XVIII - The Moon
    • Eien Seida: Though they've never met in person, Mikiya has spent some time researching Seida. In particular, a certain challenge she posted interested him enough to participate, though his response was considered the work of a stalker, and was reported to the police. A terrible shame.
    • Yoko Nakashima: She occupies an interesting space in Mikiya's mind, and he once spent a lot of time with her as a conversation partner. He tried to see her as she could be, not as the damaged thing that most saw her as. During their time in Maboroshi, she was his daughter. Now, after the event... well, those notions do die hard, don't they?
  • XIX - The Sun
    • Kyo Taimiev: There is no love lost between Mikiya and shadows, and Mikiya regards anyone who has so thuroughly abandoned their humanity as something only worth the moments it would take to run them through. Mikiya bears some sense of Kyo from the time the dragon almost killed him in Maboroshi, and the idea that some part of that insidious mindset lingers inside his skull means that there is no room for reconciliation between them.
    • Tatsuya Sudou: Mikiya refuses to acknowledge anyone in the Order as his superior, and once used his strength to make almost daily attempts on Sudou's life. Since Sudou has proven eerily receptive to his destructive tendancies and is regarded by many others as nigh indestructible besides, Mikiya has lost the taste for Sudou's blood, and so the two have rarely crossed paths since.
  • XX - Judgment
    • Yisa Taimiev: Someone Mikiya attempted to save from Kyo long ago. First he tried to save her. Then, he tried to break her. Now, he will do no more than kill her.
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