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"Never stop searching for the truth."

There are branches of the Kuzunoha Detective Agency across Japan. With a long history of public service, the detectives are known for taking on unusual cases, particularly ones that seem impossible, if not highly improbable. Their ranks are not just limited to seasoned professionals, though; particularly in recent times they take on even members of the younger set who demonstrate a particular knack or skill for ferreting out the truth.

Faction Goals

Above all else, the KDA's mission is to stop people from abusing supernatural things, particularly if in doing so they hurt other people. Similarly, to their minds, the ends do not justify the means, and they tend to think poorly of those that hurt or mislead others to achieve their goals, even if they happen to be good ones. As private detectives, discovering the truth without compromising their values is also important to them. Alone among the factions, the KDA is able to be upfront and truthful about what they are and what they do to those who come to them--while they naturally don't tell the world about demons and Shadows, they are more than willing to help rather than to conceal or brush off civilians who approach them with such concerns.

Faction Resources

The largest resource available to members of the KDA are the detective offices themselves. These in particular include extensive archives of past cases that the KDA has resolved, which can be useful in finding links or clues in various supernatural things and events. Many cases also come through the doors proper of the detective office, and the higher-ranking individuals who are typically at work there are also useful assistance. The Sumaru branch office on Aoba Drive is also 'home base' for the faction.

Daisuke Todoroki leads the Sumaru-area branch office, and to listen to people talk, he used to be sub-par as a private detective but in recent years has managed to become very canny. He is supported by Tamaki Uchida and Satomi Tadashi, the former of whom is quite competent and balances her work with college, and the latter of whom, grandson of the founder of the convenience store chain that bears that name, most certainly isn't good at detective work at all.

All members of the KDA are legitimate private investigators on paper, though abuse of that privilege means that they can lose it. Regaining it is possible through hard work.

Character Concepts

The KDA has a particular focus on 'everyday people' among their ranks, that is, people who tend to have more ordinary problems or backgrounds. This isn't to say that other factions lack these characteristics, simply that the KDA tends to have more people who meet them than not. A list of some ideal concepts follows below:

Private detectives of various stripes and ages; People who have been personally affected by or who have had a loved one affected by a supernatural problem and seek to resolve it.

It should be noted that Shadow-Possessed are not a good fit for this faction.


Yu Narukami: Yu Narukami serves as the leader of his motley crew of would-be investigators. Somewhat comical on the outside with a firm serious center.

Chie Satonaka: One of the Inaba teenagers drawn to the KDA while investigating the TV Murders, Chie started working as a secretary/organizer/field detective/etc. with the main office a while ago. More gutsy than smart, Chie tends to play cheerleader when it comes to thinking through a case; instead, she's usually organizing - and participating in - the KDA's more aggressive fact-gathering expeditions.

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