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Kanji Tatsumi
The Sensitive Delinquent
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Fullname 巽 完二 (たつみかんじ)
Arcana The Emperor
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 19th, 1994
Age 16
Faction KDA
Eyes Gray
Hair Bleach Blonde
Height 183 cm (6')
Voice Actor Japanese: Tomokazu Seki
English: Troy Baker
Player Gene Parmesan
Social Stats
  • Understanding: 3 - Sensitive Thug
  • Courage: 5 - TAKIN' YOU PUNKS DOWN
  • Knowledge: 1 - Dumb as a Brick
    • Handicraft: 5 - God of Knitting
  • Diligence: 4 - Doing Things at 100%
  • Expression: 1 - 'Awkward'
    • Dealing With Girls: 0 - ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  • Kanji wears a locket as part of his general outfit. However, he didn't know lockets could hold pictures until a few months after he got it when his mother explained it to him. He now has a picture in it, but try to touch his locket or look inside it, and he will personally show you what it feels like to be a Fastball Special.
  • Kanji is extremely skilled at housekeeping and generally is the one keeping Tatsumi Textiles so spotless and pristine.
  • Amongst the hundreds of other things he doesn't like to talk about, he's also a great cook. He's particularly good at making croquettes.
  • Kanji's favorite food is animal crackers, and he has become a big fan of finding the rare animals in Ottotto. His particular favorite is the penguin. Do not mess with his animal crackers /or/ his penguins.
  • Kanji also loves Homerun Bars, aka Topsicles, and is particularly skilled at removing the silver wrappers, to the point that he considers it a hobby. No, seriously.
  • Probably as an extension of his general obsession with cleanliness, Kanji hates cockroaches. They seriously freak him out and piss him off at the same time.
  • Kanji spends most of his time after school hanging out around the Sewing Club. Though he'd never admit it to anyone, he'd love to join but is deathly afraid he'd scare off all the other members, which is really not that irrational a fear relatively speaking.
"Oh, I get it. What you're really asking is, 'Will you please beat the crap out of me, Kanji?'"
Profile And Skills

Kanji Tatsumi is a study in opposites. He appears to be a thug, with bleached hair, leather jackets and a tendency to use force before diplomacy. However, he hides a softer side from all but his friends. Kanji enjoys sewing, craftwork and similarly 'unmasculine' pursuits. Because he has been teased for it, Kanji has a very short temper and a tendency to take it out on people who make fun of him - or even just seem to. A member of the KDA, Kanji is not the brightest boy in the world, typically accomplishing his end of a given investigation via the time-honored traditions of intimidation and violence coupled with the occasional bizarre flashes of insight.

Hypermasculine, But Not Really, Not A Biker, Beat Up The Bikers, Don't Get 'Im Riled, I Will RENOVATE Your Ass, Not The Brightest Star In The Sky, But Definitely One Of The Strongest, Is He Wielding A Desk?, Craft: Yes, Master Craftsman Pink Crocodile, Natural 20 In Curb-Stomping Losers



Kanji Tatsumi is a study in forced dichotomy and the internal clash therein: between the gruff and angry thug Kanji forced himself to become in his own sort of defense mechanism, and the sweet, kind-hearted boy he is deep inside. This split in personality has caused no end of conflict for the young man, as he finds himself forced to struggle with the man he perceives he needs to be, and the kind boy he is at heart.

The Kanji Tatsumi that the outside world sees is a thug and a delinquent. Though he is neither one of these things, this is the image he has cultivated for himself painstakingly: he is boorish, and very often shirks interactions with others deliberately, leading a secluded life as if by choice. He is loud and abrasive and oftentimes chooses to solve the disputes he has with others through a healthy dose of physical violence.

In many ways, Kanji seems like the very bousouzoku that he ran out of Inaba, and it is no wonder people often confuse him for a biker, much to his endless dismay. The barest glimpses of the truth can be gleaned from his day-to-day interactions, however. Though he may be violent and rude, he rarely ever deliberately picks on the weak, and oftentimes, in fact, defends them -- as in the case of his dealing with the /actual/ Inaba biker gangs. There is a certain sense of honor in what Kanji does and his daily actions, and the slight slivers of his true kindness can be seen in his actions, rather than his words.

Ultimately his problem are those very words. Kanji is incredibly emotional but, rather than express them through healthy means, he usually chooses it through the most rough-edged and churlish ways possible. He is very direct and straightforward about everything he does; he does not know any other way to live. He will say what's on his mind (except in certain, very key situations) and typically does not seem to care how people perceive him for it.

Kanji is obsessed with the idea of being a "real man" thanks to the final words of his father, and this misconstrued belief structure defines much of how he presents himself now. His overbearing machismo, his distant and short temperament, and his brash and rebelious attitude all stems from the simple fact that this is how he perceives a real man to be. A real man is strong. A real man does not show his emotions. A real man conquers his problems through force. A real man doesn't take guff from anyone. These are the supposed tenants of a "real man," and these are the tenants that Kanji single-mindedly follows.

The truth is, however, Kanji does care. Deep inside, he desperately yearns for acceptance from others, yet is horrifically afraid of being rejected just like he was when he was younger. This rough-and-tumble outlook he has developed is something of a defense mechanism, to help him cope with the teasings of his peers -- to deny himself his true nature. A real man isn't a kind, sweet boy who enjoys knitting or making dolls, after all. And Kanji would rather have people afraid of him, rather keep people at a distance from him, than have to deal with the possibility that they might reject him if he truly opens up.

This is especially true of girls. In his childhood, girls were the true bane of his existence, and where he received the brunt of his harassment. The incident with the young girl and her bag tore an indelible scar in Kanji's mind and twisted his perception of girls ever since. In Kanji's mind, girls are loud and obnoxious and judgmental, and will relentlessly ridicule you if you show even the faintest signs of "weakness." Girls scare him and anger him at the same time, and Kanji finds himself woefully discomforted when he is around them. Boys, on the other hand, are much easier to deal with, perhaps as a compensation method for Kanji to find /someone/ relatable. To Kanji, they are more relaxed, more easy-going -- much more easy to deal with than girls and their secrets. It isn't that Kanji hates women; in truth, he's just deathly afraid of them and the fact that he is sure they would be the first to ridicule and demean his passions that he has tried so desperately to reject himself.

But even though he might try to suppress these hobbies and preferences, his inner self is still very much a part of him. At his core, Kanji is a creative and artistic young man who enjoys things that others consider feminine pursuits. He loves animal crackers (to the point that finding the 'rare animals' has become a mild obsession) and cute things, things like small, fuzzy animals and stuffed dolls -- more likely than not, Kanji has a picture of some cute fuzzy kitten in that locket he carries around. But since these passions are not considered "correct" for a young man like Kanji (which is at least in large part a self-perception at this point) it has led him to become incredibly insecure and despise himself for his "softer side" he just can't seem to remove.

Because of this, and because of his mild phobia of women, Kanji has deep doubts and confusion about his sexual identity, a fact that has only been exacerbated by Naoto Shirogane. Kanji believes his love of textile work is "strange," and his enjoyment of these feminine pursuits, combined with his dislike of most girls, means that he is not a "real man" -- that he may be homosexual. This, of course, stems from Kanji's larger problem -- his raging insecurity over his self and his true identity. But this questioning has grown larger and larger to the point that it has masked his true problems with the red herring that is his sexual identity, leading him to replace his burning need for acceptance with his burning need to be a "real man," to not be "strange."

Kanji has a very difficult time wrestling with his self-perception, which in turn leads him towards simply further enhancing his "masculine" traits. It's a cycle that is only exacerbated by people's perception of him as a thug and a gang member, which only further frustrates him and, in his social awkwardness, leads him to become more and more angry. Due to this, Kanji has an /incredibly/ short fuse. He is quick to anger and even quicker to violence, partly because he believes that this is the "manly" way to do things, and partly because it has simply become ingrained in his personality at this point. This is especially true of certain trigger words; implying that he is in a gang will incur Kanji's wrath. Implying that he might not be a man - that he might be gay - well, you just called down the thunder. It doesn't really help that thanks to his insecurities he will often times mistake and distort people's words to perceive them to be insulting his sexuality or manliness, either.

Certain aspects of Kanji's supposedly "manufactured" personality has become ingrained into him due to the events of his life growing up. Kanji has a deeply rooted problem with authority figures, largely stemming from all the misplaced blame he receives (most of the time) for crimes and acts of violence he didn't commit (most of the time). The perception of Kanji as a criminal has given him no end of grief from members of the police force, and thus he has no end of natural dislike towards them -- in his mind, most cops are corrupt, soft-bellied pigs and idiots.

While this would seem to suggest he has a disrespect for all adults, this isn't the case: despite calling her an "old bag" much of the time, Kanji has a deep respect for his mother and - starkly against his "rebel" image - obeys her advice and suggestions and even follows the curfew she's set out for him. He's a momma's boy at heart.

Kanji is not exactly the brightest star in the sky, and in fact some could say - quite rightly - that he is more than a little dumb. He doesn't like school or learning and frequently shirks class, which both adds to the perception of him as a "rebel" and means he doesn't have to try and find out difficult things like "the area of a square." He often gets lost in conversations involving technical terms and often becomes bored by the intricacies of most subject matter that does not involve kicking ass or making stuffed animals, but what he lacks in book learning he makes up for in brief and almost inexplicable bursts of insight, possibly due to his more "sensitive" side that he does not like to show.

He doesn't look it, and many wouldn't expect it due to his slightly-less-than-intelligent personality, but Kanji is incredibly neurotic and has a great attention to detail (if, perhaps, a bit selectively). In a continuing study of contrasts, Kanji values cleanliness very highly, and takes good care of both his personal hygiene and the upkeep of his home. Kanji is the type that folds clothes with perfect corners and detests and actively avoids creases. He is very good at cleaning and housekeeping, yet another of the many more "feminine" traits that Kanji desperately tries to hide.

Though his curtness defines him, this is largely because of Kanji's fear of connecting to other people and being rejected for it. This makes him immensely socially awkward, which often represents itself violently rather than shyly. In reality, Kanji is deathly loyal and caring to other people -- especially the few who become his friends. He would do anything for them, and he holds an immense amount of respect for those he does befriend -- in stark contrast to his attitude towards the authorities, Kanji is almost deferential towards his older peers who he actually manages to form a meaningful connection to, and - regardless of gender - he would go to any lengths to protect those who have been kind enough to call him "friend."

While Kanji's current attitude was originally a defense mechanism, it has inevitably become an inseperable part of him. Thus, the true Kanji is a combination of his dueling personality traits. He is sweet and big-hearted, yet he is also loud and blunt. He loves to sew and craft, but he is not afraid of kicking someone's ass if they get in his face. Unfortunately, Kanji has yet to reconcile these two seemingly opposing aspects of himself, and it causes him no end of social strife -- he is an incredibly awkward boy, and this is in no small part due to the fact that he has not yet consolidated his "true selves" into one coherent whole.

Social Links


  • O - THE FOOL
    • Tohru Adachi - Kanji's (former) parole officer. Though initial hesitant and hostile towards Adachi due to the circumstances and his natural distrust towards the police, Kanji inevitably developed a begrudging respect for the other man. And then Adachi went and peeped on Kanji when he was engaging in his /dirty secret./ his rage and embarrassment have never been higher
    • Yu Narukami - The leader of the Inaba investigation team, Kanji actually demonstrates a pretty respectful attitude towards his class senior, though they haven't had many chances to really interact.
    • None yet
    • Benihime Asano
    • Mai
    • Yukiko Amagi - The daughter of the Amagi Inn proprietors, Kanji has actually known Yukiko since they were both children, though they have not seen much of each other beyond passing since growing up.
    • None yet
    • None yet
    • Shinjiro Aragaki - A gruff young man who came into Tatsumi Textiles to make a request supposedly on behalf of a friend to fix the most adorable blanket ever some dumb blanket. Though Kanji was content to put him in league with the bousouzoku initially because of Shinjiro's appearance, his request and general demeanor have put Kanji off his footing. He is completely sure that a guy like Shinjiro wouldn't own a cute stupid blanket like that, though.
    • None yet
    • None yet
    • None yet
    • Naoto Shirogane - One of the primary sources of all Kanji's INTENSE CONFUSION. Kanji holds a crush for the so-called Detective Prince but can't bring himself to admit it, a fact that causes him no end of rage and confusion over his already battered gender identity and acceptance issues. Naoto being around is a 90-99% guarantee of Kanji being flustered beyond belief, which considering his normal base level of awkwardness is saying something.
    • None yet
    • Michiru Fukase - A girl Kanji may have accidentally thrown through a safety glass window over a dispute on animal crackers. These events led inevitably to his arrest and parole under Tohru Adachi. Kanji still feels guilty about this, and thus feels guilty around Michiru in general, a fact that led to his attempting to apologize -- which somehow led to his being guilted into joining the Botany Club. He's still not sure how that happened.
    • Anzai Mizuno - some punk-ass who sneezed all over his damn shirt. IN FOR A BEATING
    • None yet
    • None yet
    • None yet
    • None yet
    • None
    • None yet
Combat Information


The Japanese God of Thunder, Take-Mikazuchi is the bearer of the divine Totsuka-no-Tsurugi and, accordingly to legend, is the inventer of the Japanese tradition of sumo.

Take-Mikazuchi, as a Persona, represents the raw strength that Kanji so highly values. It, like him, has an emphasis on raw physical might and overwhelming endurance. It represents the element of thunder, a raw and furiously charged aspect that personifies Kanji well. While it possesses a slew of electrical-based spells, Take-Mikazuchi is not terribly magical itself, instead relying on physical power and its large, lightning-bolt-like sword to punish people.

Also, for some reason, it looks like a large robot Skullomania.


  • SENSE: Kanji Tatsumi's resonance feels very much like a raging storm. It's like being in the grasp of a hurricane - overwhelming and full of natural fury. The feeling is imposing, but there's also a certain sense of conflict within it that seems to both make it hesitant and furious at the same time.
  • SCENT: The smell of ionized air, much like during a lightning strike.
  • SOUND: The sound of Kanji's resonance is roughly equivalent to a thunderclap -- obnoxiously loud and full of pent up anger.
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