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Shiki Ichimonji
Aliases Shiki, "Shikkun"
Arcana The Magician
Persona Gawain
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 16
Birth Date November 25th, 1993
Preferred Weapon Throwing Daggers
Faction SEES
Job Dynamic Manga Artist
Divisions Attacker
Assignment Gekkoukan High, Second-Year
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor JP: Yuko Sanpei

EN: Matt Hill

Player Snot Man
"The spirit of shounen manga isn't about heroes and villains. It's about fighting for what you believe in and building a better world!"

Shiki Ichimonji is somewhat of a well-known name amongst the students of Gekkoukan High School. Aside from his ultra-flashy fashion choices, the boy's major claim to fame is having been the artistic prodigy behind the manga series, "Captain Rebellion". While it has since been cancelled, the intrepid youth still aims to become famous for his drawing prowess as well as protect the world from what threatens it! With his great enthusiasm, strong will and heart of gold, it's almost as if Shiki himself stepped right out of the manga pages... However, beneath his brave exterior lies a sensitive boy, trying to hold on to his dreams and find his place in a world not nearly as black and white as he wishes it was.


Goggle Boy, Read the Entire Man's Life Series Overnight, The Pen is Mightier than Anything Else, Now This is just Getting Meta, Very Specific Genius, But Was it Really Such a Good Idea?, This is the Form of my Courage!!

Amazing Facts
  • Shiki grew up in Inaba. He moved away about three years ago to settle down in Port City. He has since basically lost touch with everyone he knew from there.
  • The only video game console Shiki has ever owned was a Sega Saturn, which he still has in his dorm room. He really likes Burning Rangers, and thinks Segata Sanshiro is actually a real person.
  • While his grades can go pretty much all over the place depending on various factors, one subject Shiki is consistently bad with is english. Like many fellow mangaka, however, he's sure he's got things under control when it comes to cool catchphrases.
  • Shiki secretly owns several identical fire jackets. One set has been customized for combat, with extra padding and inner pockets tweaked to conceal Evoker, knives and pens while keeping them accessible. The other, "casual" set retains all the pens (for... some reason) but has much deeper pockets that hold about as many useful (and less useful) knickknacks as Batman's utility belt. Either way, the thing is heavier than it looks. Shiki thinks of it as "gravity training", whatever he means.
  • Shiki is secretly Baseball Ranger Red, leader of the Baseball Rangers.
  • Thanks to his involvement with DVA System matters and ability to inspire others, Shiki had been promoted to the position of field commander within SEES, with Itsuka as his second. Hopefully he will not go mad with power!
  • Shiki tends to start referring to people his age on a first-name basis very quickly. He stays pretty formal with his honorifics, though.
  • With Captain Rebellion cancelled, Shiki is now officially out of a job!! Holy crap! On the upside, this has cleared up his schedule significantly, giving him time to attend club (manga, kendo and baseball) meetings, see his friends, study and save the world without slowly going insane as a result. He still hasn't stopped drawing, though, and keeps a certain tendency to push himself. Luckily for him, though...
  • Shiki drinks Powerthirst.
  • Also, coffee. He totally drinks it black in a cup with flames on it because he is a badass dude, or at least that's what he says.
  • Starting from a certain point, almost all of Shiki's scenes have had him introduced with a TITLE IN ALLCAPS next to his name. For some reason. Some sum up his character well, some are about his state at the time of the scene, and some have nothing to do with anything. They have all been immortalized as part of a rotating chantitle on the Public channel!
  • Weapon: Silver Anchovies - Don't actually look that much like anchovies, but Shiki likes to call them that. Much more lethal than they sound. A birthday present from Thora.
  • Body: Fire Jacket+ - Shiki's trademark jacket, customized for combat. Grants no actual fire resistance. Parameters somehow improved by the addition of a "utility belt" from Himeru and fingerless gloves from Yuuka.
  • Feet: Ordinary Shoes - ...Still nothing to write home about.
  • Accessory: Goggles - Never seen without them. The lenses have been modified by Teddie, but they give no special effects or stat boosts.
"I am thou... thou art I. I am Gawain, Mightiest of Knights! Let my sword be the form of your courage, my shield the protector of that which you love, and my light the source of unwavering conviction!"
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Shiki's Persona is Gawain, one of the Knights of the Round table. He appears as an animated suit of shining silver armor that, probably influenced by Shiki's imagination, bears many resemblances to medieval-themed giant robots. Has cool, light-up eyes visible through its helm, and a large green scarf as well as a pair of deployable thrusters allowing it to hover or even fly for a short time. It wields an elaborate-looking (and transformable!) greataxe. It uses a wide array of physical skills and light-based attacks, which are fired either from its axe or the very skies above. Its prowess in combat may or may not be influenced directly by flashy theatrics. It can also fire its fist like a missile.

Even when unsummoned, Gawain has an ususual effect on Shiki. As in some versions of Arthurian legend, the knight is energized by the rays of the sun, but at its weakest after sunset. This doesn't translate too much to Shiki himself, who has not even noticed it yet, but thanks to this he's a lot more energetic during daytime (especially when it's sunny) and tends to feel slightly less comfortable during the night. Furthermore, the Dark Hour's draining effects are more pronounced on him than on almost everyone else with his level of experience.

Captain Rebellion

See also: Captain Rebellion

Since his first appearance on the grid, Shiki has been the author behind Captain Rebellion, a biweekly series published in the Shounen Super manga anthology. As of December 4th, 2009, the series has officially been cancelled, and Shiki has stated no official plans to resubmit a new series anytime in the near future. The series has enjoyed a good run, however, with four action-packed volumes still on sale! Tell a friend!

Character poll results

In alphabetical order! Recently (at time of writing) streamlined and revamped, may re-add lost entries later!

  • Aigis: A trusted robot friend!! Cannot transform... but tries with all her might!!
    • Power Level: 9001
    • Special Ability: The Immense Power Of Friendship Expressed Through Alice
  • Akatsuki Enda: The Senpai with perfect hair!! Protect all that is dear to you!!
    • Power Level: 5000 x2
    • Special Ability: Sharing power with his twin so that he can sometimes be twice as strong and stuff (cool name pending)
  • Fumiya Watanabe: The power of radical!! A boastful but loyal ally!!
    • Power Level: 8080
    • Special Ability: Time travel (localized, eighties-specific)
  • Himeru Namikawa: The serious super scary girl who likes cats anyway!! A "contradiction" you want on your side!!
    • Power Level: 15,000
    • Special Ability: Supernaturally awesome dark humor
  • Hinata Itoh: Let's see the future together!! A baseball lover with cheer for all who need it!!
    • Power Level: 16,000
    • Special Ability: Do the impossible, see the invisible
  • Itsuka Mizuhara: A shounen hero's girlfriend?! I will always come back for you!!
    • Power Level: Grows to match opponent (Multiplied in Berserker Mode)
    • Special Ability: Absolute death immunity
  • Maki Sonomura: That strange girl again!! A friend with many faces?!
    • Power Level: 9999 (Normal), 9,999,999,999,999 (Ultimate Mode)
    • Special Ability: Split Personality Jutsu (Normal), Everything (Ultimate Mode)
  • Shinjiro Aragaki: Ultimate Senpai!! A gruff exterior and a heart of gold!!
    • Power Level: ??????, possibly infinite
    • Special Ability: Cat/duckling herding, secret cook powers
  • Shinsuke Kusagawa: Itsuka's mystery-filled long-lost twin!! The cool, friendly rival knight that fans love!!
    • Power Level: 20,000
    • Special Ability: Unlimited wardrobe coordination
  • Thora Kobayashi: A beast-like girl who loves being strong?! Saved Shiki's life, the rest doesn't matter!!
    • Power Level: 44,000
    • Special Ability: MURDER
  • Akito Ichimonji: Father. The Hanged Man. A well-meaning but nervous salaryman who often lets pressure get the best of him. Works for a magazine company.
  • Yurika Ichimonji: Mother. Justice. A larger-than-life prosecutor with a flair for the dramatic. Tends to be strict but remains extremely friendly.
  • Kinzo Ichimonji: Grandfather. The World. A somewhat famous painter. Deceased.
  • Bruno-san: Father's friend. The Chariot. A foreigner and man of few words, with a memorable voice and mountain of muscles. Somehow Akito's coworker and best pal.
  • Captain R: The Hero. Judgement. The hero of Captain Rebellion, created by the DVA System during the events of the Mikage-Cho plot.
  • Dark O: The Villain. Death. The villain of Captain Rebellion, created by the DVA System during the events of the Mikage-Cho plot.
  • Ikki: The Narrator. The Magician. A child version of Shiki, created by the DVA System during the events of the Mikage-Cho plot.
  • That Freaking Raven: Annoying Bird Stalker. ??????. caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw

Shiki was born to unloving couple of Apathy Syndrome victims, who raised her to act like a boy while her twin brother was spoiled in anticipation to his gaining leadership of their family's Yakuza branch. She was forced by her sadistical grandfather, Kinzo Ichimonji, to undergo intense artistic training at gunpoint, literally whipping her into a genius artist and murderous sociopath by the age of seven. Driven to madness, she killed her twin brother with a poison-coated pen, accidentally inheriting his Persona, Gawain. The deranged girl's increasingly bizarre account of the event, soon involving shape-shifting lizards and futuristic technology, were madly scribbled into a sketchpad that would become the storyboard for Captain Rebellion. The jacket, or at least the original design, once belonged to her brother, whose personality she unconsciously borrows. Her cheerful and disarming demeanor are only a front meant to lure in potential allies while she quietly warps the world into a supernatural nightmare from within the core of the DVA system. The goggles hold no special significance.

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