Yosuke Hanamura

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Yosuke Hanamura
Yosuke light+dark.png
Full Name Yosuke Hanamura
Aliases Yosuke, Brosuke
Arcana I - Magician
Persona Jiraiya
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 19
Birth Date June 22, 1994
Blood Type A
Preferred Weapon Dual Knives
Faction KDA
Job Captain Ressentiment
Origin Feature Character
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
Player Discofrog
"If someone's using that world as a weapon, that's unforgivable."

A wisecracking, seemingly happy-go-lucky teenager of average grades, garish taste in fashion, and poor luck with girls...among other things. Despite this, Yosuke Hanamura has faced his own shadow twice and knows his own darkness better than most -- he just has yet to triumph over his insecurities. He currently balances Sumaru University course work with a part time job at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, which is no small feat due to his late enrollment during the school year. The unresolved murder of Saki Konishi has resulted in a great deal of anger festering within him, directed at not just the Inaba "TV Killer" but any who would ruin the lives of normal people with supernatural forces. On one hand her memory drives him to become something better than he was, but on the other...isn't this just a little unhealthy?


One-sided Rivalry, Holding The Torch, Worst Insurance Premiums Ever, Nemesis: Trash Cans, Indestructible Headphones, Yes I Wear Them When I'm Naked, Why Are You Asking Me This, Yelling Louder == MASSIVE DAMAGE, Gifting Swimsuits To Girls Isn't Creepy At All, Weakness: Nutshots, Oh Brosuke, Where Art Thou?, We Don't Talk About That Other Yosuke...

Social Stats


Brosuke Hanamura...

  • wishes you would stop hogging all of the chicks.
  • really hates the Dark Hour.
  • still has photos of himself with Saki Konishi.
  • has a surprisingly dark streak. (it wasn't a rumor shadow)
  • has a bit of a swimsuit fetish.
  • knows what a maya shadow tastes like. >:(
  • has met god...
    • ...but was running a fever at the time and doesn't remember much of it...
      • ...and can't really remember their names either. (Philemignon? ...No?)

"I am the heart of Jiraiya. I shroud myself in expectations; my true self is known by few. None shall ever grasp the full breadth of our deeds..."

The gallant, young thunder: though born of nobility, Jiraiya's family was driven from their home by rivals. Desiring revenge but refusing to grovel at the feet of those who were born his equals, he instead chose the life of a bandit in a neighboring country to fund his ambitions. Gaining the respect of other freebooters with his daring and cunning, he unexpectedly found himself their leader and inspired them toward more chivalrous thievery. Tutored in the art of toad magic and shapeshifting by a mountain-dwelling immortal, he eventually mastered the ability to take on any appearance or gender, even the form of a frog. Though never able to reclaim his lands and restore his family's honor, tales of his bravery eventually attracted the attention of a beautiful healer named Tsunade who would become his wife. Due to his shapeshifting abilities it's impossible to completely account for all of the mischief he caused, and few -- friend or foe -- were ever aware of his daimyo heritage.

In battle, Yosuke's manifestation of Jiraiya possesses a diversity of skills that are difficult to pin down. Though a competent attacker that specializes in wind magic, the Disco Frog truly excels at confounding an opponent's ability to control the battlefield while allies take advantage of the chaos. Such uncompromising adaptability comes with a price: every action must be chosen with care, for dumb luck will not be there to catch Yosuke when he falls. The potential is there, but the wisdom to use it only comes with experience.

Its attire is either a dastardly ninja ruse designed to distract opponents while they're winded to death, or an artifact of Yosuke's terrible taste in fashion.

The latter is far more likely.

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