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Tatsuya Suou
The Singularity Boy
Full Name 周防達哉 (すおうたつや)
Arcana XIX - The Sun
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 27th, 1991 (Leo)
Canon: July 27th, 1981
Age 20
Faction Darkside
Team Shinsengumi
Persona Vulcanus Custom
Weapon Two-Handed Swords
Eyes Reddish-Brown
Hair Reddish-Brown
Height 6 feet, 0.5 inches
Voice Actor Takehito Koyasu
Player Tacchan
"Everything has consequences."
Profile And Skills

A graduate of Seven Sisters High School and a student at Sumaru University, Tatsuya Suou has managed to retain much of the popularity of his high school days - whether he likes it or not. Tall, good-looking and seemingly mature for his age, Tatsuya is the younger son of a disgraced police family, and is seen by his peers as cool, dangerous and mysterious, having legendarily defeated an entire gang in middle school. Having gained a career as a model through no fault of his own, Tatsuya is an object of admiration for many people, male and female alike, but in truth, Tatsuya is a listless, directionless young man who finds it difficult to deal with others, usually coming across as blunt, callous and cold. Tatsuya's skills and habitual red motorcycle outfit have also become increasingly well known in the darker corners of Sumaru City, since he became the leader of a group called the 'Shinsengumi'; with their help, slowly, Tatsuya is learning to come out of his shell, but...

Skills: Can Fall Asleep ANYWHERE, Cutting Classes to Save the World... Or Work a Part Time Job, Fastest Runner in Sumaru City (But Still Can't Escape Ginko), Giving His Older Brother an Ulcer, More Issues than Rolling Stone, Nervous Habit: Lighter Flicking, Nice Haircut, Phoenix Corps Featherman Identity: Red Hawk, Problems With Authority, Secret Skill: Electric Guitar, Secret Skill: Sound Imitation, The Paradox Boy, This Continuity is Probably Not His Fault... Maybe, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


Born in Sumaru City, Tatsuya is the younger of the two Suou boys. In 1999, his life would be changed forever as he was involved in an incident with the Serial Arsonist at Sumaru's Araya Shrine, which left him nearly dead, and his father was arrested for accepting bribes from the Yakuza. Becoming disillusioned with the powerlessness of adults, Tatsuya became a withdrawn lone wolf intent on living on his own; he reawakend to his Persona power when he got into a fight with a gang of other students in middle school, almost killing them all... An event which only reinforced Tatsuya's determination to be alone. But, as strange events became more and more commonplace in Sumaru, Tatsuya started to meet a variety of other people with the same 'power', changing the course of his destiny once again...

  • Weapon: Katana - A plain two-handed Japanese sword, with a slightly curved single-edged blade sporting a chisel tip. Nothing particularly fancy.
  • Body: Motorcycle Leathers - Red and black motorcycle outfit. Stylish, distinctive and protective.
  • Feet: Motorcycle Boots - Heavy, well-made boots.
  • Accessory: Lighter - A chrome Zippo bearing the inscription 'The most important things can't be seen with the eyes'.
Social Stats
  • Expression: 1 - Stoic
  • Knowledge: 3 - Streetwise
  • Courage: 5 - Dauntless
  • Understanding: 4 - Surprisingly Insightful
  • Diligence: 5 - The Will That Broke the Universe
  • Persuasion: "Listen..."
    Tatsuya uses his natural charisma to get his point across. This can involve the use of sweet reason, or sheer force of personality.
  • Imitation: "Close your eyes."
    Tatsuya imitates a noise! Motorcycle, jet engine, gun - you name it.
  • Talk About Masculinity: "To me, a real man is..."
    A frank discussion of what it means... To be A Man
  • Death by the Eyes: "..."
    Tatsuya Suou has the sexiest/scariest/sexiariest glare in the world.
  • His surname can be roughly translated as 'defend the area', while his first name can be read as 'how do I accomplish?'.
  • His favorite foods include seaweed-flavoured potato chips, and steak - but especially rare steak, as he enjoys the taste of blood. His least favourite foods are salted squid entrails, and anything with red bean paste in it.
  • He can play the guitar, and owns an electric guitar. Where he learned is anybody's guess.
  • Tatsuya is fluent in English, which was his best subject in highschool along with Physical Education.
  • He was in fact the fastest runner at Sevens, but he stubbornly refused to join the Track and Field club (or, indeed, any clubs).
  • Tatsuya's guardian dragon in Wang Long fortune telling is the Light Dragon. He's most compatible with White and Moon Dragons, and least compatible with Red Dragons.
  • Tatsuya is prone to flicking the cap of his lighter; it's his most common affectation.
  • He can sleep anywhere, at any time, regardless of discomfort or distractions.
Combat Information

Tatsuya is a dangerous combatant, with few natural weaknesses; though he doesn't especially excel in any particular area, he's good across the board, and tends to be quite lucky. In combat, he uses two-handed swords, though he prefers to use katanas and other Japanese weapons to foreign ones.

Special: Lionheart - Using his natural speed and Persona-enhanced physical abilities, Tatsuya throws himself into a single high-speed, high-power strike with his katana.

Persona Information and Resonance
"The light of your feelings towards the comrades of your heart has cleansed me through fire. I am thou, thou art I; this is my holy form, risen from flames!"

Vulcanus was the Roman god of the forge and volcanoes, in many ways the Roman counterpart to the Greek Hephaestus. The blacksmith of the gods, Vulcanus kept his forges within volcanoes, and as such the fiery mountains bear his name. Representing both the helpful and dangerous aspects of fire, Vulcanus was an agent of both creation and destruction, whose wrath could devastate crops and cities with equal ease... Vulcanus was also associated with male fertility by the ancient Romans, and was considered the father of many famous beings of myth and legend, including Jupiter in some particularly ancient variants of the mythology. Vulcanus is also commonly associated with the goddesses Maia and Vesta.


Tatsuya's resonance projects an aura of leadership, strength and capability, a warm assurance of protection... But that protective force can be turned to destruction in a heartbeat, a terrible wrath and other restrained passions held back by force of will. Though there is safety, there is also a threat, the dual nature of Vulcanus made manifest.

By smell, the scent of Tatsuya's resonance is unsurprisingly that of the forge, and sound-based resonance matches that: As if something were still being made from raw metal.

Like many other Persona Users, Tatsuya's gift manifests in a few ways outside of simply the ability to summon Vulcanus. The presence of his Persona gives Tatsuya a boost that simply makes him 'better', increasing his natural ability to be competent at nearly everything; it reinforces the mystique of Tatsuya Suou, which helps him out in any number of situations from day to day. As well, Tatsuya has a limited but definite ability to sense the Resonance of other Persona Users. It's not as strong or as definite as the abilities of 'spotter' types, but Tatsuya's awareness of the supernatural is greater than that of most people; however, the ability is also not infallible, and sometimes Tatsuya can miss what his senses are trying to tell him.

Notable Social Links
  • 0 - The Fool
    • Tohru Adachi - As a cop, Adachi is pretty much immediately on Tatsuya's Big List of People He Doesn't Like. Shockingly, the feeling is mutual.
    • Minako Arisato - A strange, exuberant girl. She reminds him of someone, although he can't quite place who. She gave him Valentine's chocolate... Early. One of the few people to get a White Day gift from Tatsuya in return. Tatsuya learned something of Minako's mysterious past from Eriko Kirishima, and subsequently promised Minako to help her if he could, exchanging contact information. Tatsuya genuinely wants to help Minako, out of a desire to protect somebody who's so naturally cheerful.
  • I - The Magician
    • Yosuke Hanamura - Tatsuya met him in his superheroic guise as 'Kunai no Phoenix', an incident that led to the attempted murder of Tomomi Fujimori (and her attempt to murder them both first). Since then, they've encountered one another once or twice, although seldom on the most ideal of terms.
  • II - The High Priestess
    • Yukiko Amagi - Tatsuya has met Yukiko a few times, including an incident where she healed him after he got shot (by a ghost, naturally), which has generally put her in the 'positive' column of people he knows. As someone who shares an outward appearance of restraint and a desire for personal freedom, along with a possibly incongruous fiery Persona, Tatsuya gets on fairly well with Yukiko.
  • III - The Empress
    • Mitsuru Kirijo - Being that the SEES commander and Naomi Suzuno are childhood friends, it was probably inevitable that Tatsuya and Mitsuru would meet... Although Tatsuya remains quite unaware of just why Mitsuru was so interested in meeting him. Despite his general distaste for SEES, Tatsuya finds that he likes and respects Mitsuru, and the two of them have come to a certain understanding on both the matter of the defence of their respective cities, and their shared desire to keep Naomi safe.
  • IV - The Emperor
    • Naoya Toudou - Tatsuya has run into the 'Boy with Earring' a few times, and gets along with him better than he does most people (i.e., at all).
    • Akatsuki Enda - Tatsuya views the younger Enda twin as being nothing like the elder; Akatsuki being easy to get along with and straightforward about things has given Tatsuya a certain, guarded level of trust towards the other teenager, which has grown over their various experiences since their first meeting. Tatsuya was among the group who went to rescue Akatsuki from Rena Kinukasa, and has brought the former SEES member to work with the Shinsengumi in Sumaru; with Akatsuki moving to Sumaru City for college, the two have decided to share an apartment - for Tatsuya, it's largely a matter of practicality.
    • Kyo Enda - Though they've only met once, that was enough for Tatsuya to see that the former student council president at Sevens is Not A Nice Guy. Tatsuya's usual obliviousness to the day to day mundanities at the school caused a flare up of Kyo's supernatural fury, which Tatsuya was able to sense through his own abilities. There may be an element of alpha male pissing contest involved, on some level. Tatsuya genuinely does not like Kyo Enda, seeing him as a danger - both in general, and to Tatsuya's teammate, Miwa Saitou in particular.
  • V - The Hierophant
    • Shinjiro Aragaki - The estranged member of SEES. Tatsuya and Shinjiro have met a few times, and each was memorable; the two are just similar enough in the right ways to strike sparks with one another. However, Tatsuya has a certain respect for Shinjiro that might seem incongruous, and the two are able to 'interface' on a level most people would find bewildering, exhanging volumes of information with only a few words and a glance.
  • VI - The Lovers
    • Lisa Silverman - An underclassman at Seven Sisters HS, and Tatsuya's #1 fan and terrifying Cantonese-speaking gaijin stalker. Tatsuya is currently unaware that Lisa is one of his childhood friends.
    • Rena Kinukasa - Though previously, Tatsuya was only vaguely aware of Rena's existence and identity, events conspired to change that. When Rena kidnapped Akatsuki Enda, Tatsuya was among the group that went to rescue him... And he remained inside the burning building in an attempt to rescue Rena, as well. Since then, Tatsuya has promised to try to help Rena in the hopes that she can be freed from her Shadow's control, and that in the process a way can be found to help Hideo Aratami, as well.
    • Tohya Kidzuki - Still another senior from Sevens; Tatsuya doesn't particularly care one way or the other about Tohya's 'delinquent' status, but since learning of her Persona abilities and Akatsuki Enda vouched for her trustworthiness, Tatsuya has added her to the ranks of the Shinsengumi, as well as accompanying her on the (disastrous) attempt to deactivate the DVA System, during which he protected Tohya from the potentially murderous 'Fox'.
  • VII - The Chariot
    • Chie Satonaka - Tatsuya has a great deal of respect for Chie, having met the girl on various occasions; they've discussed the realities behind kotodama, they've fought monsters and they've fought one another, standing on opposite sides of the disastrous attempt to destroy the DVA System. Regardless, Tatsuya has a positive impression of Chie, believing her to be someone who always does what she thinks is right, regardless of the consequences - even if what she thinks is right, and what he thinks is right aren't always the same thing.
  • VIII - Justice
    • Katsuya Suou - Older brother. Tatsuya has a serious inferiority complex where his 'elite' brother is concerned, and feels he can never live up to him. He also sees Katsuya as a nagging figure who constantly pesters him about school and his personal life, which exacerbates his aforementioned inferiority complex.
  • IX - The Hermit
  • X - Wheel of Fortune
    • Jun Kurosu - Once, Tatsuya's 'doppelganger' and best friend. Tatsuya does not remember that he was friends with Jun when they were kids.
    • Chizuru Ishigami - Evil fortune teller. Trapped Tatsuya and a few others inside a magic barrier, whereupon things went pear-shaped. Tatsuya is not a fan, particularly after she escaped, leaving only a mysterious doll behind (which he kept).
  • XI - Strength
    • Enoha Koinose - A somewhat meddlesome older woman. Tatsuya is generally brusque towards Enoha (and, indeed, towards most people), but only because he would prefer to keep her out of danger, and to let her live a normal life. Enoha generates a nostalgic feeling in Tatsuya, almost like being around someone who could take care of him, whose origins he himself cannot place.
  • XII - The Hanged Man
  • XIII - Death
    • Eikichi Mishina - The legendary 'Captain Death' of Kasugayama HS. Eikichi has declared himself to be Tatsuya's ETERNAL RIVAL, though Tatsuya has had difficulty recalling who he is. Unknown to either of them, they were childhood friends. Now they are also ETERNAL ALLIES, due to Tatsuya's securing Captain Death's aid for the Shinsengumi, a group of Persona users brought together to defend Sumaru city from threats the mundane authorities can't touch.
  • XIV - Temperance
    • Miwa Saitou - Tatsuya and Miwa have had a variety of adventures, including the time they were in an elevator and almost died, and the time they went into a television set to rescue Hideo Aratami. At Akatsuki Enda's behest (although he probably would've done it anyway, as he sees Miwa as somewhat hapless and prone to getting herself into trouble) Tatsuya has begun looking out for Miwa, particularly in the context of her evil boyfriend. Subsequently, Tatsuya recruited her for the Shinsengumi, the first other individual he approached, and is indeed part of the reason why he came up with the idea in the first place. He is unaware that Miwa mistakenly believed he has a romantic interest in her, although now she seems to think he likes someone else.
    • Naomi Suzuno - Though initially another semi-faceless Sevens student to Tatsuya, Naomi quickly proved to be more complex than she first appeared when Tatsuya ran into her getting a sword cleaned, which was sort of weird. Tatsuya has come to respect Naomi for her competence and intelligence, though he has become wary of her ability to cut through his stoic shell with laser-like precision, and her absolute unwillingness to let him get away with his usual lone wolf/martyr bullshit. Naomi was the second recruit for Tatsuya's group of Persona users, after an incident where he visited her at her home, and gave her butler a fit. Tatsuya has promised to protect Naomi, demonstrating a spectacular degree of ignorance as to how that might look to anyone else, or even Naomi herself, because that's how he rolls. In many ways, Naomi is the second in command of the Shinsengumi, and Tatsuya generally relies on her superior ability to plan and coordinate. He trusts Naomi more than he does anyone else.
    • Dona Kimura - Dona Kimura is kind of a weird girl, but Tatsuya generally considers her to be harmless. She seems to know a lot about the occult, for which Naomi has proposed getting her involved with the Shinsengumi.
    • Daiya Kagami - Clearly not related to Dona Kimura in any way, shape or form. Daiya claims to be an 'ESPer', and certainly demonstrates unusual abilities that don't seem to have anything to do with Personae. This very strange young woman was involved in both the rescue of Akatsuki Enda and the attack on the DVA System, and Tatsuya recruited her for the Shinsengumi - largely to keep her from getting herself in trouble. Tatsuya seems largely immune to her flirtations, which is probably for the best.
  • XV - The Devil
  • XVI - The Tower
    • Thora Kobayashi - The 'Oni of Osaka' is an individual Tatsuya largely began to associate with during the Slit-Mouthed Woman incident. Though they aren't close by any means, Tatsuya respects Thora's strength and determination, although he also refuses to be intimidated by her. Tatsuya isn't sure how far to trust Thora, though, given her past associations and somewhat... Volatile nature.
    • Anna Yoshizaka - A former classmate in homeroom 3-B at Seven Sisters High School.
  • XVII - The Star
    • Hideo Aratami - Tatsuya views his inability to rescue Hideo from the Sumaru Midnight Channel to be his greatest failure. Now that Hideo is controlled by his Shadow, Tatsuya has been seeking a way to restore the younger boy, in the hopes that past sins can be absolved.
  • XVIII - The Moon
    • Maya Amano - Formerly 'Big Sis', Tatsuya's first love. Tatsuya does not remember Maya, and if he did he'd believe she was dead; he has met Maya more recently, however, when the young editor came to interview him at Sevens after his placement in Coolest's Top 20 Under 20. Since then, Tatsuya discovered that Maya also possesses the power of Persona, and acknowledging her resolve to help her friends who have already gotten involved in the supernatural, scouted her for the Shinsengumi. That way, he can at least keep an eye on her.
    • Shiro Koda - Weird kid who followed Tatsuya into the Sky Museum. Tatsuya isn't sure what to think about him.
  • XIX - The Sun
    • Tatsuya Sudou - The other Tatsuya, Suou's opposite number. Currently Tatsuya Suou does not completely remember their encounter ten years ago, which left Suou stabbed in the back and Sudou with half his face burned off. Hopefully still languishing in a mental hospital.
    • Misaki Toritsume
  • XX - Judgement
    • Eriko Kirishima - One of the few people Tatsuya trusts implicitly, almost as much as he trusts Naomi Suzuno. Tatsuya and Eriko worked together to solve the Slit-Mouthed Woman case, which had its ups (they did it, yay!) and its downs (too much Adachi, Tatsuya ended up becoming a model thanks to kotodama, boo). Although Eriko hardly seems like the sort of person Tatsuya would choose to associate with, he feels fairly comfortable around St. Hermelin's premiere occult expert and investigator, trusting both her abilities and her discretion. If she asked, he would help her without hesitation.
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  • Hero's Theme - Toshiko Tasaki, Masaki Kurokawa, Kenichi Tsuchiya
    • Instrumental Track
  • Silent Melody - Working for a Nuclear Free City (Lyrics)
    • What have I let go? What have I become? I don't know either; whatever, we'll know.
  • Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas (Lyrics)
    • Masquerading as a man with a reason, my charade is the event of the season; and if I claim to be a wise man, well, it surely means that I don't know.
  • Friends - Stephanie "The Forgotten Past - The Masquerade" (Lyrics)
    • Even if I show off my bravery and my strength, I can't survive alone.
  • Supernova - Bump of Chicken "Naomi" (Lyrics)
    • A person's existence in this world is worthless, but... Somebody's world can be built upon it.
  • Persona Ondo - Takehito Koyasu "The best song of all time ~ gag track?"
    • But which one is the real me?
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