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Kyo Taimiev (Enda)
Full Name 遠田暁 (えんだきょう)
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Arcana XIX - The Sun REVERSE
Shadow The Dragon
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 6'0"
Hair Blond
Eyes Amber
Date of Birth May 27th, 1991, 10:15 AM
Sign Gemini(Sun)/Scorpio(Moon)/Leo(Asc)
Voice Actor Shinichiro Miki (human), Smaug (SP form)
Guardian Dragon Gold Dragon
"I have been in Hell, very recently. It was being one of your weak, disgusting, worthless race. And I have no desire to go back."
Profile and Skills

A student of the six-year medical program at Fra Mauro University, Kyo is known to the world at large primarily as a prodigy in the areas of mathematics and medicine: a young man who, like many historical stories of youthful geniuses, has succeeded despite rumors of a broken home and an unsupportive family. Succeeded, in fact, so far as to marry Yisa Taimiev: a foreign heiress, to whom he is obviously and slavishly devoted, and whose hand has given him de facto control of her family's assets and connections in Moscow. That is about all the average person will know about Kyo; however, those tapped into the supernatural grapevines may hear much more sinister things about him: things involving emotional and physical rape, murder, and cannibalistic acts.

Codependency Poster Child, Enlightened Psychopath, Fatbirding, Good Evening Clarice, Having an Old Friend for Dinner, Learns Like a Raptor, Let's Play a Game, Take This Apple It's Awesome, Morning Star, Trophy Husband(?), The Accuser, life is grate C:

  • Weapon: Fangs, claws, nuclear fire, etc.
  • Body: Scales
  • Feet: Claws
  • Accessory: Yisa

  • Kyo can be clinically diagnosed as a sociopath. You can guess how well all most of his social links are going to turn out!!
  • Kyo is fond of the color white, which is highly inauspicious given the connotations white has in Japanese culture. But he doesn't care!!
  • Most people detect Resonance through an ineffable sixth sense. Some people register Resonance through their sense of smell, or their sense of hearing. Kyo detects Resonance through his sense of taste. Usually he does this the same way snakes taste air. ...Sometimes he does it much more personally.
  • Kyo comes from an upper middle-class family, albeit a broken one. His parents recently finalized a divorce, with his mother taking custody of his twin Akatsuki, and his father retaining custody of him.
  • His father is a workaholic salaryman who is almost never at home: this makes for a healthy bank account, but a very out-of-control son.
  • Due to his absent father, Kyo is used to taking care of himself. This means he can cook. WHAT he tends to cook is another matter entirely.
  • Kyo is a very good archer, which was highly ironic back when his Persona was still Achilles.
  • Kyo is extremely intelligent, with an excellent intuitive grasp of most things. Coupled with a sociopathic nature that spends the majority of its time in isolated self-absorption, Kyo is able to study and learn concepts and skills far faster than the norm, though his short attention span often results in him losing interest in whatever he's learned as soon as he masters it.
  • The above, combined with a personal interest in linguistics, resulted in fluency in the major East Asian languages (Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean), the four major Romance languages and their progenitor (Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French), the two major Germanic languages (English and German), a Slavic language (Russian), and a Caucasian language (Chechen).
  • He has toyed on some level with most instruments, though his preference is for the piano.
  • Kyo transferred to Fra Mauro after doing his first year at Sumaru. While at Sumaru his major was biomedical engineering; due to a shift in interest, he took and obliterated the entrance exams to get into Fra Mauro's six-year medical program instead.
  • He devotes some of his time to assisting professors in medical research: particularly cancer research.
  • He devotes the rest of his time between managing his wife's inherited wealth and her fractious family, and trying to find a way to destroy the human race.

Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth.

Kyo willingly accepted his Shadow after being pushed into the Inaba Midnight Channel. First it took the shape of the Tsavo lions-- a form reflective of his nature as a psychopath, a type of human seemingly engineered by nature specifically to prey upon other humans, and of his early violent instability, basic urges, and belief in brute force. As his main weapon against life slowly became his perceptive eye and lying tongue instead, it morphed to the Biblical Serpent, a shape that embodied his predilection for striking straight to the heart-- at insecurities, at lack of faith, at faltering convictions-- and his fondness for corrupting, luring, and seducing others. Particularly women. Particularly Yisa Taimiev.

His relationship with Yisa Taimiev has caused it to settle upon the final shape of the Dragon of Revelation. This form reflects all his arrogance, his hatred of humanity after experiencing its painful and contradictory nature for himself courtesy of the Special Handling Unit, and his conviction to see the earth wiped clean of life. It continues the theme that the most deadly thing about him, in the end, may not be teeth or claws, but his voice.

SHAPE: Essentially the Dragon of Revelation, except black. A monstrous seven-headed dragon with four limbs, two wings, and ten horns (four on the main head and one on each of the rest). Each horn is arced and carved to suggest the seven crowns the Dragon was described to bear, and is encrusted in gold and precious gems.

RESONANCE: A high-minded aura, proud and remote, with the cold smell and taste of a morning so early that the stars still show.


I am going to relentlessly link Trish's amazingly thorough logs page for this!! D: She has so many of Kyo's logs archived.

Important scenes: Kyo's Midnight Channel, Kyo's SHU, Yisa's SHU.

When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison, and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth-- Gog and Magog-- and to gather them for battle.



- Yisa Taimiev

- Miwa Saitou (for reals)


- Naomi Suzuno (Shadow)

- Rena Kinukasa

- 'Quite a lot of people by now,' on Yisa's behalf. :( Also, as below:


-- Kirijo Labs psych assistant (to escape incarceration)

- Miwa Saitou (hard)

-- Almost the mayor :(

- Naomi Suzuno (half)


- Akari Hoshi (she got better :/)

- Seiichi Miyamoto (tore out left eye)


- Kaito Yoshida (slashed off an arm)

- Miwa Saitou


- Naomi Suzuno

- Tatsuya AND Katsuya Suou

- Yisa Taimiev (even (especially) after marriage)

- Izo Imaizumi

- Enoha Koinose

- Akari Hoshi

- Shinsuke Kusagawa

- Mai Namikawa

- Tatsuya Sudou (tentacles ;D)

- Thora Kobayashi

Notable Social Links
  • O - THE FOOL
    • None.
    • None.
    • Benihime Asano - Kyo first noticed her fascination with him-- and her hatred for Miwa Saitou-- in his Midnight Channel dungeon, where she was entirely sympathetic to him, and spiteful to all others around them. Since then, he has cultivated her adoration of him, readily using her willingness to do anything he asks her to.
    • Mitsuru Kirijo - Kyo hated Mitsuru, at first. Then, he MET Mitsuru, and their Personas (Achilles and Penthesilea) resonated. Hatred faded into a sort of disturbed obsession, and then into the desire to possess her. He has assaulted her several times already towards this end. Ever since his imprisonment in Kirijo Labs, Mitsuru has tried to teach and reform him. He knows what she is trying to do, and finds it a fun game to string her idealism along.
    • None.
    • None.
    • None.
    • Izo Imaizumi - At the outset, there was no one Kyo found more satisfying and entertaining to drive to the brink-- whether through taunts, or the simple assailing of Izo's logic. His hatred of Izo only worsened when he realized Yisa had a lingering regard for him-- and when Izo threatened to show her things that would cause her no longer to need him. However, during Kyo's brief period as a normal person after the SHU, Izo ironically became the closest to a friend Kyo had. The feels became even more complicated when, in the course of doing Kyo a huge favor by "trying to help Yisa out despite the warnings of all common sense," Izo fell into a gruesome coma; and now that Kyo is once again a psychotic sociopath, the feels have graduated to "super extraordinarily extra-complicated."
    • None.
    • Jason R. Butler - It's complicated. Jason was the reason Kyo was put into the SHU and made normal for a brief period. But for better or worse, he is the closest to a paternal figure Kyo has.
    • Enoha Koinose - this woman just makes it really hard to hate her
    • Masahiko Irie - What a mouthy douchebag. Kyo believes Masahiko to be borderline delusional in his high opinion of himself.
    • Tohya Kidzuki - The hatred has historically run deep between Kyo and Tohya. one could almost say hatoful
    • Seiichi Miyamoto - Whatever dealings they might have had in the past are dust now. They fell apart when Seiichi recanted his own malignant ways. Mitsuru was protected from Kyo by Seiichi several times. This was grounds for Kyo to declare war on the pianist, going so far as to twist Akari Hoshi-- a little-sister figure of Seiichi-- to turn on him. Following an attempt on Kyo's life by Seiichi, Kyo tore out Seiichi's left eye with a knife.
    • Miwa Saitou - Kyo's ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, ever since Yisa intimated to him that Miwa had never loved the TRUE him-- only an image she had created of what she wanted him to be-- what lingering feelings he has are mingling with his growing resentment for what he perceives as Miwa's 'years of leading him on.' Making matters worse, Kyo has entirely replaced Miwa with Yisa as the subject of his affections.
    • Naomi Suzuno - Kyo recognizes Naomi as perhaps one of his more dangerous opponents, primarily due to her sheer unflappability. Though his irrationality and twisted logic have kept her at bay for a long time, she has begun to try and pry apart his insanity in an attempt to know and predict him. Her eternal pride and defiance clash harshly with his need to control and dominate, making her consistently rise to his challenges and fight his demands. When her Shadow took her captive, Kyo served both as Naomi's jailor and unexpected protector. He still periodically tries to coax her to hang out with him and Yisa-- if more for Yisa's benefit than his own, given Yisa and Naomi were childhood friends. The the fact Tatsuya is her boyfriend, though, makes that a little touchy.
    • Daisuke Itami: Kyo and Daisuke have a little bet going regarding the human race. If Kyo can make his vision reality-- that humankind is nothing more than a pointless race, with no purpose left but to be put out of its misery-- he wins. If not, then Daisuke wins...
    • Mai Namikawa - Kyo attacked her once he became aware she and Naomi were close. Since then, Mai has just kept on piling on the reasons for him to hate her: foremost among them being her loving story to him, while he was stuck in a Kirijo cell, of how Miwa would abandon him to make a family with some other man.
    • None.
    • Akari Hoshi - Similar to Mai, Kyo targeted Akari as a known 'valued friend' of someone he hates even more: Seiichi Miyamoto. Her naive, trusting, and gullible nature has proven useful on multiple occasions, the most recent-- and potent-- of which was his Stockholming of her subsequent to her belief that she had lost Tatsuya Sudou. Training her to love him, he immediately turned her on Seiichi Miyamoto. She's gone back to Seiichi since, as she didn't take Kyo's maiming of the pianist too well.
    • Tatsuya Suou - Tatsuya sees right through Kyo's idealized facade to the dangerous, sociopathic truth. This irritates Kyo immensely; not to mention the fact that Tatsuya bluntly stated that he'd take Miwa away from Kyo 'for her safety.' Now that Tatsuya's actually followed through and DONE it-- leaving a scar behind on Kyo's chest, where his attack cut deeply-- Kyo has decided to hurt Tatsuya in any way possible, and to undermine any of his efforts he can. In many ways Kyo has evolved into an inverted mirror of Suou. The vicious hatred between them is completely mutual.
    • Tatsuya Sudou - Kyo started out largely neutral on Sudou, as an individual who has done him a favor or two and whose goals don't immediately interfere with-- and perhaps even further-- Kyo's own. His indifference turned to enmity once Sudou harmed Yisa, leading Kyo to attempt to kill Sudou in reprisal: causing a good amount of psychological trauma in the process.
    • Yisa Taimiev - Sa daakhar. His master. His prisoner. His missing soul. His wife.

  • Darkangel - VNV Nation
    • In your dream you see me clear
    • I have no restraint, no fear
    • Powerless I watched from faces I'd assumed.
    • My purpose set. My will defined.
    • Caress the air.
    • Embrace the skies.
    • Escape the sorrow and restraint of mortal cities.
    • Give me time I will be clear.
    • Given time you'll understand
    • What possesses me to right what you have suffered.
    • I'm in this mood because of scorn.
    • I'm in a mood for total war.
    • To the darkened skies once more and ever onward.

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