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Enoha Koinose
The Big Sis
Aliases Fishnose, Carpnose
Arcana Strength
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 28
Birth Date September 2nd
Blood Type A
Preferred Weapon Pistol
Faction D4
Job Bookstore Clerk
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro (Arakawa Under the Bridge- Maria)
  • One of Enoha's not-so-secret talents is her green thumb. She has immense luck in the garden, and she loves roses most of all.
  • Another talent is that Enoha has a pleasant singing voice, though she's embarrassed if she's taught singing. She has no real aspirations in this field, however; she just likes to sing for herself.
  • Enoha loves the rain, and due to the influence of Adachi, her fondness has increased for fog as well. Perhaps it's the fish that resides inside her core self, or maybe, she just likes rain.
  • Water is an element that Enoha has little trouble with, swimming-wise. While she can't come anywhere near competing against trained athletes in the sport, she holds a certain innate talent for it.
Social Stats
  • Courage: 4 - Just allow her time to mend any SAN damage
  • Diligence: 5 - workworkworkworkwork
  • Expression: 3 - Can be surprisingly manipulative
  • Understanding: 4 - Big Sis Complex
  • Knowledge: 3 - Strangely, not a book worm

A Sister's Love - After partly finding out what happened to her brother, Enoha resolves to find him and restore him to his former self, though, she wonders if she is truly a good sister...

"Sometimes you just have to make the best of what you're given."
Profile and Skills
An established employee of the Yomenaido Bookstore, Enoha is rare in that she came back to Inaba upon graduating from college, rather than continue on to greater things like so many from her generation. Yet, instead of bringing business or a family of her own, she is an unmarried woman who works at Yomenaido Bookstore as a clerk, taking care of her mother whose dementia made her unable to live alone. Having spent her school age years in Sumaru City, Enoha has managed to fit in over the years with her hard-working, gentle yet firm nature and surprising connections. Yet many in the know wonder- just how is she connected to the Midnight Channel, and why did she leave her hometown in the first place?


The Princess That Grew Up, Yes My Persona Is Basically A Giant Fish, My Glasses Cannot Repel Fog, But They Definitely Add Style, On The Event Horizon Of Christmas Cakedom, Boomerang Generation, Big Sister Complex, I Graduated From College Now What, What Happens To The Little Sister When The MC Gets A Game Over?

"I am thou, thou art I. I am the Koi-no-Takinobori, the symbol of perseverance in the face of insurmountable odds, and the reward it brings."

Enoha's persona is the Koi-no-Takinobori, the carp from the Chinese legend used in both China and Japan as inspiration to work hard. The carp worked stubbornly upstream a major river to reach the Dragon's Gate, where the gods, impressed of the little carp's feat, transformed the fish into a beautiful dragon. The Koi-no-Takinobori is often represented in a state between carp and dragon; Enoha's persona shows the combined physical characteristics of both.

Due to the circumstances of its first manifestation and its physical prowess, Enoha's persona can be potentially dangerous if it goes berserk- something that Enoha has taken great pains to deal and train against. While people may be clueless as to why such a seemingly gentle woman has such a forceful persona, woe be to those who see some side of the true reason for the Koi no Takinobori's overprotective nature.

Social Links
  • O - THE FOOL
    • Tohru Adachi: "Ox-Eye" - Enoha's boyfriend. Enoha views him with a deep affection, and his influence on her personality has changed her personality from reserved and self-deprecating to more open, warm, and sometimes a little manipulative. He knows things about her that no one else knows, as well as some things she herself doesn't know. The Time Crisis arc proved just how random their good fortune was by showing a darker, alternate timeline where their relationship was based on lies and pain. Since then, Enoha's loyalty to Adachi was called into question during the events of Maboroshi, but after Adachi accepted her back, Enoha has firmly insists as staying by him. Little does she know how that loyalty will be tested...
    • Yu Narukami: "Sunflower" - Nanako's cousin and 'big brother', Enoha sometimes seems some similarities between his situation and Inohiko's, long ago. However, for all the similarities, there's distinct differences, which Enoha hopes will contribute to Yu not making any of the disastrous choices Inohiko and his two friends made. If not that, Enoha hopes she will do what it takes. Inaba doesn't need another tragedy.
    • Yukiko Amagi: "Dahlia" - A sweet young woman who Enoha sees as a good foil and friend to the enthusiastic Chie. Yet, underneath that surface is a will of steel; Enoha wonders if Chie and Yukiko are as different as they may think themselves to be.
    • Shinjiro Aragaki: "Red Torch Cactus" - A strong young man, both physically and mentally, in spite of the many trials he's had to go through. Enoha often wishes he would remember that he doesn't need to deny himself the pleasures of mundane, 'normal' life simply because he has a persona. Her way of doing this is to play the big sister with him to the nth degree on the few occasions she comes over to bother him, despite hardly being anywhere *close* to 'big' when compared to him physically. She also adores his cooking, though she tries to keep it a secret out of respect and, well, because she likes to live.
    • Chie Satonaka: "Aster" - A spirited young woman with a persona, who had the misfortune of being there, alongside Yukiko, when they all found Enoha's brother in the Inaba mines. Enoha feels bad that Chie's had to deal with so many issues that are beyond her ability to process, but she's glad Chie has a support system in place, a good heart that hates to see unfairness and misfortune fall upon people she cares about, as well as the spirit to keep moving when her friends are in trouble. She's going far in Enoha's opinion, and Chie's ability to spot things others may not has come in more than once to help Enoha see things in a new light.
    • Nanako Dojima: "Daisy" - Daughter to Ryotaro Dojiro and cousin to Yu Narukami, Nanako embodies many things that remind Enoha of herself when she was Nanako's age- scarily so, in fact. Thus, Enoha's subconsciously taken up the charge of combating a possible repeat of history- though, she's also protective of Nanako simply because she's a sweet, headstrong, independent little girl, whose position in the nexus of many things supernatural makes her extremely vulnerable to forces no little girl should ever have to deal with.
    • Katsuya Suou: "Calla Lily" - An old acquaintance from her years at Seven Sisters High, Enoha found Katsuya to be the right candidate to be her and Adachi's roommate- he's polite, she's comfortable with him, and, most importantly, he has a persona. Since then, Enoha and Katsuya have caught up in their friendship, forming a strong bond. While events have since made her feelings more complex, she's determined to be there for him in one way or another, and feels a deep kinship with him.
    • Daisuke Itami: "Datura" - Hired to investigate the Otonashis as a test to later investigate King Leo (which is now a moot goal), Daisuke has manipulated Enoha in ways she has yet to be aware of, and is in fact the one who distantly influenced Masako, via a friend of hers, to do the Joker Charm. A dangerous man if there is any, and one whose true nature is something Enoha is unaware of...
    • Thora Kobayashi: "Thistle" - An employee of the blacksmith next door to the business Enoha works in, Thora embodies a strength that is as admirable as it is troubling, due to her willingness to use it to harm others who wrong her. Enoha doesn't want to overstep her boundaries with her, due to embodying the very things Thora seems to resent (meddling adults, that is), Enoha still hopes Thora will learn how to properly use her strength, as well as how to avoid those who will take advantage of it.
    • Mikiya Ryouhara: Deadly Nightshade - One of the few people to ever take Enoha to a limit where her determination was at her rawest, Mikiya has attacked her once, but her friends many times. It's hard to truly decipher the man's motives at times for Enoha, whose own beliefs seem at once to be parallel his and yet opposite his. Trials strengthen you, yes, but does that mean someone needs to willingly be the one to strengthen others this way? He has since seemingly passed on, but Enoha doubts his memory will allow itself to fade away.


    • Jason R. Butler: "Tithonia" - An American with a big heart, Jason's come to help Enoha more than once in her time of need. As he's one of the few men whose closeness she doesn't mind (mostly due to his foreign manner), she's sort of come to see him as a brotherly figure, though Katsuya strangely once commented that they both share certain key characteristics. Jason does seem to have a secret past of his own; perhaps a lot of their similarities are due to key events in their lives that run in parallel lines to each other?
    • Masako Koinose: "Chrysanthemum" - Enoha's mother. Once a beauty in her day, she surprised everyone by marrying the rather mundane Nobunori. As intelligent as she was beautiful, Masako owned a successful florist shop in Inaba around the 1980's, though, after Inohiko disappeared, it was closed. Since then, mental illness has claimed her, slowly corrupting her thoughts and memories. One persistent thought has yet to leave her, however: the idea that her son will come someday. Her condition has not completely taken her over, which was shown when she called Joker in a bid to not only get some semblance of her son back, but to unlock Enoha from her obligation to take care of her. Unfortunately, other forces moved to make this far more complicated than she had the ability to act upon.
    • Inohiko Koinose: "Forget-me-not" - Enoha's older brother. An otaku who doted on his little sister despite being six years older than her, he became a hikikomori as school pressures mounted on him. Was touched by Izanami as the 'Oblivion' candidate in the last 'game'. Upon discovering his ability to enter the TV, Inohiko notified his sister and went inside, causing a tragic chain of events both in his close friends' lives and Enoha's life. He has since been found in the mines underneath Inaba, having since transformed into a horrifying aquatic monster. While at first he seemed to have little grasp on reality, his 'old' personality still resides there, if willfully hidden from the world. Enoha is now coming to learn the aspects of her brother that he never showed to her when she was a little girl, such as his bitterness towards the world and his apathy towards anyone he doesn't care about. His bond to her is unmistakable, however, and Enoha refuses to let his appearance get in the way of her showing that she still loves him as her big brother. During the For Everyone's Happiness arc, feeling that his sister may have forgotten him, he began causing the ground in Mikage-cho to shake; if not for the efforts of many people who came to investigate, he may have went on to even worse ways of showing his displeasure. He and Enoha have since reunited, though it's unclear he understands what happened to make her stray from him.
    • Maya Amano: "Poppy" - A magazine reporter with an enthusiastic attitude towards the world, even when it involves the supernatural. Maya proves to be a great friend to go out drinking with, as well as to ask on things pertaining to Sumaru City. With adult persona-users few and far between, Maya provides a sort of easy-going friendship Enoha couldn't find elsewhere, and her actions while they were trapped in Chizuru's TV dungeon have shown her to be as brave as she is positive. Her connection to Tatsuya Suou was surprising, but comforting; Enoha is glad everyone has reunited.
    • Shion Katsuragi: "Coneflower" - Another female friend of Enoha's, whom Enoha got to know before Shion gained her persona. After rescuing Shion from her dungeon in the TV world, Enoha has come to trust the young woman intensely- after all, she's probably the only one, other than Adachi, that knows the circumstances that led to Enoha's persona's first summoning. When Shion quit D4 to join the NWO, this complicated Enoha's feelings; it's not as if she lost a friend, but can she truly trust her like she did before?
    • Tatsuya Suou: "Scarlet Star Bromeliad" - Enoha first met Katsuya's little brother during the Kuchisake-onna's killing spree. Anti-social, determined to do things on his own, and extremely stubborn, Tatsuya at first concerned Enoha over his seeming tendency to place everything entirely on his own shoulders. He's grown massively since then, and in learning about the events that drive him, Enoha has grown to further appreciate the young man's courage and drive, and regrets she hasn't been better able to offer him support in the past.
    • Nobunori Koinose: "Garden Sage" - Enoha's father. A successful businessman. Wanted Inohiko to go into the same field as him, and pressured him relentlessly. When his son disappeared, Nobunori realized that he had placed his own wishes before his son's. He then decided to devote himself to making sure Enoha was raised properly. He's also tried to branch out his interests; he now likes to collect woodblock prints. Having met both Tohru Adachi and Katsuya Suou, he felt no hesitation when they all lived together, seeing Tohru as a possible husband for her, and seeing Enoha's sisterly feelings for the serious Katsuya. He is beginning to suspect something is up with Enoha, especially after the events of the For Everyone's Happiness arc, and the events recently with the Joker arc. Yet, he feels that, no matter what, whatever Enoha is trying to accomplish is for the greater good, and that the people he has met so far are standing to protect her where he cannot.
    • Hajime Shidou: Cornflower - A policeman who recently developed a persona due to his investigation of one Mikiya Ryouhara, Hajime is a man Enoha feels some guilt towards in not being able to keep him from developing such a power in such traumatic circumstances. He has an adorable daughter, though it's hard to decipher what happened to his wife. Enoha feels him becoming a part of D4 may be the way to make sure he has the support network to handle the rough times ahead...
  • Kalafina - Hikari no Senritsu "Strength" (Lyrics) (Song)
    • Even if your hands are still far from your dream / Recall the tender voice / Someone sang the chord of happiness for you (Translated)
  • Takashi Okamoto (Poison Pink OST) - Regeena "Koi no Takinobori" (Song)
    • Instrumental Track
  • Santara - Suki "Odd Couple" (Song)
    • I like to bite on the drops of rain / They're not sweet, in fact they're bitter / I like how the smell betrays my tongue / That's why I like the misshapen you (Translated)
  • Haruka Tomatsu - Monochrome "Fish Girl" (Lyrics) (Song)
    • The dancing snow is the fragments of the stars / Reaching a hand out to the heavenly bodies / You feel our wishes come and go, right? / Everything is now within the monochrome (Translated)
  • KT Tunstall - Heal Over "Enohug" (Lyrics) (Song)
    • And I don't wanna hear you tell yourself / That these feelings are in the past / You know it doesn't mean they're off the shelf / Because pain's built to last / Everybody sails alone / But we can travel side by side
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