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Yuuka Chiba
Alias: yuuka, jpop
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Fullname Yuuka Chiba
Arcana The High Priestess - Reversed
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 18th
Age 16
Faction SEES
Team Multirole
Eyes Emerald/Green
Hair Brown w/ Red highlights
Height 4'9
Weight Tiny.
Character Actress Vicky Zhao/Zhao Wei
Voice Actress Utada Hikaru
Persona True Unicorn
Weapon Bo Staff
Other Things

Logs and Cutscenes


All Your Base - After promising Yosuke Hanamura a present, a group of people including Yuuka go to Lunarvale area to confront Reid O'Lennon...

I... Will You Be My Friend? - Yuuka and Yosuke have a talk. Rather endearing, bluntly hilarious. +phone conversation. Yosuke's +phone comments to Yuuka are in [PHONE] and Yuuka's +phone comments to Yosuke are in [PHONE].


Shattered and Broken
Broken and Shattered
Close Your Eyes
A Ultra-Blue Visit
We Can Do It

"I understand... or at least, I think I do."
Profile And Skills

A student at Gekkoukan High School, Yuuka Chiba is a thoughtful, yet cheerful student. She always seems to have a smile on her face when approached but getting her attention may be a bit hard as she always seems to have her nose in the book in front of her, whether for school or just for enjoyment. Yuuka is known for being rather academically talented, yet with a certain lack of common sense that makes people wonder how she manages to get by without getting herself - or others - hurt. Petite, Yuuka has a porcelain doll look to her, making her cute and pretty, rather than a more mature beautiful. However, nothing small especially Yuuka, should be taken as harmless, as she has a strength and vitality bred from years of self-defense training to get her point across. Yuuka does have her own weaknesses, as she is horribly near-sighted and having two left feet is quite literal, as she has a tendancy to trip as well. Overall, she's a girl who has her own talents and failures and is trying to find a place in the world she was born in; however, will she do so with patience and discretion, or will she finally lose what some have rumored to be a very infamous temper...?

Still Too Klutzy For Her Own Good, She's Got Her Own Staff, Knowledge: Everything (Or So She Likes To Believe), Talent: Vocal Music, Talent: Flute, Evasive Wallflower, Don't Push Her Too Hard, Cutesy And Pretty, Nearsighted Velma, Temper Versus Passivity, Tiny Girl: Big Attitude, Works Way Too Hard At School

Combat & Resonance Information
I am thou... and thou art I... I am Unicorn, the sacred horse, seeker of knowledge....

True Unicorn, is just that, a unicorn, with cloven hooves and pure white body and mane, and a silver spiral horn on its' forehead. The mythology behind a unicorn is that it is strong and powerful, only tamable by pure, virginal maidens. True Unicorn ties into Yuuka's concept as a whole due to the fact that Yuuka herself is a Virgo, which is typically viewed as a more 'pure' astrological house.

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