Minagi Shimizu

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Minagi Shimizu
[[Image:Minagi.JPG|200px|Minagi Shimizu]]
Personal Information
Real Name Minagi Shimizu
Aliases Minagi/Tank-Tan
Arcana Tower
Nature Persona User
Gender Female
Age 14
Birth Date February 20, 1995
Preferred Weapon Fists
Organization Information
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Wild Child
Divisions Attacker
Persona - Wolf of Gubbio
[[Image:Wolfofgubbio.jpg|200px|Wolf of Gubbio]]
OOC Information
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Caitlynne Medrek

"Freedom is a package deal - with it comes responsibilities and consequences."



Minagi Shimizu has been many things. Orphan, Shadow-Possessed, demon-possessed, an assassin, and finally a vessel for the Greater Arcana Shadow Chariot. However, despite her past, she has grown past her fears and weaknesses, and has shrugged off the darkness that had become her life and drives towards a new future. Instead of fighting for survival, she fights to gain a deeper meaning to her life she has yet to find. She considers herself on a journey to self-enlightenment, but has gained many things...and lost just as much. Right now, she enjoys the wind at her back, and the company of good friends. While she still maintains strange behaviors and cat-like attitudes, she is not the survival-driven monster she used to be. She has come to accept the good with the bad, instead of denying everything that didn't make her happy.



Standing a little over five feet tall, this young woman is what one would consider frail. Her body is very small, still obviously under developed and of course, still growing. Womanhood seems to becoming for this young woman, but besides the small body shape and size, her arms and legs on the other hand seem very well tone, giving the woman a more athletic view as one takes a better look at her. Her face is a young one, typically looking at the world and those in it with a cat like curiosity. One might call the entire mannerisms and how the girl holds herself as cat-like.

Her face is small, much like the rest of her, with short black hair, and braids hanging down the front of her face. Hey eyes are yellow, not unlike a cat's in appearance, as they seem to watch everything around her. While this does give her a slight odd appearance, it is a long way from outright creepy.

Though so very strange...


To really understand the history of Minagi, you really have to understand the history of the sword that had also possessed Minagi. Hundreds of years ago, or as the story goes, a sword was created from the finest materials from all around Japan. The lord that commissioned the sword was said to be the most powerful influences to the land. The wise and fair lord set into motion a destiny to those that would hold the blade...servitude to the true ruler of Japan.

The sword first fell into the hands of the lord's closest body guard, who used the sword to enact his lord's will. The sword was then handed down to the body guard's son, who took his father's post upon his death. The tradition of sword passing went from descendant to descendant...but what perverted the sword's purpose...the twisting of the very essence of the blade was the very perversion of the twenty seventh wielder of the blade. Instead of serving his lord he rebelled taking the sword to do his own bidding.

The wielder of the blade set out to try and carve his own kingdom, attempting to take his former lord's realm through trickery and force. He gathered mercenaries and those willing to betray their lord for a better position. The plotting increased, and so did the size of the coup's forces, until they were ready. On the night of the coup, the traitor guard asked for a private meeting with his lord, being granted it, the guard approached his lord brazenly.

The guard, thrusting the sword deep into the chest of the lord, thought his kingdom won. However, the spilling of the blood of his lord had a profound change on the nature of the blade. The blade, it's very purpose was for defending it's lord...was not spilling the blood of it. The sword twisted, the entire sword darkened, and the blood of the slain lord formed Chinese symbols on the blade, as the Kami inside the sword was irrevocably twisted by the act.

The Eventual twisting of the blade completed, and a powerful shadow formed and inhabited the blade. Possessing anyone that desired strength of arms, and always eventually causing their destruction, because the desire for blood would outweigh the higher brain functions...and the shadow always felt it was not being used to it's full potential. It desired a master that was just as savage as it was.

And thus was born, Yuudachi-no-Tsurugi.

Minagi, was born to a dying member of the NWO. Born as a set of triplets, her mother had complications during birth, and was slowly dying. But more than this, her heart longed for death, wanting to rejoin her husband, who was killed in an attempt to possess the Yuudachi-no-Tsurugi, in an effort to destroy it. Here, she lied, as Kandori came to talk to her, asking the man to do everything he could to destroy the sword.

She wished for one of her children to do this, and made him promise her that one of the children would eat only shadows, and eventually break the blade. Kandori, promising her this and of course also including that the other two children would be free from the company. Kandori, also fulfilled the last wish of the dying woman, by killing her on her death bed. Kandori, with the help of his seer, would identify Minagi as the child that had the potential, and could do the deed. Here, she was thrown into a orphanage.

Living with incredibly loneliness, and constantly unable to become adopted, Minagi lived until one day someone came to adopt her. Kandori handpicked the man to do this, someone that was a terrible monster. The man was a rich member of the government, using his influence to take the young girl away. Here he abused her, physically, mentally, and even sexually. Minagi, forced to make a choice...she could fold, or she could fight back. She chose to fight back, scaring the man and running into the wilds.

But even here she could not escape influence from the NWO. They drove here slowly towards the blade, infact to the point she used the cave that housed it to live in while she survived in the wilds of japan. Here, feeling bitterness towards the world, towards her suffering, feeling increasing hatred for everything that caused it. She was forced to raid civilization for food, feeding off the scraps she could find.

This eventually got the attention of local authorities. They came one day to take her back, which forced her to retreat back into the cave to hide...but she couldn't. They were coming to take her...and in that moment the sword spoke to her. Telling her it could give her power, but the power would come at a price. Everything was laid out for her, and she accepted...the sword reached into her, pulling out her darkness and making it manifest as a shadow in her. Tearing through the humans like a hot life through butter, the NWO finally decided it was time to recover their minion.

This time, the group was prepared, persona users and shadow possessed, backed up by Kandori himself. She was taken back, and forced fed shadows. Trained in how to murder...and given the stick when she didn't respond...or sometimes because the needed to know who was boss. However, eventually they allowed her to killed the one that she knew had caused this. Killing the man that abused her, she became an asset to the NWO.

Her life became a blur from this time forward, until she came to meet Minato.

IC Developments

After working for the NWO faithfully for years, she had a series of events that would turn her away from the NWO and finally free her from the shadow of her sword. Her first meeting with Minato, which happened at swim club when he accused her of being afraid of the water. She, both having a fear of water and unable to actually swim, jumped in and nearly drowned. Both he and Deidra Doyle jumped in and rescued her.

Later on, during the Dark hour, while Minagi was hunting for Shadows to eat, she was approached by both Deidra and Wataru Hoshimoto who wanted to draw a picture of her sword for Elizabeth. Minagi was distrusting at first, and purposely antagonized Wataru who was being aggressive towards her (and threatened to hurt her) several times. However, Minagi was tricked into letting them get a sketch of it by offering her candy bars, which she ate while they drew it. Minagi herself was none-the-wiser.

Wataru, however, came back and decided to try and take Minagi down. However, Minagi a seasoned hunter quickly turned the tables on him, and quickly devastated him with her pure strength and viciousness. Before Minagi could finish the job, Minato happened to be walking through on his way back to the SEES dorms, and happened to be out during the Dark Hour. He stopped her, forcing her to attack him. However, he only barely managed to put her down without hurting her, and took her to Kiroji Labs to be studied and watched.

Minagi would be studied, talked to, and eventually let go by Minato, as he couldn't bare to let her remained trapped. He gave her a keepsake, something she keeps precious to herself. Minato also learned that day that she could have escaped almost at any time, because her sword was not bound by the laws of physics, and could be summoned to her at any time.

Later on, Minagi would meet both Midori Nakashima and Azusa Shimegi by sheer chance in Okinawa Station. Ignorant of their history and past of Midori bringing out Azusa's shadow, Minagi got a first row ticket of Azusa harassing Midori. Midori, starting to refuse Azusa's reality, manged to convince Minagi that she was right...which wasn't hard, and Minagi told Azusa off...infact drawing her sword when Azusa didn't immediately back off.

Minagi would hunt Azusa down, and viciously attack the shadow possessed woman. Minagi would nearly kill her, but because of her frenzied state, finished off a fountain, instead of Azusa. Minagi would later find out Azusa was still alive, and hiding because of her previous attack. However, Azusa would be saved by Aigis who would reveal they were friends with Minato. Minagi, unwilling to hurt a friend of Minato's stops her attack, and gets creamed by several strong attacks from Azusa for her kindness. Aigis eventually stops this, but Minagi escaped after clearing out Azusa's fridge.

Then... Minagi would...

Eat the Chariot Arcana Shadow. On the night of the full moon, Minagi sent a message to the NWO claiming to have found a powerful shadow on the loose in Port Island. Both SEES and NWO agents arrive to Minagi already starting to attack Chariot, cutting pieces of it off. Before anyone could do anything, Minagi would start eating pieces of Chariot. However, the fight would end with both sides taking down the Chariot, and Minagi consuming the shadow before it could fade away. It possessed her, literally drawling out her shadow, transforming it and her psyche, and then shoving it back into her.

Minagi would be taken by Aigis and SEES, due to NWO forces being routed shortly after the Shadow going down. She was studied, and interrogated by Thora Kobayashi who was searching for a way to help her friends who were possessed by their own shadows. However, pushing Minagi a little too far, she broke free, and eventually was forced down by Thora and a large number of people with stun guns and tranq darts.

Until Takahisa Kandori came with the NWO to free her. Minagi would free herself, after fighting both Deidra and Aigis to a standstill, and left without causing farther harm. Upon her return, Minagi was made head of KNOWS, and given a tour of the complex, knowing quite a bit of secrets of the place.

This was until a fateful night where Guido took himself and Minagi to a shadow dungeon in the TV world. Minagi, forced to realize that her beliefs in the NWO were false, and that he was preventing the team from saving someone trapped in it, turned on her boss. The team accepted her, and allowed her through the rest of the dungeon. However, Aigis took her back to a undisclosed location (see cheap hotel in Port island (see a love hotel)) until they could figure out a way to get Chariot out.

This came by pure chance, finding a place that had notes on experimental and forbidden knowledge on extraction of shadows. On the night of the Full Moon, Minagi, while slowly losing herself to Chariot completely, was extracted. Her shadow and Chariot were released, and the SEES team including Yoshiro Yoshino, Hinata Itoh, Aigis, Minato, and Yuuka Chiba with help from another shadow possessed managed to fight them both. However, Minagi's shadow which was connected to her blade was weakened, and destroyed by Chariot near the end of the battle...which was consumed by Thanatos.

Minagi would awaken days later, a human again.

Through her normal life, she was adopted by Kirijo and lived in the SEES dorms. There was simply a lot of things she has done, and a lot of people were holding her to her past. She understood, and infact strove to prove that she wasn't that person anymore. She also met and dated Blaise Cameron, but the relationship ended after the incident in Lunarvale. They maintained a good friendship, even with this bit of drama.

With this, Minagi was trapped in the Lunarvale incident. Forced to fight through her way to survive the incident, she (even as a human) proved to hold her own (though she was often brought down to the point of inability to move and had to be constantly healed with persona magic.) Eventually, in a desperate situation, Minagi managed to awaken her persona, thrashing a shadow that had tormented her, and just barely managed to save Yoshiro's life.

Social Stats

  • Courage: 5 - Unshakable
  • Diligence: 4 - Focused
  • Expression: 2 - Average
  • Understanding: 2 - Average
  • Knowledge: 1 - She ate Chariot

Notable Social Links

  • 0 - The Fool
    • Minato Arisato: Minato is a quite boy, and has saved Minagi's life twice. Minagi has a charm giving to her by him, and fiercely loyal to Minato as a friend.
    • Minako Arisato: Minagi met Minako during the Lunarvale incident. They didn't get along too well at first, due to Minako thinking Minagi was just a practical joker, and Minagi revealing she was friends with Minato (and Minako thinking he was dead.) Minagi, however, managed to help save Minako's life, during an attack by a Demon named Alice, and shortly after the two twins were reunited.
  • I - The Magician
    • Junpei Iori: Junpei has been kind to Minagi and understanding of her situation. They have similar interests, and a similar outlook on life. Junpei may be looked upon as a older brother.
  • II - The High Priestess
    • Midori Nakashima : Midori is considered Minagi's senpei, and Minagi has gone out of her way to protect Midori from harm. Minagi does not know, however, that she is also shadow possessed and a member of Strega....yet.
  • III - The Empress
    • Minagi has not yet established any notable Empress links.
  • IV - The Emperor
    • Minagi has not yet established any notable Emperor links.
  • V - The Hierophant
    • Minagi has not yet established any notable Hierophant links.
  • VI - The Lovers
    • Blaise Cameron: Meeting during her first time out of SEES dorms as a human, Blaise and Minagi met due to their out of place natures. Minagi because of her upbringing, and Blaise because he is a foreigner. They get along rather well, and Minagi thinks Blaise has a funny sense of humor.
  • VII - The Chariot
    • Aigis: Like Minato, Minagi owes Aigis a great deal. Minagi infact feels a great deal closer to Aigis than most other people. Fiercely loyal to Aigis, Minagi will hesitate at nothing to help her friend, and cares nothing for what she is...she is infact possibly more human than she is.
  • VIII - Justice
    • Nanako Dojima: Minagi met Nanako shopping at Junes. They met and quickly became friends. Minagi thinks Nanako is way too mature for her age.
  • IX - The Hermit
    • Azusa Shimegi REVERSE: Minagi does not like Azusa. Infact, though they have tried to kill each other, they had worked together in the NWO for a short...and frustrating time. Now free from her shadow, Minagi may attempt to apologize...but afraid that she would be sent after her anyway.
  • X - The Wheel Of Fortune
    • Yoshiro Yoshino BROKEN: Yoshiro was part of the group that saved Minagi. However, Yoshiro was subjected to a great deal of trauma. Minagi, feels terrible for this, and wants to make it up to him...but Yoshiro does whatever he can to avoid her.
  • XI - Strength
    • Minagi has not yet established any notable Strength links.
  • XII - The Hanged Man
    • Wataru Hoshimoto: Minagi simply has become neutral with Wataru. He has done enough to not warrant her kindness, but has countered that with enough to fix what he had done. Wataru simply is ignored unless she has to deal with him. Which, thankfully, she does not often have to.
    • Chidori Yoshino: Chidori first met Minagi in Tartarus during her shadow extraction. They later met as Chidori was drawling a picture of a clockwork mechanism holding up a faceless feminine figure. Chidori got angry and Minagi for giving up her power for her life. Minagi thinks Chidori needs a hug. Minagi took the picture Chidori made, after she tore it off and walked away. Minagi is determined to be her friend...for no other reason then to be her friend.
  • XIII - Death
    • Minato Arisato: Minato is a quite boy, and has saved Minagi's life twice. Minagi has a charm giving to her by him, and fiercely loyal to Minato as a friend.
    • Minako Arisato: Minagi met Minako during the Lunarvale incident. They didn't get along too well at first, due to Minako thinking Minagi was just a practical joker, and Minagi revealing she was friends with Minato (and Minako thinking he was dead.) Minagi, however, managed to help save Minako's life, during an attack by a Demon named Alice, and shortly after the two twins were reunited.
  • XIV - Temperance
    • Minagi has not yet established any notable Temperance links.
  • XV - The Devil
    • Minagi has not yet established any notable Devil links.
  • XVI - The Tower
    • Thora Kobayashi BROKEN: A large, thuggish teenage girl from Inaba, Thora interrogated her once which lead to her going berserk. Minagi feels terrible for her actions, but is concerned because of Guido's interest in her...
    • Takahisa Kandori REVERSE: CEO of SEBEC and secretely the leader of KNOWS and a major player in the NWO, Minagi was forced to do his bidding for a long time. Minagi's force of will caused her to break free, and Minagi absolutely can not bring herself to face the man yet. She knows she will have to eventually, but she is not ready to become a shadow again, not until she can awaken her own power.
  • XVII - The Star
    • Hinata Itoh: One of her saviors, Minagi has a great deal of respect for Hinata. She works at the Lucky 7, which happens to be Minagi's new favorite place to get snacks. Especially Grapermellon slushies.
  • XVIII - The Moon
    • Farah Newman: Minagi worked with Farah somewhat in the past, as partial caretaker of KNOWS. Minagi is really not sure to make of this person, but knows where her loyalty ultimately lies.
  • XIX - The Sun
    • Minagi has not yet established any notable Sun links.
  • XX - Judgment
    • Minagi has not yet established any notable Judgment links.
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