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Jason Butler
The American P.I.
Wiki Jason.jpg
Full Name Jason Rhett Butler
Aliases Butler, Rhett_Marlowe (Darkside SN)
Arcana Strength
Persona Diomedes
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Age 33
Birth Date April 1, 1977
Blood Type AB
Preferred Weapon Shotgun
Faction KDA
Job Private Investigator, Pachinko Parlour Owner
Origin Original Character
Player Cyanne
  • His e-mail information is jbutler@goldenboar.net.
  • He owns the Golden Boar Pachinko Parlour.
Profile and Skills

Americans owning and running businesses in Japan are rare, even rarer is the one who runs such a distinctively Japanese business like a pachinko parlour but Jason R. Butler is one such man. Rumor has it that he is also a licensed private investigator who specializes in missing person cases that the police tend to just write off. Though he's an older gruff man, he exhibits a certain kind of charm that Americans can only describe as 'Southern genteel'. He knows more about the 'other side' than most would think and enjoys spending his off hours drinking, smoking and hunting. Just what sort of game he hunts is anyone's guess.


Gambler, Not Dick Gumshoe, Not Philip Marlowe, Not Professor Layton Either, Well Educated, Knows More Than He Lets On, Stranger In A Strange Land, Good Ol' Boy, Still Says Ma'am And Sir, Even In Japan, Demon Hunter, Smoker, Drinker, Survivor, Want Some Jerky?, Good at Parkour, None Of That Freerunning Nonsense, Has Enough Courage, Doesn't Need A Reputation, Constant Five O'Clock Shadow, Loves That Shotgun, =_=

Social Links
0. The Fool
  • Minako Arisato - A High School Student. Currently one of Jason's clients.
II. The High Priestess
  • Kiyomi Ninomae - A Blind Woman.
    • Helen - Kiyomi's seeing eye dog and such a good puppy.
V. The Hierophant
  • Ryotaro Dojima - A Police Detective. Tohru Adachi's partner. As far as he knows, Dojima is in the dark about the weirdness going on in Inaba but office gossip pegs him to be an excellent cop.
XI. Justice
  • Katsuya Suou - A Police Detective. The Detective witnessed Jason and Leigh Anne's first explosive meeting after eight years. All in all, he's a good cop who seems to be doing his best to protect the people of the Five Cities. He trusts Suou to watch his back. Though he sometimes harbors feelings of jealousy towards the officer because he thinks Katsuya and Leigh Anne are 'together'.
XV. The Devil
  • Leigh Anne O'Hara - That Troublesome Red Head. Jason's ex-girlfriend who broke his heart when she left him and took his dog with her. He may or may not still be in love with her. Currently, he's doing his best to keep her in the dark about all the supernatural stuff crawling around Inaba.
    • Brutus - Jason's German Shepherd that Leigh Anne stole from him. A trained cadaver dog.
XVI. The Tower
XIX. The Sun
  • Shion Katsuragi - A Police Detective. Katsuya's partner. He's not sure how he feels about her but from what he's heard, they should get along. Assuming they can get over the fact that she caught Jason and Katsuya tumbling out of the closet with Jason's pants down.
  • Johnny Cash - Hurt
    • I wear this crown of thorns upon my liar's chair. Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair. Beneath the stains of time, the feelings disappear. You are someone else. I am still right here
  • Frank Sinatra - Luck Be A Lady Tonight
    • Luck let a gentleman see, how nice a dame you can be. I know the way you've treated other guys you've been with. Luck, be a lady with me
  • Gaslight Anthem - Boxer
    • But there was something heavy holding you down. And there were whispers that were driving you crazy. And now you haunt the heart of this town
  • Gaelic Storm - Green Eyes, Red Hair - Leigh Anne O'Hara
    • Green Eyes, Red Hair, Long Legs. She's got the devil inside her. She’s a cup of tea. She’s a Jaegerbomb. She’s an angel. She’s an Amazon.
  • Toby Keith ft. Willie Nelson - Beer For My Horses - Department 4
    • Justice is the one thing you should always find. ... When the gun smoke settles, we'll sing a victory tune and we'll all meet back at the local saloon.
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