Anise Thompson

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Anise Thompson
Personal Information
Real Name Anise Thompson
Aliases Anise, Neesie
Arcana VII - The Justice (reversed)
Nature Persona User
Gender Female
Age 17
Birth Date April 14th, 1992
Preferred Weapon Bow and Arrows
Organization Information
Faction NWO
Job Huntress
Divisions S E B E C
Persona - Alecto
OOC Information
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor TBA

"It really is about the thrill of the hunt... and rabbits aren't very thrilling."



Anise Thompson is an exchange student at Yasogami High School, originally hailing from a London suburb. She is an enthusiast in archery and big game hunting, she is an excellent shot with a bow. Though she often comes across as distant and snobby, she is a skilled social manipulator and many are drawn to her confidence and charm. While she affects a prim and proper attitude befitting a young woman of her age and stature, those who know her best know this is not completely truthful. Rather bored with many of life's trappings, she has really come to Japan to hunt the most dangerous game of all.


Bored Rich Brat, Hunting Enthusiast, Daddy's Little Girl, Archery Expert, Prim And Proper On The Surface, Daddy's Little Deviant, Tea Time Will Be Observed - Or Else, Someone Has Set Us Up The Tykebomb


To Be Added Later


Alecto is one of the Erinyes of Greek mythology. She is tasked with castigating against moral crimes, particularly those committed against other human beings. She appears as a winged and blindfolded woman with arrows piercing her eyes, and blades instead of feathers.

Attack Name Effects
Pierce Attack - Bow A basic arrow attack.
Vixen's Whisper The apex of Anise's skills.
Arrow Rain A spray of projectiles from Alecto's wings.
Bleeding Strike An arrow aimed at a large vein or artery. Messy.
Bufula A moderate blast of ice.
Critical Snipe An arrow aimed at a critical body part or blood vessel.
Cruel Attack What it says on the tin.
Hunter's Chance A Luck increasing buff.
Knee Shot An arrow aimed at a joint to hobble an opponent.
Mabufu Several launched shards of ice over an area.
Stream From Cocytus A stream of water that flash freezes, then shatters.
Treacherous Bolt An arrow sheathed in ice.


  • The name 'Anise' is a flowering plant known for its liquorice like flavor.
  • Anise has a bizarre middle name, as do her older sisters, all of them taken from a common source.
  • Anise's bow is rather expensive, leaving some to question how much her impeccable aim is assisted by her tools.
  • Her grasp of the Japanese language is at a rather poor level as it is still new to her. She often slurs words, conjugates improperly, or outright doesn't know uncommon words. As a result, she speaks slowly and often sounds like fifth grader. She has an unusually expansive vocabulary, however.
  • Anise usually leaves off traditional Japanese honorifics, most assume it is because of her poor linguistics in Japanese. This is an incorrect assumption.
  • If you hang out with Anise long enough, you'll probably get a nickname.
  • Anise does not think she is better then you, she knows that she is.
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