Tomomi Fujimori

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Tomomi Fujimori
Aliases Tomomi, Tomo
Arcana III - The Empress Reverse
Persona Momos
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Female
Age 19
Preferred Weapon One-Handed Swords
Faction NWO
Teams Snow Queens
Job Heather
Origin Persona 1
"The mask always comes off. Let's see what's underneath."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Tomomi Fujimori is another one of St. Hermelin's hard luck cases, though being in the school has failed to teach her any charm or class. She is brittle, sarcastic, and extremely blunt, the sort of person who can't wait to offer her opinion on situations especially if it's a negative one. She has become the leader of a clique of people in school with personalities similar to her own, twisted. She takes delight in picking people apart and exploiting their weaknesses, though getting under people's skin seems to be her way of learning about them. She also doesn't hesitate to resort to violence if she's in a situation where she's unlikely to be held accountable. Tomomi is not a studied occultist, but the power of her Shadow is so close to her surface personality that she intuitively understands many occult situations, finding other Shadows and demons to be intriguing. These abilties have made her a force to be feared within Strega. She feels society is to blame for the weakness of ordinary people, and the only way to truly save people is to force them to face their own destruction.

Skills: Would-Be Bitch Queen Of The Universe, Two Giant Leaps Back, Be Cruel To Your School, She'll Cut You Mang, Herding Cats, Keeping The Pet Tentacle Demon Under Control, Good Morning Heather

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